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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes


by Serge TREFEU (2016)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Kaewkangwan, how are you?

KAEWKANGWAN PREWAYO: Thank you, very well!

How old are you ?

I’m 21

You come of what region of Thailand?

I’m come from Nakhon Ratchassima in the Northeast Region of Thailand

Are you married, you have children?

I’m married but I have no children

You have brothers and sisters ?

I have a brother

Your brother also practices boxing?

Yes, he also fights

You began the boxing at which age?

I started boxing at the age of 8

You made your first fight in eight years?

Yes 8 years and have won the sum of 200 baht

How you discovered the boxing?

I like looking at boxing matches at the TV since I was a little child

In what camp you began your formation?

I trained at first at my home in my house, then I went to the camp Sipachay which was near my home

You fought a lot for this camp?

Yes I have make many fights for Sipachay, approximately 150 fights

Towards what age you left to Bangkok?

In 18 years I went to the camp Petchyindee Academy to Bangkok, I’m in this camp for three years now

There are many fighters known in your camp?

There is Phetmorakot, Sam Dee, Nutaphon, Palangpon, Petchtae, Chaiyo, Achanaï, Phetdam, Mangkonphet…


You have your room in the camp?

Yes I have a room, I lived in the camp

In what category you fight?

I fight in 130 lbs

What are the titles which you gained?

I gained four belts, in 2015 the belt of Lumpinee and Thailand in 130 lbs against Superlek, in 2013 the belt of the Tournament CP Fresh Mart in 130 lbs and I have just won in August, 2016 the belt True4U in 130 lbs at the stadium Rangsit


How much have you make of fights so far?

In province, about 150 fights and in the important stadiums I have 70 victories, 25 defeats and 4 draws

You gained many fights by KO?

Not very just 8 victories by KO

You have which style of boxing?

I’m a fimeuu (Technician)

What is your technique preferred in fight?

Everything the kicks but I’m a complete boxer, I like the pokes, the knocks of knees and fists

What was your hardest fight?

My fight against Yutajak Keawsamrit in 2012, it belonged to Nakhon Ratchassima, it was a really very hard fight physically, after the fight I was not able to walk during several days…

Your best memory of boxing?

It’s to have beaten Superlek for the belt of Lumpinee and Thailand in 2016, it’s a big memory for me!


What are the known Thai fighters that you faced?

I faced Pokeaw, Yokvitaya, Sit Ek, Dejsakda, Yutajak, Bangpleenoi, Phetsongkon, Yodphet, Chotchasan, Khunsik, Petchgam, Kaymukhao, Petch Utong, Superlek…

You have already fought abroad?

No, I did not still have the opportunity

You would like to go to fight abroad, in France for example?

Yes of course, I would like fighting very much abroad

What is according to you the best foreign fighter today?

I don’t know, now there are many foreign fighters

And the best Thai fighter now, it’s who according to you?

I think that it’s Phetmorakot Wor Sangprapaï!

What is what you know French boxers?

I don’t know the French boxers but generally I noticed that it was often good fighters

What is your promoter?


What is your purse at present?

My purse is 80 000 bahts

You lived good thanks to the boxing?

Yes OK, I touch important purses, I keep a lot of money for my parents because I can help them now

After your boxer’s career you would like to become a trainer, to open your own camp?

I would like to teach abroad and to have my own camp to teach Muay Thai to my future children

Thank you very much for the interview and chookdee for your next fight

Thank you very much

Kaewkangwan Prewayo is a magnificent technician who was the champion of the Lumpinee and the champion of Thailand in 130 lbs from December, 2015 till September, 2016. He left his vacant titles to go up of category. Kaewkangwan took away his last important title on August 5th, 2016, he beat in points Ongbak Jitmuangnont and gained the belt True4U at the stadium of Rangsit in Bangkok.


In 2013, Kaewkangwan beat the old fox of boxing rings Pokeaw Fonjangchonburi, as well as Yokvitaya Phetsimu in points and by KO Dejsakda Wor Sungprapai and Yodphet Wor Sangprapai. In April, 2013, Kaewkangwan won the belt in 130 lbs of the tournament CP Fresh Mart (The sponsors CP Fresh Mart, in Thailand, it’s small stores supermarket of food as 7/11 which are often in gas stations), in this very major tournament he beat Kongnapa, Sangtongnoï (KO) and Nawapon. Kaewkangwan took away the 300 000-baht sum!


Kaewkangwan beat champions such as Pokeaw Fonjangchonburi, Yokvitaya Phetsimu, Dejsakda Wor Sungprapai (KO), Yodphet Wor Sangprapa (KO), Chotchasan Wor Wiwatananont, Khunsik Or Pimonsri, Muangnueng Pumpunmuang, Tomas Sor Chaijaroe (KO), Sitek Or Bualek, Superlek Kiatmuu9.

His big performance is to have beaten twice the small star Superlek Kiatmuu9 (Lumpinee Champion in 115 lbs and 118 lbs, Thailand champion in 105 lbs, 112 lbs and 126 lbs) of which once with the titles of Lumpinee and Thailand in game!

The latest fighting in Kaewkangwan in 2016:

On January 9, in stadium of Lumpinee, he beat Phetngarm Kiatkumphon

On March 7, in stadium of Radja, he defeated again Superlek Kiatmuu9. Kaewkangwan beat Superlek December 8, 2015, to stadium of Lumpinee, for belts of Lumpinee and Thailand in 130 lbs

On May 9, in stadium of Ratchadamnoen he lost against Khaimukhao Por Thairungruangkamai (Current Radja Champion in 130 lbs)

On 20 June, in stadium of Radja, for their third confrontation Superlek took his revenge by beating Kaewkangwan on points

On August 5, in stadium of Rangsit in Bangkok, he won the belt in 130 lbs True4U beating Ongbak Jitmuangnont

On September 29, in stadium of Radja, he lost by knockout against the formidable Phet Utong Or Kwanmuang




Date of birth: April 27, 1995

Weight: 59 kg

Height: 1m73

Number of fight: 99. 70 Wins. 25 Losses. Draws 4 (important Stadium). 150 (Province)

Title: True4U Champion in 130 lbs (2016), Lumpinee Champion in 130 lbs (2015), Thailand Champion in 130 lbs (2015), CP Fresh Mart Tournament Winner 130 lbs (2013)