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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of LERDSILA CHUMPAIRTOUR by Serge TREFEU (2008)


Serge TREFEU: How’s that goes the shape?

LERDSILA CHUMPAITOUR: Yes, in full shape

What old are you?

I am 27 years old

Where you come from?

I come from Isaan, of a village which is called Chaya Phum a few kilometres from Khon Kaen

You are you to marry, have children?

Yes and I have a little boy

Do you have brothers and sisters?

Not I am only sons

Were you brawler when you were child?

Yes very brawler, at the school I often fought…

You began the Muay Thai at which age?

I began the Muay Thai at 10 years

How did you discover boxing?

My father one is impassioned of boxing. It is him which made me discover the muay…

Did your first fight you do it at which age?

As of the 10 years age…

You began the Muay Thai in which gym?

In the Lerdsila Chumpaitour gym, a small camp in the town of Chumpae which is to 50 km of Khon Kaen. My name of fighter is the name of my camp since always…

How much do you have fight for this camp?

I have made nearly 100 fights for this camp…

You came to which age to Bangkok for boxing and in which gym?

I came to 15 years to Bangkok, directly in Jocky Gym

Since how long is you in Jocky?

Since 12 years that I am in Jocky

You live here in the gym?

I have my personal room…

Today you fight in which category?

I fight in 122 lbs (56 kg 341)

Did you gain belts of the stadiums of Bangkok?

I gained three belts of Radja in three different categories, in 115 lbs (52 kg), in 118 lbs (55 kg) and in 122 lbs (56 kg). My current belt in 122 lbs, I have had it for more than 4 years…

How much do you have make fights?

I have more than 200 fights…

How much wins?

Surroundings 180 wins. 30 losses and 5 draws

You gained fights by K.O?

Not enormously

You have which style of boxing?

I am fimeu (technician)

You have a same style like Seanchaï Sor Kingstar?

Yes, there is a boxing which resembles itself. Seanchaï it is my friend for a long time. One it often training together…

You remember of one of your hardest fight?

Against Anuwat, a very hard fight. Anuwat has very powerful fists…

Your best memories of fighter?

My victory counters Anuwat…

You already fought abroad?

Yes, in Japan and in China

You would like to go to fight in France?

Yes, I would like much!

You know French fighters?

I know Stong Skarbowsky, Dany Bill and Stephan Nikiema

For you who is the best fighter foreign?

It is Stong Skarbowsky, it is very strong…

Today live you well thanks to Thai boxing?

Yes, I have good prize money. I’m very well No problem…

Which is your promoter?

It is Mister Langmot Chwisawit

The best fighter in Thailand it is which for you?

Best it is Seanchaï!

You have a technique preferred in Muay Thai?

I like the tip (front kick)

When does your next fight take place?

In a few days with stadium of Radja

After does Thai boxing you think of doing what like job?

I think that I would become trainer…

Would you like to have a gym to you?

A gym with me, I do not know, maybe. If not I would be a trainer in Jocky…

Thank you very much and chookdee ?

Thank you


Besides Lerdsila it is a phenomenon of the boxing ring as well as Seanchai, it has a boxing similar to its ex partner of boxing ring. Today Lerdsila has just lost its belt of champion of Radja but there remained a long time unconquered. It was by far with Seanchai and Anuwat one of the TV show boxers these last years. Its spectacular style is appreciated of specialists of Muay Thai…



Weight : 57 Kg

Height : 1m65

Number of Fight : 215 fights. 180 wins. 30 losses. 5 draws

Team : Jocky Gym

Titles : Radja Champion in 115 lbs (52 kg), in 118 lbs (55 kg) , in 122 lbs (56 kg)