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Interview of LUCIA RIJKER by Serge TREFEU (2012)


Serge TREFEU: Hello and thank you for having me grant this interview, you began very early the combat sports, at first by the judo and then with the fencing, in 15 years you begin the kickboxing, how you discovered this new sport, the kickboxing?
LUCIA RIJKER: I started after my older brother Harold dragged me to the gym after he came home and practiced his new moves on me!
You liked at once this sport?
I loved all sports and honestly I was so tired after the first kickboxing training that I considered not going back!



The techniques of trainings at the beginning of you combat career, it was only low kick and fists, style Kickboxing or there were also the knocks of knees, the seizures, the clinch, the style Muay Thai?
It included all the above!
How it are crossed the first serious trainings what is that you were the only girl in the gym? ( Lucia does not want to speak about his first trainer in Kickboxing)
I was Freddie Roach (trainer Boxing) only female fighter and Joe Goossen (Trainer Boxing) the same, I think I had to earn my place with the boys!



What champions there was in the time in the gym of Kick Boxing?
Moused, Sprang, Hyppolite, and later Hoost!
You grew in Amsterdam, in your district there was many gym of boxing?
I lived in the north of Amsterdam and we had no boxing gyms just karate and judo at the time I started
Do you arise from fighter’s family?
Yes and no…
When you were a child you were rather a brawler or not all?
No not at all only when I saw injustice I was willing to take on anyone!
You remember your very first fight?
My first fight in the Ring? Yes I was very exited, ready to rumble in markanti in Amsterdam!
What is what there are fighters or fighters female who influenced you at the beginning of your career, fighters whose style you liked?
No female fighters beside Saskia van Rijswijk who I saw fight ones in the jaapedenhal, my male hero was my trainer until he showed his sickness and Mohamed Ali was my inspiration since I was 7 years old. The problem with heros is that it’s all a projection of an illusion because when you get to know the truth they fall hard. It’s better to believe in your own potential and look for qualities in others so you can aspire to cultivate those qualities!
You quickly became a redoubtable fighter in Kickboxing and for sixth tone fights, in 1984, you beat the champion of time Lilly Rodriguez (sister of the famous champion Benny ” The Jet ” Urquidez), it is this victory which in really to go into your career in Kickboxing?
Fighting Lillie was a great opportunity against a leading Champion. I was the underdog in that fight and I was only 16 years old. I trained hard inspired by the Rockie Movie and I beat her with my laser low kicks in the first round. Lillie was a respected great warrior who inspired me ones I moved to America. I admire her for her humanitarian work with exgang members and for her faith and big heart for her communities besides her amazing fighting skills and she was a great mother who died way to young…
Then in 1985 you beat the world champion, the American Cheryl Wheeler, it was a terrible fight, you remember this fight against this great champion?
Fighting cheryle wheeler wasn’t terrible. The problem was that they made a big problem out of my low kicks so this made this fight a bit more challenging for me however winning is winning!



You met several great French champions, Nancy Joseph, Dany Roca and Valérie Hénin, you remember your fights against these champions, and what think you of French fighters?
French fighter are strong fighters with great heart and excellent cardio!

Nancy Joseph broke my eye suged in the 3 round of a fight and I still won the decision after 7 rounds…



You gained four world champion’s titles in Kickboxing, it was in which year exactly and against what opponents?
I don’t remember against who it’s been to long ago! I.S.K.A-muay tai-kickboxing- full contact Karate



You are unconquered in your career in Kickboxing with 37 victories among which 25 gained by K.O., it is an unequalled record so far, you think that one day a fighter female can make as well as you in Kickboxing?
I sure hope so. I taught a seminar in Holland October last year and I saw some very talented 15-16 year old female fighters that have ok power in both hands!
You have only « lose » in Kickboxing and was a fight in Muay Thai against a man, Somchai Jaidee, so far it is the only time when such a fight was organized between a woman and a man, you think that it was good to make this fight finally?
No. I think it was a mistake however it was a good wake up call for me and it showed the trouble I had in my management!
In Kickboxing you fought almost everywhere in the world, do you have already fought in Thailand?
No Thailand at that time didn’t seem to be serious about real woman fighters, my dream was more Japan or America
Of what think you of feminine Muay Thai today?
I don’t keep track much but like I said in my boxing seminars I get a lot of female kick boxers who want to develope more boxing skills and I have the utmost respect for female kickboxers, they have hearts of lions!
After your magnificent career in Kickboxing you have make a tremendous professional career in Boxing, it is because you gained many of your fights by KO with your fists in Kickboxing that you wanted to make a career in Boxing?
No. I saw a female title fight on TV and I felt I could beat the champion, besides I needed a new challenge since I already peaked in my KO career
Your first fights in Boxing are lightning, Vivien Gonzalez (KO third rounds), Zsuzsanna Szuknai (KO first round), Kelly Jacobs (KO first round), Melinda Robinson (KO first round), and in your career in Boxing on 17 victories you gained 14 by KO, where from came to you this terrible punch, it was innate or you worked your power on the training a lot?
I practiced a lot. Many hours in the gym lots of chanting « nham myo ho renege kyo » (prayers) to become my greatest!



