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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes


Serge TREFEU: Hello Krongsak and thank you for this interview. You began very early the Thai Boxing, it was towards which age?

KRONGSAK PRAKONG-BORANRAT: Hello, yes I began the boxing in 10 years. At the beginning it was more amusement with the family to Khon Kean. Then in 10 years, I was in a temple in Bangkok and it’s the monks who formed me in Muay Thai…

Then you went to a camp?

Yes I was in the camp Sithwatong then in the camp Sakkasel and finally in the camp Nathirawong

You have made your first fight towards which age?

At about 11 years

You quickly fought in big stadium of Bangkok?

I have made my first fight for the stadium of Lumpinee in 14 years

How you have make of fight for the stadium of Lumpinee?

About hundred of fights …

And in the stadium of Radja?

Similar hundred, I have of to make approximately 200 fights on both stadium of Bangkok!

What are the most known champions whom you met in Thailand?

I met many, Sagat Petchyindee, “Fanta” Attapong, Kaopong Sittichuchai, Ped Noi, Samart Prasanmit, Savaynoi, Payap Panchai …

The best known are Sagat and Diesel Noi. Sagat I beat him three times. Dieselnoi I met him twice. The first time we drew and everyone said I won, the second time I lost on points. I also beat Somsong on points…

What was the Thai champion most hard that you are faced?

Diesel Noi was the most difficult to fight because it was very tall. But I think that it is the hardest Kaopong Sittichuchai because he was very technical and very powerful. This middles made for me very, very badly. He was also very strong in fist. After his fight against me he moreover gained a silver medal in Boxing at the Games Olympic of Los Angeles in 1984!

In what year you arrived in France?

I came in France in 1986

You met who fighting the first time that you came in France?

I fought against the Dutch Rick Varthorst later I met the Dutch Orlando Wiet then I returned to Thailand and at the beginning of year 1988 I met Rob Kaman…

Before meeting Rob Kaman you knew his champion’s reputation?

Yes naturally! Everybody knew him in Thailand, it is one of the first foreigners to put KO of the Thai champions. His low kick and his fists were already considered!

Your fight against him was very hard because you were 9 kilos less than him, how you managed to beat him?

Yes against Rob Kaman it was one of my most hard fights. In the second round he touched me, I was standing KO but fortunately I was saved by the gong. Then I avoided his fists thanks to my clinch because Kaman not control this technique, I believe that my techniques of elbows also perturbed him…

You faced many Dutch champion in Europe?

Yes Kaman, Wiet, Druif, Hypolite, Varthorst …

In the time you also met several French champions, you remember these champions?

Yes naturally. I met Stéphane Nikiéma twice, Guillaume Kerner, André Panza, Pascal Scalp

What French champion set you most difficulty?

Against Nikiéma it was hard because he had a great condition and he advanced all the time, and I had no more the same condition as that of my 20 years. Against Panza it was also difficult because he was very brave…

Your best memory of boxing?

My victory on Rob Kaman!

And the worst?

My fight against Mustapha Laksem, it was in Kickboxing, I ran after him during all the fight. He gave me headache, he did not want to fight, it was really a bad fight…

How much you have make of fights in all your career?

More than 300 fights…

How much victory by KO?

Approximately about fifty

What was your technique preferred in fight?

I liked very much the clinch and the knocks of knees especially the left knee. Then when I arrived in France later I also liked techniques with fists

You fought in Boxing?

In Thailand I was four times amateur champion in Boxing!

Now that you finished your career, you became to trainer, since how long you give lessons?

It has been a long time since I give lessons. When I fought in the time I already gave lessons to the Lamy Gym at Roger Paschy…

Today you have your gym?

Yes the Paris Muay Thai or Krongsak Muay Thai who is in the quay St Bernard near the station of Austerlitz

You also created a line of garment you can speak to us about it?

They are clothes for the sportsmen, T-shirt, tracksuits, brand is called “KRONGSAK” you can find model on the site

What are your projects for this year?

There I have just gone up a small restaurant in the 13th district of Paris. I am going to make seminars of Muay Thai soon also…

You have made recently a seminar with Danny Bill?

Yes Danny it is my friend, we made a seminar together in Bangkok to the camp 13 Coin Resort in the month of august, it’s crossed well

You often return at home to Thailand?

Yes I often go there moreover I would like to go up a camp to Bangkok, I am spirit to make contacts over there to realize this project…

Khop Khoun Maak Khrap (Thank you very much) for this interview

Khop Khoun Khrap (Thank you)

Krongsak is a real legend of boxing rings. He faced the biggest Thai champions of his generation, Sagat Petchyindee, ” Fanta ” Attapong, Kaopong Sittichuchai, Ped Noi, Samart Prasanmit, Savaynoi, Payap Panchai, Diesel Noi, Somsong, the list is long…

Fighter unique his control of the techniques of clinch and pokes was exceptional, she allowed him to impose her law on boxing rings European when he came to end his career in France. In Europe nobody managed to beat “the Professor”!

He beat the best Dutch and French boxers of the 90s. Kaman, Varthorst, Wiet, Druif, Hypolite, Nikiéma, Kerner, Panza, Scalp nobody of these great champions was not able to bring down “King”!


Weight: 70 Kg

Height: 1m75

Number of fight: 300. 50 KO !

Title: 6 times World Champion Thai Boxing. 3 times World Champion Kick Boxing

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