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KRONGSAK SAKASEM (Career 1970-1980)

Temps de lecture : 8 minutes



Krongsak whose real name is Prakong Boranrat was born on September 11, 1963 in the village of Tha Sala near the town of Nhongrua in the province of Khon Kaen (North-East Region).

Prakong’s parents were poor peasants who worked hard in the paddy fields. The Boranrat family had eight children, five girls and three boys. Young Prakong was the seventh child in the family, he had four older sisters, two older brothers and a younger sister. One of his older brothers did some boxing when he was young.

Around the age of ten, Prakong was sent by his parents to a monastic centre in Bangkok so that he could have a good school education. The monks have an important role in the social and associative life in Thailand. Often monastic centres are organized as schools, orphaned children or children from very poor families are accommodated free of charge and receive a school education.

The young Prakong, playing with his friends, discovered boxing in the monastic center where he lived on a daily basis. But he started seriously this sport in camp Sakasem, a camp that was right next to the monastic center of Bangkok.

Prakong joined the camp Sakasem and took the name of “Krongsak Sakasem” fighter. Camp Sakasem belonged to Sergeant Major Chaiwat Chatuwat. Krongsak fought for twelve years for the Sakasem camp. And around the age of 22, he changed of camp to go to Na Thirawong camp in Bangkok where he stayed for three years.

Krongsak made his first fight at the age of 10 years, he quickly became an excellent boxer, he faced good boxers like the great champion Fanta “Attapong” Petchmuangtrat (Radja champion in 126 lbs in 1981 against Singphatong Pongsurakan) who beat him when he was 13 years. Krongsak and Fanta met three times, Fanta defeated Krongsak when he was 13 years and 17 years, and Krongsak, when he was 18 years, defeated Fanta for their third encounter.

At just 14 years old, Krongsak fought for the first time in a big stadium in Bangkok, the famous Ratchadamnoen stadium.

Fans of Muay Thai in Thailand called Krongsak «Nakrop Wat» (The Temple Warrior) because of his learning boxing in a Buddhist temple. It was also called “Young Fighter from Nhongrua”. And later, when he fought in Europe, he was nicknamed «The Professor» for his exceptional technical mastery of the Muay Thai Art!

Krongsak fought a lot in the two biggest stadiums of Bangkok, Radja and Lumpinee. When he started out as a young fighter, in these two stadiums, in the 122 lbs and 126 lbs category, he beat Lap Or Yuthanakorn, Rungsai Kiatpetch, Yodphon Phongsit, Chalamsingh Sakwichian, Win Kisaiphodeang, Samoechai Ketsongkran (KO), Yodkhunsuk Kietisingnoi, Kwangtongnoi Kietisingnoi, Densuk Florida!

On Friday February 9, 1980, in the stadium of Lumpinee, Krongsak won against Attapee Boonroj, a great champion who was nicknamed “Jomdeedeuat Jak Ayutthaya” (The best of Ayutthaya).

On Tuesday, July 22, 1980, at the Lumpinee stadium, Krongsak fought for the Lumpinee stadium belt in 122 lbs against the title holder, the great champion Lom Isaan Sor Thanikul (Lumpinee champion in 122 lbs, Radja champion in 126 lbs) who knocked him out in the fourth round with a High Kick at the neck.

Lom Isaan was nicknamed “Left kicker from North East” and his high kick left leg was overwhelming. Lom Isaan beat great champions such as Fanta Petchmuangtrat (KO), Wanphadet Sakhroumay (3 times), Nokweed Dawee (3 times), Jack Kiatniwat. Lom Isaan was 24 years old and more experienced in the ring than the young Krongsak who was only 16 years…

On November 25, 1980, at the Lumpinee Stadium, Krongsak (17 years) faced a Muay Thai monument, Sakad Petchyindee (22 years). Sakad Petchyindee was Radja champion in 118 lbs and 140 lbs, and Lumpinee champion in 135 lbs. Sakad has beaten a lot of great champions like Kaopong Sitichuchai (KO), Kaosod Sitprapom (KO), Fanta Petchmuangtrat (KO), Raktae Muangsurin (KO), Paruhat Loh Ngern, Saksakonsak Channarong, Wangwon Loogmatulee, Nokweed Dawee, Kitti Sor Thanikul, Samart Prasarmit. Sakad was a puncher and a big durable boxer, he made a career in Boxing in parallel with his career in Muay Thai (14 professional fights in Boxing with 12 wins including 9 by KO, champion WBC Asian Boxing).

