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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of KONGTORANEE PAYAKAROON by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello how are you?


How old are you?

I am 50 years old

You come of what region of the Thailand?

I am of Chachoengsao (Centre region) but I belong to Pattaya for 37 years…

You are married, have you children?

Yes I have two girls

Have you brothers and sisters?

We were eight children in the family

One of your brothers was also a great fighter?

Yes my small brother Samarth Payakaroon is a very great champion!

You were a brawler when you were a child?

Oh yes often especially at the school…

You began the boxing at which age?

At about 10 years

Your first fight you made him for which age?

In 10 years

How did you discover the boxing?

Near my home on the road of the school there was a camp, I saw the trainings and it always enjoyed me to watch the boxers training when I went to the school…

You began Muay Thai in a camp?

Not I trained me at first at the house in family

In what category you fought?

I began to fight in 25 kg then in 55 kg and I ended in 61 kg

At what age you went to a camp?

At about 12 years when my mother died I wanted to forget everything and I put a lot completely into the boxing. I belonged in the region of Chonburi to Nakluea who was 2 km of Pattaya in a camp which was called “Payakaroon”. And then I was in the camp Sityodtong

You stayed for a long time in this camp?

Yes and I am there still as to trainer…

What are the titles which you gained?

I gained five belts of Lumpinee in five categories different – 51 kg in – 61 kg. I also gained champion’s belt of Europe against French Dida in England!

How much have you make of fights during your career?

I have made 274 fights. 200 wins and 74 Losses

You gained many fights by KO?

Yes a lot but I could not say how much exactly

You had which style of boxing?

I was rather Fimeuu (technician) I used so a lot fists but not as my brother Samart…

You also have made a beautiful career in Boxing?

Yes I have made 14 professional fights, 12 wins (9 KO) and 2 Losses. I fought for a championship of the World WBA in Bangkok. It was against the great champion Khaosai Galaxy, I lost in points…

What was your hardest fight?

Against Vilapon in Lumpinee, I lost in points. He broke me legs with his low kicks, I could not walk any more after the fight, I had to go to the hospital…

So against the older brother of Sanchai I was at the hospital because I had received his thumb in the eye during the fight. And during a month I could see nothing more!

Your best memory of boxing?

My first belt of Lumpinee in 1979, I was 19 years old!

What are the known Thai boxers whom you faced?

There was a lot, Dokmaipa, Wangjannoi, Apirak, Vilapon, Kownar, Petdum, Sakmongkol, Somronsak, Samranthong, Khaosay, and many of the others…

You fought several times in France?

Yes I fought three times in France. I fought so three times in Holland, twice in Germany, in Italy, in England, I have never lost my fights abroad!

You know French boxers?

Yes especially the former as Danny Bill, Dida, Stephan Nikiéma, Skarbowsky, now I do not know too much…

For you who is the best nakmuay foreigner?

I could not say because now I do not know too much the foreign boxers but I find that the French and Dutch boxers are very strong!

What was your promoter in the time?

Songchai Ratanasuban

The best nakmuay Thai at present it is who for you?

I would say Seanchai Sor Kingstar for the Thailand and Buakaw for the foreigner!

What technique you most liked making in fight?

The left hook and the uppercut I liked this technique in fight

When you fought you made a good living?

Yes I had of very good purse

You have make fortune thanks to the boxing as your brother Samart?

I have my house to Pattaya, a car. But I did not succeed as my brother because he made of the cinema, the song, he was gift for that…

Today you are trainer to the camp Sityodtong?

Yes I am trainer in this camp for a long time already. And for 10 years I am an referee in the bar Best Friend to Pattaya. Every evening I arbitrate the fights here.

You like this place?

Yes I like the atmosphere of this bar…

Thank you very much for the interview and Chookdee

Thank you

Kongtoranee made member the Top 10 of the legends of Muay Thai in the same way as his illustrious brother Samart Payakaroon. In 1984 was elected Best Fighter of the year. And it is one of the rare boxers to have gained 5 championships of Lumpinee in 5 different categories!

Real bull of boxing rings his fighting spirit was exceptional. He was also gift in Boxing and as his brother he would have amply deserved to be a world champion. Moreover his fight for the championship of the world against the destroyer Khaosai Galaxy is anthology!


Weight: 60 Kg

Height: 1m70

Number of fight: 274. 200 Wins. 74 Losses

Title: 5 time Lumpinee Champion. Europe Champion