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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of KARIM LAFIF by NICHOLAS READ (2008)


NICHOLAS READ: KARIM LAFIF, I thank you for having accepted this interview. Where you born?

KARIM LAFIF: I was born in Toulouse

How old are you?

25 years

Speak to us about your sports route and about your fighter’s records?

I began with the football as most of the young people of my age, I am crossed by the athletics, the karate, the French boxing and the kick boxing. I was Champion of junior France 2002, Champion of junior Europe in French boxing on 2002. Champion of Europe of Kick boxing professional WPKC in 2003, Vice Champion of France Honour in 2004 and finally Champion of France Elite in 2006.

You began the FRENCH BOXING at which age?

I began in 17 years

How you discovered the boxing?

By a friend to me who already made it.

Your hardest fight it was against whom?

It was in Spain in kick boxing for an official reception, I fell on a lad who to my opinion was not very net, over there, there is no control anti-doping.

You can speak to us about your most beautiful victories?

All the victories are beautiful, but otherwise there is some victory of which I am rather proud notably the Championship of Europe of Kick Boxing or I had got ready for one seven rounds, and finally I won by K.O in second rounds, I have of to put 3 knocks in the fight.

You have favourite techniques?

Not necessarily but I am a puncher thus all which is swing, jab and kicks

What advices you would give to a young person who wants to perfect it or to fight in French Boxing?

If a young person wants to make fights it has to feel ready mentally, it is not just to make as the confirmed for the gym, because everybody has to be strong in the gym but once on the boxing ring you are alone. It is a dangerous sport, it is really necessary to be ready and to remain humble, I fought with people who left at the hospital because exactly they were not him. Thus here is training and perseverance!

What is for you today, at the general level, the state of the FRENCH BOXING in France and in the world?

Bah we are going to say that it is better structured and that more and more countries put themselves in it, thus more boxers but it is still not enough.

What is the main difference between the French fighters and the European fighters?

I would say the technique.

You fight in French Boxing but do you fight also in the other disciplines as Full-contact, Muay Thai, Kick Boxing or still in Boxing as most of the boxers who want to become versatile?

Yes, I make of Kick Boxing also I have champion’s belt of Europe WPKC.

You manage to live on your sport?

NO and I am not the only one, needs to stop lying to the young people, if you want to make a sport which relates of money play football…

The practice of this sport it brought you what?

A positive energy, it is proved the sport channel one’s energies, that do well to all the levels.

You think one day of opening your own gym?

NO, I am not enough a teacher.

What are your boxers preferred in French boxing and why?

I not have no it in particular, we know all in the world boxing and I think that everybody respect everybody.

Are there boxers whom you would like to fight in particular?


You can explain us why to have put your sports career in stand-by?

There are several reasons. The first one it is because I have no more too much the time with regard to the music, I am a little bit to the right to the left and then I have no more the motivation of the beginning certainly because I had quite the titles which I wished to have.

What advice you would give to a young person who wishes to make a career in FRENCH BOXING?

“CAREER” is a big word, I think that we can make of good thing in this sport, have a full of titles. But after it is as everything, needs to know how to stop at the right time.

As DJ known in France (DJ KIMFU) which CD you would recommend us to buy at present?

It is a little bit selfish to advise it because I worked above but needs to buy “CONCRETE JUNGLE” of the DON CHOA.

You want to add anything?

Thank you for the interview and go in for sport!

Thank have answered this interview and GOOD LUCK for the continuation

Karim LAFIF 


Weight : 70 Kg

Fighter’s records : 32 fights. 24 wins. 1 draw. 7 losses.

Title : Europe Champion Professional.  France Champion Elite. Europe Champion Junior. France Champion Junior.