Krongsak and Sakad had a good fight, technician Krongsak dominated puncher Sakad and beat him in points. Krongsak once again faced the terrible Sakad twice and beat him in points each time, they are rare those who can boast of having beaten the legendary «Sakad Street Fighter» three times!

On March 10, 1981, at the Lumpinee Stadium, Krongsak (17 years) defeated the great champion Jitti Kiatsuriya (25 years). Jitti was ranked N° 1 at Lumpinee Stadium and received the award “Best Boxer of the Year in 1977”. Jitti was nicknamed “The Millionaire Tricycle”, he was a fighter who never backed down, he had beaten the legendary Vicharnoi Porntawee (2 times), Pud Laolek and Vichit Lukbangprasroi, also, three times Ruengsak Porntawee including once by KO and twice Sagat Petchyindee.

On Tuesday November 3, 1981, in the stadium of Lumpinee, Krongsak challenged the puncher Raengsak Petchyindee (Porntawee). Raensak was a fierce hitter nicknamed “Manut Hin” (The Stone Man) who beat great champions Sirimongkol Loogsiripat, Padetsuk Pisanurasan, Nath Saknarong, Jitti Kiatsurya, Nokweed Dawee. Raengsak had won the Lumpinee belt and the Radja belt in 112 lbs and the Lumpinee champion belt in 130 lbs. Raengsak (25 years) was the reigning Lumpinee champion in 130 lbs, he was putting his belt into play against the young Krongsak (17 years). Raengsak put KO Krongsak in the first round…

Krongsak was really unlucky for his two matches for a title at the famous Lumpinee stadium, he lost twice by knockout. Krongsak never had the opportunity to win the belt of a big stadium in Bangkok while he beat the greatest champions of his time who often held the title of Lumpinee or Radja. Krongsak is one of the legends of the rings like Neth Saknarong, Somrak Kamsing, Changpuek Kiatsongrit, Pongsiri Por Ruamrudee, Nuathoranee Thongraja who have defeated all the best champions of the stadiums of Bangkok but have never been able to win a belt of a big stadium…

On January 27, 1982, in the stadium of Radja, Krongsak beat Rakchat Sor Prasaporn (Radja Champion).

In February of the year 1982, in the stadium of Radja, Krongsak met the star of the moment, Samart Prasarnmit. Samart was a very powerful and technical fighter, he was nicknamed the “Big Bumper Push Kicker”. He had won the Radja stadium belt in 135 lbs, the year before, and he won the Radja belt in 140 lbs, four months after his meeting with Krongsak. On June 23, 1982, he beat the boxing ring lumberjack Somsong Kietoranee (Radja Champion in 140 lbs) for the Radja title. Samart has beaten great champions such as Kaosod Sittphraprom (KO), Jocky Sitkanpai (KO), Fanta Attapong Petchmuangtrat (KO), Kaopong Sitichuchai, Padetsuk Pisanurachan, Reangsak Porntawee, Saensathan Saengrit, Sekson Sor Theppitak, Pennoi Sakornpitak, Payap Premchai. Samart also beat in the stadium of Radja the American superstar of the time, Don Wilson (Kick boxing world champion in light heavy) and the great French champion François Kappeler (European Champion).

Krongsak had a wonderful fight against Samart and beat him on points!

