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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of KAYASIT CHUWATTHANA by Serge TREFEU (2008)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Kayasit, What old are you?

KAYASIT CHUWATTHANA: I am 29 years old

Where you come from in Thailand?

I come from Lopburi in the area of the center of the country. A city located at 100 km of Bangkok. It is much known for its monkeys which walk themselves in the temples like in the entire city…

Are you to marry, have children?

Yes and I have a small girl

Do you have brothers and sisters?

I have a big brother, two little brothers and two older sisters

Did your brothers make them boxing?

Yes and my little brother, Thingthong, was even champion of Lumpinee in 115 lbs (53 kg). It fight for another camp that Chuwatthana

You began the Muay Thai at which age?

At 11 years

How did you discover Thai boxing?

My brother-in-law was a very good fighter it is him which initiated me with boxing…

Did your first fight you do it at which age?

At 11 years

You began the Muay Thai in which camp?

With the Kayasit gym in Lopburi

How much do you have fight for this camp?

Approximately about fifty fights…

You came to which age to Bangkok for boxing and in which gym?

I came at 14 years directly to the Chuwatthana Gym

Since how long are you with the Chuwatthana Gym?

That makes 15 years that I am here in Chuwatthana…

You live here in the gym?

Yes, I divide my room with other boxers of the camp

Today you fight in which category?

I fight in 118 lbs (55 kg 341)

Did you gain belts of Bangkok stadiums?

I am Radja Champion since more than one year!

How much do you have make fights?

I have 159 fights. 111 wins. 46 losses and 2 draws

You gained fights by K.O?

Not much

You have which style of boxing?

I am fimeu (technician). If I put K.O it is only with techniques of feet…

Was your fight hardest it against which adversary?

Against Songkom Wor Sungprapai (current N° 1 of Radja) in Radja stadium. A very hard fight…

Your best memory of fighter?

When I became Radja Champion against Oulat Thalithikoun, I was very proud!

You already fought abroad?

I already fought four times in Japan but not in Muay Thai in Boxing. I lost at the points each time

You would like to go to fight abroad in France for example?

Yes, I would like much to go to fight in France!

You know French fighters?

I know well Rafik Bakouri (fighter of The Contender) which came to train in Chuwatthana Gym and a little Skarbowsky

For you who is the best fighter foreign?

I think that it is Skarbowsky, it is very strong!

Today you have good prize money, live you well thanks to Thai boxing?

Yes, I’m very well I bought a beautiful car and I have made build my house with Ayuthaya (city to 80 km of Bangkok)

Which is your promoter?

It is the promoter of the Chuwatthana Gym

The best fighter in Thailand it is which for you?

It is Seanchaï Sor Kingstar, currently best…

You have a technique preferred in Muay Thai?

The low kick and the Front kicks, I like…

When does your next fight take place?

March 31 with stadium of Radja

After does Thai boxing you think of doing what like job?

I will buy myself a store to sell clothing in Ayuthaya. I like the trade…

Would you like to be a trainer?

I give some council but I am too small of size to make trainer, the trainers in general are large gauges…

Thank you very much and chookdee for your fight

Thank you


Weight: 115 Lbs (55 kg)

Numbers of fights : 159. 111 wins. 46 Losses. 2 Draws

Style: Fimeuu (Technician)

Tiltle : Radja Champion. N° 3 Omnoï Stadium. N° 5  TV Stadium