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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of KAMEL MEZATNI by Serge TREFEU (2011)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Kamel, you began towards what age the boxing?


In what region you increased?

I grew in France in Mulhouse

How you discovered the boxing and what attracted you in this sport?

I discovered the Thai Boxing further to a demonstration which took place in my district, this scene my tempted to engage me in this sport…

Did you practise the other sports before the boxing?

Speak us about your first gym, with what coach you began?

My first gym was Mulhouse Muay Thai with Karim Rouami, Chahir Khelifi and Vito Russo

Your first fights it are crossed well, you remember it?

Indeed my first fights took place well, I gained them all…

When you began the Thai boxing, what is what there are champions who inspired you, who gave you the envy to rise on a boxing ring?

Ramon Dekkers!

What was the first title importing that you gained?

The French championship it was my first title

You conquered several titles in Muay Thai, it was against which opponents?

Openly the names of the opponents counted little for me, the only thing which worried me it was the victory!

You had the opportunity to fight several times for championships of Amateur world, what memories you have of this adventure in world championship?

I keep of very good memories, a very good experience seen which she allowed me to see opposite my level in particular my gaps, and to work to fill those this for better results…

What are the titles you are the most proud?

The French championship and the tournament S1

In what year you went for the first time in Thailand?

The first ones time it was in 2007, for championships of amateur world

You have made how many fights in Thailand?

I made 4

You have already fought in a big stadium of Bangkok?


What are the thais fighters whom you met?

As regards thais, Taveesith, Sanyakorn, Jaochalam

To fight in Thailand and fight in France what difference there has for you?

For a high-level boxer the level remains the same, the seen that we meet that the best whether it is in France or in Thailand…

To what camp you already went you trained in Thailand?

The camp where I went me to train is the RMB Boxing

You fight in 72 kg, among the Thai champions at present the most redoubtable in this category there is Yodseanklai, Lamsongkram, Moses, Diesellek, Madsua, who would like you to meet if the opportunity arises?

I would like all to meet them, it could only be positive for my career…

What is your Thai preferred nakmuays any category confused?

Buakaw and Yodseanklai!

At the world level you have of great champions in your category like Yohan Lidon, Jonathan Camara, Dimitry Valent, Nieky Holzken, Vuyisile Colossa, which one of these fighters you would most like to meet?


There is an opponent in particular that you would like to face?


What was your hardest fight so far?

Against the Thai Joachalam

Your best memory of boxing?

My first victory!

How much you have make of fight until today, victory and defeats?

45 fights, 37 wins and 8 losses

You have a lot of victory by KO?

25 KO !

You fight only in Muay Thai or sometimes in the other disciplines as the Kickboxing or the K1?

In K1 and in Muay Thai

What are your strong points?

The punches

And your weak points which you would like to improve?

The clinch

Speak us about your current gym, which is your trainer, which are your sparring?

I have no trainer, I‘m train alone, I have Chahir Khelifi for sparring partener…

You train how many times a week?

4 times a week

According to you are the high-level french boxers recognized well in France?


What are your projects for 2011?

The World belt WBC!

Thank you for this interview and CHOOKDEE for your fights

Thank you


Date of birth: 01/01/1985

Weight: 75 Kg
Height: 1m85
Number of fight: 45. 37 Wins (25 KO). 8 Losses
Title: France Champion 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009. Vice amateur world champion 2007 and 2008. VXS Champion 2009. Winner Tournament S1 Italy in 2010. World Champion Professional WFF 2010