You gained champion’s title of Europe WIBF against Zsuzsanna Szuknai (KO first round), World champion WIBF’s title against Jeanette Witte (KO third rounds), the title of World champion WIBO against Marcela Acuna (KO fifth rounds), of what title you are most proud?
Title don’t make me proud! Living my dream moving to America and putting woman’s boxing on the map and helping it to become an Olympic sport makes me proud!



You took so much pleasure to fight in boxing as Kickboxing, the techniques of feet it did not miss you?
No and yes kicking the bag for hour and hours like a meditation I missed but thank God I went to boxing because I hear a lot of man from my time need surgery on the hips from to much bag kicking
At the moment it was question of a fight between you and the American star Christy Martin, the fight not it is never made, you would have like facing this great champion?
I can change the past!
What was your hardest fight in your career?
My own fundamental darkness. Because she was powerfully at times and the only one who could really defeat me!
Your best memory of boxing?
Being inducted into the « World Boxing Hall of Fame » as the first female fighter ever and being respected by accomplished champions worldwide man and women…



What fighter set you most difficulty among all those that you met?
Nancy Joseph
In Clint Eastwood’s movie ” One million Dollar Baby ” which is a masterpiece you interprets Billie’s role ” The blue bear “, a terrible woman boxer German, how you were contacted for this role and what memory you keep sessions of shooting in this cult movie?
I have answered that question so many times. I forgot the answer. I gues that acting!



You shot in the other movies as “Roller Ball” and “Star Trek” as well as in TV series, “The L-Word”, ” J.A.G ” ., is what you have new propositions of roles for the cinema or the TV?
I shoot documentaries my next film comes out this week in Holland ” growing through suffering”!
You are Buddhist practising, what is that the philosophy of the Buddhism brought you the peace and the serenity which often characterizes the great champions of boxing?
chanting « nham myo ho renege kyo » helped to see life as it truly is so I could transform from being an extreme athlete to a normal functioning woman in society!



Moreover a documentary movie about your spiritual progress was broadcasted to the festival of the Buddhist movie in Holland, what represents for you the Buddhism in the daily life?
Polishing my tarnished mirror so I can see clearly!
You also implies you in many humanitarian organization, ” the sharing ” it is some thing which is in you heart?
Life without sharing is like a water that doesn’t flow, it starts to smell bad. Living without sharing my heart is like living life without every seeing the sun!



What is what you sometimes organize seminars of boxing in Holland or in Europe?
Yes I do. I love teaching!



What are your future projects?
I am a motivational Coach and I am speaking to empower woman and top manager bouncing back from the resession. I’m also training with a couple of female fighters
You want to add anything?
For one on one coaching-combate training-motivationa life coaching.
For coaching



Thank you for having answered this interview and Good Luck for your projects
It’s was my pleasure!

Lucia Rijker is an alive legend of boxing rings, it is the biggest fighter of the story of Kick Boxing. She also marked her imprint for ever in the noble feminine Art by being imperative itself in front of best champions of time. Its ferocity, its determination and its punch made of her a boxeuse dread on all the boxing rings of the planet. She is nevertheless left a charming and generous woman outside boxing rings. But until today, no fighter femal was not able to bring down ” The destroyer Dutchwoman “!


Birth date: December 06, 1967

Number of fights: 54. Kick Boxing : 37. 37 wins (25 KO). Boxing : 17. 17 wins (14 KO)

Height: 1m68

Weight: 63Kg500

Title: Kick Boxing : 4 time World Champion (IWBA, WKA, ISKA). Boxing : 2 time World Champion (WIBF, WIBO), Europe Champion WIBF


Website :


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