Five months after they met, Krongsak and Samart clashed again. Samart was then the defending champion of the stadium of Radja in 140 lbs, a belt that he had just won by beating the powerful Somsong. The match took place in the stadium of Radja but Samart’s belt was not put into play, Krongsak again beat the champion Samart on points. On August 16, in the stadium of Radja, Krongsak faced Samart a third time and beat him by KO in the fourth round. Krongsak is one of the few boxers to have beaten Samart Prasarnmit by KO!

On March 26, 1982, in the stadium of Lumpinee, Krongsak beat the formidable Nakhonsawan Suanmisakwan by points.

That year, Krongsak also fought in the famous TV7 stadium in Bangkok, he met Fadaeng Sor Borikan who was Radja champion in 140 lbs. Krongsak beat Fadaeng on points.

On August 29, 1983, in the stadium of Radja, Krongsak made a big fight by facing the star Raktae Muangsurin. Raktae was nicknamed “Ay Mat Narok Tek” (Hell Quake Punch), he was a terrible puncher who won the Radja belt in 135 lbs. Krongsak almost beat Raktae by KO by hitting him hard with a series of fists, he finally defeated this great champion by points!

On Thursday 3 November 1983, at the Radja stadium, Krongsak challenged Inseenoi Sor Thanikul. Inseenoi, who was 26 years old, was an experienced and wacky fighter who was nicknamed “Melodrama Fighter”, melodrama is a popular drama genre. Because his nickname as a fighter in Thai was “Payak Yikae” (The Yikae Tiger). Payak Yikae is a character of the theater ‘Likay’ (pronounced “Liké”) which is the art of traditional Thai theatre. At each of his pugilistic promotions, to challenge his opponent, Inseenoi put on makeup and dressed himself in his theatre costume.

Inseenoi had beaten champions Padetsuk Pisanurachan (2 times), Kasemnoi Kiet Thor Sang, Raktae Muangsurin, Samart Prasarnmit, Saksakon Sakhannarong and won the Radja belt in 135 lbs.

Krongsak scored a fine victory over Inseenoi who won the rematch against Krongsak.

On Friday April 6, 1984, in the provinces, in the region of Nakhon Pathom, Krongsak defeated the solid Jomtrai Petchyindee (Radja Champion), a big hitman who was nicknamed “Ay Ngou Din” (The stone snake).

On March 18, 1985, in the stadium of Radja, Krongsak found for the third time the legendary Sakad Petchyindee and again beat him on points!

In April 1985, in the stadium of Radja, Krongsak lost by points against the powerful Mekong Sor Borikan (Champion of Radja).

On July 4, 1985, in the stadium of Radja, Krongsak defeated Sawainoi Daopaetrew.

A month later, Krongsak faced one of the biggest challenges of his career, a meeting against living legend Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn.

Dieselnoi was then a true scarecrow of the rings, nobody wanted to face him. It had been seven months that he had not fought because no boxer dared to challenge him. Dieselnoi had done his last two fights in Thailand in 1984, he had beaten twice the puncher Sagat Petchyindee. Dieselnoi destroyed all his opponents with his fabulous kneeling techniques. He was nicknamed “Khun Khao Talufaa” (The sky piercing knee kicker).

Dieselnoi had beaten all the stars of the moment such as Samart Payakaroon, Vicharnoi Porntawee, Posaï Sitboonlert, Nongkhai Sor Prapason, Kaopong Sitichuchai, Tawanook Sitpoonchaï, Padetsuk Pisanurachan, Daotong Sityodtong, Paruhat Loh Ngern, Dieselnoi (24 years old) was given favorite against Krongsak (22 years old).

The match between Fimeuu Krongsak and Muay Khao Dieselnoi took place on Thursday 8 August 1985, at the Ratchadamnoen stadium. Krongsak and Dieselnoi fought one of the fiercest battles of the year. In this titanic battle, Dieselnoi sent his kneecaps to hell at Krongsak’s vicious pokes, the two boxers finished the match in blood, Krongsak had ten stitches and Dieselnoi had six stitches.

The judges drew between these two great champions. A decision that angered most punters as they saw Krongsak winning by points and many Muay Thai specialists still think so today. It was the only draw in the career of the legendary Dieselnoi. After the match, Dieselnoi said, “This is my first draw, a match I didn’t win…”.

