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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes



Serge TREFEU: Hello how are you?

KAPTIANKAN: Yes, that alright

How old are you?

I am 27 years old

You come from which area of Thailand?

I come from Isaan, I was born in Buriram, a city close to Khorat

Are you marry, have a children?

Yes I am married. I have a girl and a boy. They live in Buriram.

Do you have brothers who made boxing?

Yes, I had a big brother who was very good in Muay Thai but it stopped now

You began the Muay Thai at which age?

At 8 years

How did you discover Thai boxing?

My father was a good boxer. It trained us me and my brother…

Did your first fight you do it at which age?

At 8 years…

You began the Muay Thai in which camp?

With the Louksatèt camp which is in Buriram

How much do you have fight for this camp?

I have make 80 fights for this camp

You came to which age to Bangkok for boxing and in which camp?

Around 15 years, I came to Bangkok. I was directly with the Pinsinchaï Gym

Since how long you are in the Pinsinchaï Gym?

Since 12 years that I am here, I always fought for Pinsinchaï…

You live here in the camp?

Yes, in the rooms there high. I divide it with my friend Manasak (champion of world WMC)

Today you fight in which category?

I fight in 122 lbs

Did you gain belts of stadium of Bangkok?

I took the belt of Lumpinee Stadium and I kept it for a long time but today I lost it. Now I have the belt of S1!

How much do you have make fights?

About 200 fights. About twenty losses and two draws.

You gained fights by K.O?

Not much, maybe 10…

You have which style of boxing?

I am fimeu (technician)

Your fight hardest was against who?

Against Salawut, it was very strong…

Your best memory of fighter?

My victory against Phikaphi for the belt!

You already fought abroad?

Never. Once I was to go to fight in England but I had a concern with the visa and the trip was cancelled…

You would like to go to fight abroad in France for example?

Yes, in any country I would like to go to fight, not problem!

You know French fighters?

Not I do not know a foreign champion

For you who is the best foreign fighter?

It is Ramon Dekkers!

Today you have a good profit, live you well thanks to Thai boxing?

Yes, Its’ right I bought a house in Bangkok. I have also a beautiful car at home in Buriram.

Your promoter it’s who?

Mister Cheanmonken

The best fighter in Thailand it is which for you?

It is Seanchaï Sor Kingstar which is the best technician and by far…

You have a technique preferred in Muay Thai?

I like the middles and High Kick…

When does your next fight take place?

March 7 in Lumpinee stadium

After the boxing which would like you to make as job?

I save to assemble a supermarket to Bangkok of the style of the 7/11. I like much the trade.

Thank you very much and chookdee

Thank you


Weight: 56 kg

Fighter’s records: 222. 200 wins. 20 losses. 2 draws.

Style: Fimeuu

Title: Lumpinee Champion. S1 Champion. Currently N° 8 in Lumpinee Stadium.