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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of KHALED HEBIEB by Serge TREFEU (2011)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Khaled. How are you?

KHALED HEBIEB: Hello Serge, very well thanks

You began the combat sports towards which age?

In 12 years

In your time Muay Thai was not very known in France, how you discovered this sport?

Thanks to my friend Jean-Claude Coralie

You grew in which region of France?

In the district 4000 in the city Courneuve (Suburd Paris)

In your district the thai boxing was known?

No she was not known but when the brother Desjardins has created the DerekBoxing gym, they made know the thai boxing…

You were rather adolescent brawler or at all?

Yes rather brawler, especially in my district…

Tell us your first debuts in this sport?

At the beginning to the Derek Boxing Gym the brothers Desjardins my fact to discover this sport, its culture and that René and Antoine Desjardin were competitors, I moved to see these fights which impressed me

You began at once with the thai boxing?

No I began with the Boxing

The clinch and the techniques of poke already learnt when you began?

The clinch yes but not the pokes, during my first journey in Thailand I began to learn the techniques of elbow because they were forbidden in France…

Does champions influenced you at the beginning of your career?

René and Antoine Desjardins of the fact that they were competitors, Soudareth and Richard Nam

Speak us of your very first gym, your trainer, and your mates of the gym?

It was the Derek Boxing Gym, my first trainers René and Antoine Desjardins, Léon Mendy, Scalp, Iler, Allaoui,

You always stayed in this gym during all your career?

No, after the Derek I left to Stains to Nemrod Gym and then I am crossed independent (it was Hadj my Manager)

In what category you fought?

In 55 kg

Your first championship of France, you gained against whom?

My first French championship in 1984 to city of Valenciennes it was against Ali Bellaid

Against what French champion you the most fought harder for gain this title?

Against Ali Bellaid

Later you competed for the championship of Europe, it was against which opponent?

Against a Dutch of Chakuriki Gym

Your fight in European championship which most marked you?

Against Ramkisoen from Chakuriki Gym, a fighter very, very hard…

You also gained the supreme title, can you look back on us this strong moment?

It was against Akuan in 1992, in Hong-Kong with the presence of the judges and the referees of the Lumpinee and Mr Songchai’s presence (Promoter N° 1)!

Your most tough opponent in world championship?


How much title you gained during all your career?

11 titles (4 x World Champion Thai Boxing, 3 x Europe Champion Thai Boxing, 3 x France Champion Thai Boxing, World Champion Kick Boxing)!

Of what title you are most proud?

My world championship

You fought a lot abroad?

Yes, Japan, Thailand…

How much you made of fight, how much victory, losses, of draw?

127 fights, 112 wins, 14 losses and 1 draw

You gained a lot of victory by KO?

39 K.O!

Your punch was innate, and your techniques of fists very redoubtable, do you worked your Boxing in the gym a lot?

I began the combat sports with the Boxing…

Have you already fought in Boxing?

Yes amateurishly

You were a fighter of the style “Warrior who advances without moving back” little as Ramon Dekkers, your mental it was one of your strong points?

I believe moreover that you were one of the French first ones to meet the Dutch terror Ramon Dekkers, you remember this fight?

Yes very bad memory, I have of to fight Ramon with a rib broken to have signed a contract before the fight, I could not refuse (Khaled lost by KO against Dekkers)

What technique you most liked making in fight?

All the techniques!

Your best memory of fight?

My victory against Kamel Jemel, too many people saw me losing seen the difference of age…

And the worst?

Against Sangkeng, the champion of the Radja…

Your most hard battle?

It was against the Thai Jakapeet in Macao, he was very fast and very technical!

You are one of the French first ones to leave for Thailand, for what year you left over there for the first time?

In 1987

In what camp you were?

The Kitty’s first camp (Sor Thanikul) where was at this moment Guillaume Kerner

You are trained in several camps?


How many fights you have made in Thailand?

Around thirty

In what stadium you fought?

In Lumpini and in Radja

You have already fought in the King’s Birthday?

Yes (in 1994)

You have a particular anecdote to be told us who arrived at you in Thailand, during a fight or during training?

Yes one morning by raising us with Leon to go to run, we found a corpse the clear-cut throat…

A magnificent report in Thailand was make with you who is called ” On the way towards the glory “, you take very young one fighting with you to make him discover Muay Thai to his source, there is of very emotional moment in this human adventure, how came to you the idea of this journey?

I was in a camp in Thailand to train for my world championship, it had been one month since I was in this camp, and journalists then came to visit the camp. They saw that I was only French, that I came from city Bobigny and that I took care of young people of the difficult districts. And that I was just for the fight there and then I left for my work in the district with the young people…

You have look very attached to the transmission of your knowledge with the young people, you often work with them within the framework of the sport?

Yes a lot

That would say you to a young boy who wants to begin a career in thai boxing?

I shall say that it is necessary to have at first a diploma because a career does not last for a long time and the Thai boxing is a sport which remains a passion and not a job…

What do you think of the state of Muay Thai in France today?

Catastrophic, no organizations, the boxers are obliged to emigrate abroad, no credible and solid structures…

Today you became to trainer, speak us of your gym?

At present, I have no gym I am always in search of a gym…

Your projects of future concerning Muay Thai?

Continue my passion to teach and why not formed of very big champion!

Do you want to add anything?

Long life in Muay Thai!

Thank you for this interview and CHOOKDEE for your projects!

Thank you

Khaled Hebieb was a formidable durable boxer, complete as well in Fist when technique of Muay, he had low kicks of woodcutter, destructive pokes and his punch made a lot of devastation on the boxing rings of the whole world. In the 90s, having overcome the French champions as Hadj Bettahar, Fabrice Allouche, Kamel Jemel, Ali Bellaid, Lucien Deroy, it left facing and beating the best foreigners to them in Japan and in Thailand!

This real warrior of the boxing rings of the 90s really marked the story of French Muay!


Date of birth: 17/05/64
Weight: 57 Kilos






Number of fight: 127. 112 wins (39 KO !). 14 Losses. 1 draw

Gym: Delka Boxing