Krongsak and Dieselnoi met for the rematch on November 12 in the stadium of Lumpinee. They had a great fight again and Dieselnoi won the match on points!

In Thailand, Krongsak fought for the promoter of Radja Chatucho. But he has also often fought for the famous promoter of Lumpinee, Mr. Virat Vichirarattanawong (Petchyindee Promotion). Petchyindee was in contact with the manager and promoter Captain Narris (Owner of the Phetmongtran camp in Bangkok). Captain Narris worked with the famous French promoters of the moment, Roger Paschy and Raoul Lamy (RIP), these two great promoters brought many Thai champions to France to fight in their event, champions like Fanta Attapong, Somsong Kiathoranee, Wanpadet Sakhroumay, Wattana Soudareth and Krongsak.

Krongsak fought in France in 1986, it was the first time he went to fight abroad. Then he fought in Holland. In 1986, Krongsak met the best Dutch champions, Rick Varthorst (European Champion), Orlando Wiet (World Champion, European champion) and Antoine Druif (European Champion), Krongsak beat them all!

In 1987, in Thailand, Krongsak achieved a great performance by defeating the incredible durable boxer Changpuek Kiatsongrit (Heavyweight World Thai Boxing Champion WMK, Light Heavyweight World Thai Boxing Champion WMT). Changpuek, who was 20 years old, was an extremely powerful fighter, a rock who never backed down, he was nicknamed “Elephant Power Fighter”. Later, Changpuek became a legend by beating the greatest foreign champions such as Rob Kaman, Rick Roufus (KO), Luc Verheye (KO), Stephane Nikiema, Orlando Wiet and Peter Smith. Changpuek also defeated Thai champions Payap Premchai (KO), Chakad Porntawee (KO), Songwanglek Kietpetch (KO), Den Muangsurin, Samart Prasarmit, Raktae Muangsurin, Rakchai Ha Phalang. Changpuek was the first Thai fighter to participate in the famous K1 heavyweight tournament, when he weighed only 75 Kg.

For their first clash, Changpuek defeated Krongsak on points. The rematch took place on October 30, 1987. The match was explosive between the ring technician Krongsak and Muay Bouk Changpuek. In the third round, Krongsak knocked out the elephant of the rings, Changpuek!

Three weeks before his match against Changpuek, Krongsak had met Mapralong Sit Por Tor Thor (Lumpinee Champion in 140 lbs), on October 9 in Mueng Sakon Nakhon and Krongsak beat Mapralong!

On February 6, 1988, former great French European Champion Mohamed Jami organized the Thai Boxing World Championship in Paris between legendary Dutch Rob Kaman and Thai Krongsak Sakasem. Rob Kaman was at that time a terror of the rings that had beaten by KO the Thai Samart Prasarnmit, Lakchart Sorprasartporn, Hansu Premchai and many other foreign champions.

The match was memorable, coached by fellow countryman Pud Pad Noy Worawoot (Best Boxer of the Year 1975, Halle Of Fame Trophy), in the mythical stadium of Japy completely full, Krongsak, who had nine kilos less than the Dutchman, despite being hit hard in the second round, managed to beat the Dutch star. Krongsak’s clinch technical mastery completely destabilized Rob Kaman’s boxing!

In Thailand, Krongsak also faced big names such as Kaopong Sitichuchai, Somsong Kiathoranee, Padetsuk Pisanurachan and Nokweed Dawee.

Kaopong Sitichuchai (Lumpinee Champion in 126 lbs) nicknamed “The black cotton” was a fabulous puncher who was silver medalist in Boxing at the Olympic Games in Los Angeles in 1984. Krongsak and Kaopong have faced each other three times, Krongsak has beaten once on points Kaopong and Kaopong beat him twice on points.

