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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of LAMSONGKRAM CHUWATTANA (Current Radja Champion) by Serge TREFEU (2009)

Serge TREFEU: Hello, how are you ?


How old are you  ?

I’m 25 years

Where do you come from ?

I come from Udonthani in the region of Isaan (Northeast of the country)

Are you married, have you children?

Yes I am married but I still have no child

I believe to know that you have a brother who is a boxer also, he training where?

Yes my small brother who is called Laimungkon (classified N°9 in Radja Stadium in 63 KG) is a very good fighter. He trains here in Chuwattana Gym…

You began the boxing at which age?

In 10 years

Your first fight you made him for which age?

From 10 years…

How did you discover the boxing?

There was a camp not far from my home. It is over there that I discovered for the first time nakmuays to training…

In what camp you began Muay Thai?

I began to the camp Saktawi which is situated near Udon Thani in Isaan

You fought a lot for this camp?

Yes enormously I have made 200 fights for Saktawi. I stayed 10 years in this camp!

Then you were in Bangkok, in what camp?

I came to 20 years to Bangkok. I was in Chuwattana Gym and it has been now 5 years since I am in Chuwattana

Do you share your room with the other boxers of the camp?

At the beginning yes, I slept with all the boxers. But now, I have my personal room

In what category you fight today?

– 72 kg

What are the titles which you gained?

I am a Radja Champion for 4 years (title lost 1 time only against Nontachai). I am a World Champion WBC for 3 years (title thrown in 5 times successfully) and I took the belt of S1 in 2005

How much have you make of fights, how much have you of victory and defeat?

I have 295 fights for 243 wins, 45 losses and 7 draws

Do you won many fights by Knock Out?

Approximately about fifty victories by K.O.

You have which style of boxing?

I am fimeuu (technician) …

What was so far your hardest fight?

I still had no fight or I too much suffered…

What is your best memory of boxing?

My victory on Kaoklai in 2006 in the stadium of Radja. I keep my belt in front of a big champion

You know well Kaoklai and you?

Yes it is my friend

It is not too hard to fight against his friend?

Not, there is no problem, it is our profession. On the boxing ring we are not made of present but in the daily life we are of super friendly …

Do you have already fought abroad?

Yes in China, in Japan, in Kyrgyzstan, in England, in the United States, in Belgium, in Jamaica, in Holland and in Africa (Guinea Equatorial)

And in France?

Not still

Would you like to go to fight in France?

Yes I would like very much going to fight in France. Fight again against Yohan Lidon for example because it is a very good fighter!

What are the French fighters that you fought?

I fought Farid Villaume twice (2 wins on points), Yohan Lidon (win on points) and Stong Skarbowsky (Lose by K.O in the 1st round) in the Stadium of Radja

Do you know the other French boxers?

Not too much, the one that I know best it is Farid Villaume, he speaks well the thai

Who are for you the best fighter’s foreigners?

I would say Australian John Wayne Parr, a big fighter. And also now French Yohan Lidon, I find him very strong…

The best Thai boxer at present it is who for you?

There are many of the big champions in Thailand but I would say that Seanchai Sor Kingstar is one of every better!

Who is your promoter?

Mister Chujarean Raveearamwong (owner of the Chuwattana Gym)

Do you well earn the keep today?

OK, I have my house…

What technique do you like most?

All the techniques with elbows, I like!

You have knees which are redoubtable also?

Yes I manage very also with my techniques in knees but I prefer elbows…

Your next fight it is for when?

I will fight on April 2nd in the stadium of Radja for the defense of my title against Nuengjakrawan (N°2 of Radja)

Have you fights of designed abroad?

At the moment I have no proposition, I wait that my promoter finds me a fight, why not in France…

What would you like to make after the boxing?

I would like to open a camp of Muay Thai to Udon Thani near my home. I prefer the region of Isaan in Bangkok

Thank you and chookdee for your fight in Radja

Thank you very much

On April 2nd Lamsongkram beat by Knock Out in the 1st round Nuengjakrawan and keeps its championship of Radja of – 70 kg!

Lamsongkram makes at present left the best world of his category in the same way as his fellow countryman Yodseanklai. These last years, he beat great name as Farid Villaume, Yohan Lidon, Chaowarit, Steven Wakeling, Wanlop, Kaoklai, Bruce Macfie and fought the big champions such Big Ben, Shane Chapman, Jean-Charles Skarbowsky, Nonthachai, Nieky Holzken, Ali Gunyar, Rayen Simson, Yodseanklai…


Weight : 72 Kg

Size : 1m83

Number of Fight : 295 fights. 243 wins. 45 losses. 7 draws

Team : Chuwattana Gym

Titles : World Champion WBC (2006, 2007, 2008, 2009). Radja Champion (2004, 2005, 2006, 2008, 2009). S1 Champion (2005)