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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of JOSE REIS by Serge TREFEU


Serge TREFEU: Hello JOSE REIS, how are you ?
JOSE REIS : Very good
Where do you live ?
I live a lisbon in Portugal
What old are you ?
I’m 31
How did you discover the Muay Thai ?
My father always liked martial art so I used to watch a lot of movies with him
You began boxing at which age ?
About 15, 16 old
Can you speak to us about your first gym of boxing ?
It`s still the same…(CACEM FITNESS in Lisbon)
How much do you have fights, wins and losses ?
I truly don’t now…(Pro fighting in muay thai, 30 wins, 10 losses)

In which weight you fights ?
70- 75kg
In which gym you are today ?
Cacem Fitness- VR fight team
How much fights do you have make in Portugal ?
Many, because I start very soon in amateur Light Contact, Full, Kick Boxing, Thai, but them I start to fight professional most outside my country.
You often fight with the superleague, how much do you have fought for the superleague ?
I was one of the guys who was almost all the time there…(10 fights in Superleague. 6 wins and 4 losses)

In is your country the Muay Thai well developed ?
Not much, and not really Muay Thai, more Kick Boxing and k-1 rules
You already travel in Thailand, how much do you have fought over there ?
I have been over there 4 times, to train and to participate in world champs
Which Thai champions you faced in Thailand ?
I never fought a thai over there

Did you already boxing in France and against which champion ?
In France I fought Aalviar Lima, in Turkey I fought Farid Villaume, in Portugal and Germany I fought Cedric Muller
You fights in other forms of boxing like full contact, kick boxing or English boxing ?
Yes, but not english boxing
Which is your best memory of fight ?
I have a lot. Farid Villaume, Ole Laursen, Ubeda, Lima and many more…
And your hardest fight ?
Manolo Planas (word champion kick boxing)
In Thailand you training in which gym ?
Every time we go to a different camp
Which is your work is what you arrive at living of your fights ?
I work with kids who made crimes, and I must re-educate them in order for them do get re-integrated in society. That my job, fighting, it’s just my hobby
You know French nakmuays, old champions or new champions of today ?
I know that France have a lot of great fighters, but I have a favourite one: Danny Bill
You want to add something ?
Keep training hard you guys !!!
Thank you to have answered this interview


Weight : 72
Heigth : 1,80
Fighter’s Records : In Pro fighter muaythai. 40. 30 wins. 10 Losses.
Fighter’s Titles :Thai European Champion, Thai Intercontinental Champion, K-1 max Barcelona and Lisbon Champion, Portugal Champion