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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of KHWANPICHID by Serge TREFEU (2007)


Serge TREFEU: Hello, how are you?


What old are you?

25 years

Where you born in Thailand?

I was born in Buriram in the area from Isaan, I grew there low

You are married?


You have children?

Yes, I have a girl who is three years old. My wife and my daughter live here with me.

You began the Muay Thai at which age?

Towards ten years and I practically fought continuation…

You were in a camp to Buriram?

Yes. I fought much in all the area of Isaan, especially in the festival village in the countryside

You came to Bangkok towards which age?

I came at the age 21 years directly in this gym here. Now, I have been there for four years

Which is currently your weight?

surroundings 51 kg

In which category you fight?

Between 48 kg and 50 kg but now I go fight in more to 51 kg, may be for a belt of Radja…

You already gained a belt of Bangkok stadiums?

I took my first belt of Radja of – 48Kg500 in 2002 and 2003, I took the belt of – 50 kg always in Radja!

How much do you have fights?

Euh! (This the head scrapes) I do not know how much any more exactly, surroundings 300 fights!

300 fights! It’s enormous and how much wins?

(he laughs) I remember too much, surroundings 200 wins…

You already fought abroad?

Not, never

You would like to go fighting the foreign fighters?

Yes, I would like but it is difficult because I ‘m in a small category of weight. There is not many farangs (foreign) in my category but if my promoter finds me fights in Japan or Hong Kong, not of problem…

Which is your promoter precisely?

Songchai (N° 1 of Radja)

Currently you gained good prize money?

Yes, that can go…

As good as Seanchai or Anuwat?

Not, not also good but I am in a superb hotel (hotel 13 Coinsresort), the hotel of my manager. I have a beautiful room, free food, the swimming pool…

Free massages?

(he laughs) No, not that it does not have there here…

You know foreign champions?

I know only Stong Skarbowsky

According to you who is the best fighter today in Thailand?

Seanchai which is a very good friend besides…

You saw the movie Ong Bak, is what you liked?

Yes, I adore, in more Tony Jaa comes from Surin, it is not far from at home…

Which is your preferred dish?

I like all the dishes of Isaan

Does your next fight take place when?

March 12 with stadium of Radja in – 51 kg against Pornmongkon Sakhiranchai (N° 3 of Radja)

It will be with a belt in plays?

Not, not yet…

Thank you very much and chookdee for your fight

Thank you


Khwanpichid lost its fight at the points against Pornmongkon. Today, it is currently classified N° 3 in its category in the rating of Thailand and N° 10 in the category of – 51 kg in Radja. This fighter with the impressive experiment is a phenomenal collector and its boxing is rather style “Toymat” (with the fists). It is very strong into Boxing and has a clinch formidable…