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Interview de JOHN WAYNE PARR by NICHOLAS READ (2008)


NICHOLAS READ John Wayne, you have a very beautiful career international, only you are only too little known in France, can you present himself to our readers?

JOHN WAYNE PARR: My name is Wayne Parr and my fight name is John Wayne Parr, I lived in Thailand all up about 5 years and have had 93 fights, 45 of them have been against Thai’s winning 2 of my 5 world titles in Thailand. I have also boxed professionally 13 times with 10 wins 10ko’s.

Can you speak to us about your sporting course and your fight’s record?

I have fought Lumpinee 3 times, Fought S-1 Rajadumdern stadium, 4 Kings birthdays, fought in Japan 14 times, Holland, France, Switzerland, Italy, America, New Zealand, Thailand, Korea, England. I like to travel and very happy the sport has taken me to so many countries.

Where do you live ?

I live on the Gold Coast in Australia.

How old are you ?

I am a old man at 31 ha ha.

How much do you now make fights and how much victory by K.O ?

I have 93 fights, 64wins, 33 ko’s.

how have you discovered the muay thai?

I start the sport because near my house, I love martial movies and always wanted to train something, very lucky Muay Thai was near me.

You began boxing at which age ?

11 years old.

What old had you make your first fight ?

I was 14 my first fight.

When you training in Thailand you went in which camp?

I moved to Thailand when I was 19. I stayed Sidyodtong for 3 months, then I moved to Loomingkwan to train with Sangtien Noi the rest of the time I lived there.

Your best fight it stays against which?

My 2nd fight with Orono. He beat me with a big cut the first time we fought, we rematched on a Kings Birthdya 2000 for the IMF world title and I beat him every round, very good memories.

And your harder fight ?

1st Orono fight, I got two cuts getting 21 stitches, one cut went all the way through my eye brow and the most pain I ever felt in the ring.

How much fight had you in Thailand with your credit?

About 35 fights in Thailand.

Can you speak to us about your more great victory ?

Winning the S-1 in Thailand was a very proud moment for me, I won a million Baht and the whole country was watching on TV, the next day everyone in Thailand knew who I was.

You have a technique preferred in muay thai?

I love everything about Muay Thai, I like all the techniques.

You arrive at living of your sport ?

I own my own gym and teach classes, I have about 70 students, about 10 fighters under me. The gym makes a little money but I survive off me fight money.

One knows that you fight in muay thai and in kick-boxing but arrives to you also of fight in full contact or English boxing as the majority of the boxers who want to become general-purpose?

When I boxed I retired from Muay Thai and only boxed, I tried to do both sports but found it way too hard so now only fight Muay Thai. Even though they are both fighting they are very different sports.

For you which are the best nakmuay Western and thailandais?

I Think Farid (Villaume) is a great fighter out side Thailand. Before there was Danny Bill, Ramon Dekker, Stephan Nikiema but now lots of great fighters but no super stars like the old days. Yodsanklai is the best Thai I have fought, he has great power and good hands for a Thai.

What do you of the general level of boxing thai in the world think today ?

I think it is getting very popular all over the world, starting to get as big as boxing here in Australia. I hope one day world title fights can make a Million dollars like the boxing does because we fight just as hard and take more punishment on our bodies.

It has European boxers or Thailandais that you would like to face?

I like to face everybody, each person is different so no fights are ever the same. Thai’s have a great poker face but they feel pain just like the rest of us.

You know French or European boxers?

Yes, I am friends with a few of the fighters.

One often speaks about John Wayne but seldom of its trainer (coach) can you speak to us about it?

I like to teach my fighters as much as I can, I like my fighters to have good technique and look good in the ring when fighting. When they see me train they train just has hard so its good for all of us. I hope one day I can take my fighters all over the world like I have done.

Which councils would give you to a young person who wishes to become professional in muay thai?

Train hard and set your goals one fight at a time. Fight as much as you can and never give up.

You became Buddhist, can you say to us why?

I lived in Thailand for so many years and Thailand helped me make a very good career so I wanted to give something back to the country. I am very happy to experience living in the temple.

You have make your “bouatnaâk” (ceremony of ordination) in Thailand, it is very rare for a foreigner, can you speak to us about it?

Yes, we learn to put on our robes, we learn chants for receiving food when we walk in the morning, there is Budha studies in the morning and night. Ghost are scary ha ha.

Are many combatants made tattouer to have a kind of spiritual protection at the time of their engagements, is what you have make these tattooing to have this kind of protection?

My tattoo’s help protect me, one is for not getting stabbed, not getting shot (i hope it works), making good karma, the 5 gods, Arrow punch on my hand.

Is what you know “Ajahn Keaw”, the master tattouor which tattooed Jean-Charles Skarbowsky?

I do not know him but Jean-Charles tattoo’s are very cool.

You are married with a women champion of boxing (Angela Rivera), is what you assist with all these fights ?

Angie looks for her fights, I help her as much as I can but she is very inderpendent. Angie is now pregnant with our 2nd child so the training will start again after the baby arrives.

Is what you trainning together ?

We train together but it is hard to run gym, take care our little girl and train at the same time so we train different times.

Which are your projects, have you engagements soon?

I fight in Tokyo again Jan 20th against Kozo Takeda, March maybe I fight Sydney then April maybe Vegas.

Want you to continue to fight in K1?

I would love to fight K-1 again but they havent contacted me for 2 years now. I am happy fightng Muay Thai though and still busy with lots of fights all over the world.

Do the emission “The contender” you know, can you speak to us about it?

The Contender was amazing, I met so many cool people and had the best fun in all my training and living with such good guys. The adventures we had around Singapore were very cool and cant wait for it to be aired.

You want to add something?

Please make sure you tune into Contender Asia if it is Aired in France. The fights are good, the adventures are cool and the whole show was amazing. If people give good reports maybe Contender will do another 2 or 3 shows. Great for Thai Boxing. Thank you to my fans and if you are a young fighter keep training harder then your opponent, then you can never fail.

Thank you very much and good luck


Weight: 72 Kg

Height: 1m77

Number of fights: 110. 78 victoires. 31 défaites. 1 nul

Title: 2011 WKBF K-1 Middleweight World Champion. 2010 WKA Thai boxing World Middleweight Championship 72.5 kg. 2010 WKN Thai boxing World Super welterweight(72.6 kg) Champion. 2008 International Kickboxer Magazine Champion. 2008 WMC Contender Asia Runner up. 2007 WMC Thai boxing Middleweight World Champion. 2005 K-1 World Max world final 8. 2005 WKBA K-1 World Welterweight Champion (Defense: 1). 2004 K-1 World Max world final 8. 2004 S-1 Thai boxing World Middleweight Tournament Champion. 2002 K-1 Oceania MAX finalist. 2001 Australian Boxing Middleweight Champion. 2001 Kings Cup Tournament Champion. 2000 IMF Kings Cup Thai boxing World Middleweight Champion. 2000 ISKA Thai boxing World Middleweight Champion. 1999 Winner Kings Cup. 1999 WMTC (Now WMC) Australian Jr. Middleweight Champion. 1997 Winner Kings Cup. 1994 WKA South Pacific Super Lightweight Champion. 1992 WKA Australian Super Lightweight Champion

Team: Boonchu Gym