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Interview of LIAM HARRISON by Serge TREFEU (2010)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Liam, thank you for grant me this interview. You already have a beautiful career in the boxing in spite of your young age, today how old are you?

LIAM HARRISON: I’m 24 years old now

Towards what age you began the boxing?

I began when I was 13 at Bad Company Gym

You were born in England, where you grew?

I’m from Leeds (North of England) in Yorkshire

How you discovered the boxing?

My cousin (who is also a fighter) Andy Howson had just joined and asked if I wanted to come down, I was interested to see what it was like and after my 1st time I loved it…

You had make the other sports before the boxing?

Yes I played a lot of football at quite a high level, but id never done any combat sports such as Muay Thai

You began at once with the boxing Thai?

Yes. I only ever trained Muay Thai

What was your first gym?

Bad Company Gym run by Richard Smith

In this gym what was the known boxers who trained?

Richard was the main fighter at this time as long as the head coach, also his wife Lisa Houghton was world champion too

Are you quickly fought, how it are crossed your first fights?

Yes I fought after about a year when I was 14. I really enjoyed the 1st fight and wanted to fight more often as much as possible…

When you began, what is what there were champions who you one influenced by their boxing for the continuation of your career?

Yes at this time I wasn’t to familiar with the top Thai fighters and aspired to be like the best British fighters like Damien Trainor, Kieran Keddle, Warren Brown, Richard Smith etc

You fight in which category?

62-63.5 kg

What is the first important title that you gained?

The 1st big title I won was in Italy when I was 19 years old, it was the WAKO pro world title, it was fought with no knees or elbows under low kick rules, I won by TKO in round 4 !

In England which disciplines is the best developed the Muay Thai or the Kick boxing?

Definitely Muay Thai, the bigger shows, better money, TV Coverage, more exciting fights etc…are all with Muay Thai !

For you now in England there are a lot of events of Thai Boxing?

Yes they are events nearly every weekend all over the country, and now promoters have started to bring over the biggest names in Muay Thai from all over the world

What are the champions the most known with you in England?

England has lots of great fighters now, the bigger names at present are Steve Wakeling, Andy Howson, Kieran Keddle, Damien Trainor, Jordan Watson, Michael Dicks, Tim Thomas

You have already fought in Kick boxing and in K1 Rule and what is what you like this style of fight?

It was ok, I like to punch so it was suited to my style but I prefer to fight Full Thai rules

You fight many in Muay Thai with elbows as in Thailand you like fighting with elbows, you love this technique?

Yes I like elbows they are very dangerous and can end a fight very quickly, I finished quite a few fights from elbows…

You have one rather complete boxing, technically you are good with fists, techniques of feet and the clinch, is that you have a favourite technique which you like making in fight?

I like all techniques, my style is to come forward and fight a hard fight and it depends on the opponent which technique ill use most as every fighter is different

What are the titles that you won until today and against whom?

The main titles I won have been the WAKO Pro World title against Emmanuelle Di Profetts, The WPMF title against Maaza Krsgym, the PK1 title against Dhzabber Askerov, and the WMC title against Namphon PK Sterio

How much you made of fight, how much victory and defeats?

I have had 65 fights. 55 wins. 8 defeats and 2 draws

You have a lot of victory by KO?

about 35

You have already met the very great Thai as Numphon PK Stereo (World champion WMC), Duwao Kongidorm (Omnoi Champion), Songkon Jockygym (Radja Champion), Anuwat Kaewsamrit (World Champion WBC, Radja Champion, Lumpinee Champion, Omnoi Champion), Seanchai Sor Kingstar (Lumpinee Champion), Saketdao Petphayathai (Radja Champion, Lumpinee Champion), let us begin with Numphon PK Stereo, what do you think of this opponent?

He was very tall and rangy, he was technically very good but I was physically stronger, we fought 2 times winning one each…

Duwao Kongidorm what do you think your fight again him?

He was the strongest fighter I have met so far, very good at all aspects. I knocked him down with a hook in the 2nd round but he got up and dominated the rest of the fight to beat me on points…

Songkon Jockygym how you beat him and what do you think of him?

He was technically very good but I fought a great fight against him and was always a step ahead, I won by TKO in round 2!

Against Anuwat Kaewsamrit you make a big fight but you lose in the third rounds, what is crossed and what do you think of Anuwat?

There are lots of things I regret about that fight, we will fight again on 27th March in UK and I’m confident I will put right the wrongs from the 1st fight, Anuwat is very strong and one of the biggest names in the last 10 years !