Somsong Kiathoranee (Radja Champion in 140 lbs) was nicknamed the “Lumberjack” because of his destructive low kick. In Thailand he destroyed many fighters with this technique and especially in Europe where he made a second career as Krongsak. Krongsak beat Somsong to the points, the two champions then became great friends. Krongsak and Somsong trained together in France in Gabriel Lamy’s gym, the Lamy Gym. It was in this gym that Krongsak met his future wife, Cathy Paschy (Daughter of the famous coach and promoter Roger Paschy) who has been several times champion of France and the pioneer of the French femal fighters in Muay Thai. Somsong unfortunately died in Thailand in August 2014…

Padetsuk Pisanurachan (Best boxer of the year 1979, N° 1 of the stadium of Radja) was a big hitter who was champion of Radja in Boxing. Krongsak beat puncher Padetsuk on points.

Nokweed Dawee was a great champion who won three Radja belts in three different categories in 122 lbs, 126 lbs and 130 lbs, and beat the stars Sakad Petchyindee, Samingnoom Sittibontham, Lom Isaan Sor Thanikul, Jomho Saknirun, Wanpadet Pukrongfah, Sangtiennoi Sor Rungroj, Petdam Lookprabat, Nokweed Dawee even fought against heavyweight K1 star Jerome Le Banner who was 30 Kg heavier than him (Nokweed Dawee lose in 1995 in Japan). Krongsak lost in points to the great champion Nokweed Dawee who died in 2016 at the age of 51…

After his fight against Rob Kaman, Krongsak moved to France for a second career. Krongsak imposed his law on the European rings. In Europe, nobody has managed to beat “the Professor”. He beat the best Dutch and French of the 90s. Rob Kaman, Rick Varthorst, Orlando Wiet, Antoine Druif, Yvan Hypolite, Stephane Nikiema, Guillaume Kerner, Andre Panza, Pascal Scalp, none of these great champions could defeat the “King”!

Krongsak conquered the title of world champion in Thai boxing in – 70 kg against Rob Kaman and defended it five times successfully, notably against the formidable Stephane Nikiema (World champion, European champion) and Guillaume Kerner (World champion, European champion).

Krongsak also won the world champion title in Kick Boxing style against English European champion Liam Walsh whom he defeated by knockout in the first round. Krongsak victoriously defended his title of Kick Boxing World Champion against the multiple world champion, the French Andre Panza and against the German Mustapha Lakhcem (Kick Boxing World Champion)!

Krongsak has made in his long career nearly 300 fights and beaten monuments of Muay Thai like the star Sakad Petchyindee whom he defeated three times, the legendary Samart Prasanrmit, twice in points and once by KO, the great champions Jitti Kiatsurya, Payap Premchai, Raktae Muangsurin, Kaopong Sitichuchai, Padetsuk Pisanurachan, Somsong Kiathoranee, Jomtrai Petchyindee, Inseenoi Sor Thanikul, Attapee Boonroj, Fadaeng Sor Borikan, Siyok Jockygym, Fanta Attapong and beaten by KO the immense champion Changpuek Kiatsongrit. Krongsak is the only fighter to have drawn a match with living ring legend Dieselnoi Chor Thanasukarn!

In 1992, Krongsak married champion Cathy Paschy. The couple married in Thailand, the wedding was celebrated with a religious ceremony. Krongsak and Cathy Paschy lived in France and had a child together, a boy who is now 21 years old.

From the 90s until now, the “Professor” has remained in France. He taught his knowledge in several gyms in Paris, first at Lamy Gym where he was preparing for his fights in the 80s and 90s. Then, he created his own gym the Krongsak Muay Thai Gym at the St Bernard quay near the Austerlitz station.

Then, Master Krongsak taught his knowledge everywhere, in the gym of the famous French champion Jean-Charles Skarbowsky with whom he was associated for a while as a promoter for the famous Muay Thai show “Best Of Siam”. Also, Krongsak has for a long time organized seminars across France.

Krongsak come back for a while to live in his homeland in Thailand where he was head coach at Warriors Muay Thai camp in Pattaya.

Today, Krongsak is a coach at a boxing gym in the city of Bordeaux in the south of France.