In 2009 you fought the Thai “Star” phenomenal Seanchai Sor Kingstar, you have make a great technical fight in front of this magician of boxing rings, would like fight again him?

Yeah id like to fight Saenchai again as I feel for the 1st  3 rounds we were pretty even…in round 4 I lost concentration and started looking for the KO and he started to move ahead on points and I lost the fight…

At the end of 2009 you fought against Saketdao the current Lumpinee champion, how it is crossed this fight and what do you think of him?

He was very strong and sharp and had a great chin, I chose the wrong tactics for the this fight and although it made an exciting fight for everyone I believe if I changed my game plan I could beat him…

In what year you went the first time in Thailand?


In what camp you were to train, tell us your trainings with which trainer?

Jitti Gym (Bangkok), I have had some great trainers here including Jitti and Serm Damriram, Rajasak Sorvorapin, Singdeang Kiatdee and Waterachai Kaewsamrit

How much you have make of fight in Thailand?

I have fought in Thailand around 18-20 times I think

You fought in what stadium?

I have fought all over Thailand, I have fought at Rajdamnern and Lumpinee stadium a number of times, and also in the islands at Phucket and Samui and also on televised shows from the provinces

Do you like the Thai culture?

Yes, everything is easy going in Thailand, I like spending time there as all I have to worry about is training and fighting…

This year in 2010 two French is going to fight for a belt of Lumpinee in the stadium of Lumpinee, what is that you too would like to have the honour to fight for this prestigious belt?

Yes I have heard about this, Kamel Jamel will fight against Saketdao Phetpayathai for the Lumpinee title, I would love the chance to fight for this title, but for an English fighter this is not easy…

In 2008 you received by the Thai press the award of the “Best foreign boxer “, you are proud of this award?

Yes I didn’t actually receive an award but it was in the Muaysiam magazine that I was mentioned as the best foreign fighter that year!

Do you have already fought on the King’s Birthday?

No I have never actually fought on the King’s Birthday show, maybe I will get chance in the coming years too…

You fought a French champion Michael Lallemand, what do you think of him?

He was sharp and had nice style, he had very fast combinations but I stopped him in round 2 with low kicks

Did you fight against other French fighters?

Yes I have fought Benzaoua Hakim and Abdoulaye M’baye this was a very long time ago though, I beat both of them

In your category at present there are great French champions like Fabio Pinca and Kamel Jemel, what is that you know them, would like you to meet them?

Yes, I have been scheduled to fight Kamel Jamel before but had visa problems which stopped the fight, there has also been talk of us meeting this year so watch this space…I think Pinca is a little heavier than me fighting at 65-66kg but would still jump at the chance if the fight was offered…

Do you know current French champions and old champion?

Yes I know a lot of French champions the most famous being Danny Bill and Skarbowsky!

What are the champions of Muay Thai of your category who are for you the best at present in the world?

There are plenty of great champions but the Thai fighters at this weight are still most dominant, Saketdao the most at the minute his had some great wins recently

Do there is an opponent in particular that you would like to meet today?

I have like to rematch Saketdao and Saenchai, also I’m really looking forward to the Anuwat rematch, also maybe Kamel Jamel at some point

What is your best memory of boxing until now?

Beating Namphon PK Stereo in 2007

And the worst?

Losing to Anuwat in Jamaica.

Your hardest fight it was against whom?

Duwao Kongidorm

Who is for you today after the Thailand the country the strongest in Thai boxing?

England and France have the best fighter’s also Russia and Holland have very strong fighters also

At present where you training and with which sparring partners?

Bad Company and Jitti Gym. I have very good sparring at Bad Company, with James France and Jordan Watson both are known in UK as the best technical fighters at there weight

Today you make a good living thanks to Muay Thai?

Yes it’s my job and I love it…I have had some really great experience

When are your next fights and against whom?

21st February in Leeds on for the glory promotions against a Dutch opponent and then on MSA show 27th march at MEN arena against Anuwat!

What are your projects for 2010?

I have got big plans for this year but I’m keeping them under wraps for now…

You want to add anything?

Would just like to say thank you to everyone who has helped support me over the years, especially Richard and everyone at Bad Company and Jitti Gym. Also please look out for my next 2 fights on forth glory promotions in Leeds and MSA premier League in Manchester

Thank you very much for this interview and CHOOKDEE

Thank very much


Weight: 62-63Kg500

Number of fight: 65 fights. 55 wins (35 KO). 8 Losses. 2 draws

Title: WAKO Pro World Champion. WPMF World Champion. WMC World Champion. PK1 Champion

Gym: Bad Company Gym and Jitti Gym