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Interview of LUCIEN CARBIN by Serge TREFEU (2010)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Mister Carbin, thank you for grant me this interview. You are one of the pioneers of the 70s of the Kick boxing in Holland. After quite these years you always have the passion of the boxing, today how old are you?
LUCIEN CARBIN: I’m from 1952.
You are married, you have children?
I’m not married, and I have 5 children.
In what district you increased and towards how old are you discovered the boxing?
I’m from the Amsterdam and I discovering boxing in 1972.
In the time in the district or you grew what is that there was already many gym of Kick boxing?
There were not many kick boxing gyms two at the most, only karate dojo’s.
What was your first gym?
My first gym was the dojo of John Bluming. And one of the teachers was Jan Plas.
What were the fighters in the time which was in this gym?
You had Edgar Cairo, Johan Vos, Andre Brilleman.
When you began in this gym what was the most taught, the Kick boxing, the Thai boxing, the savate?
The style I like the most was thai boxing

In the time the Muay Thai was already well practised in Holland?
No it wasn’t.
In the 80s, apparently that the Thai Boxing had bad reputation in Holland, why according to you? And when you began it was the similar also for the reputation of the Thai Boxing?
It was because the crowd where most of the time people from the red light district and of course from the night life.
What were the champions of time and what is that some fighters you’re inspired for the continuation of your career?
Ron Kuyt, Bert de Frel, Iwan Menis, where champion at time. And I think that all of the coming champions saw me as there role model.
Of great Dutch champion as Rob Kaman and Ernesto Hoost say that they were inspired by your boxing when they began for the continuation of their career, of which think of it you and what is that you know well these champions?
In first place Rob Kaman was one of my students so I know him very well, cause we were cooperating with Meijro gym that time and also a little bit with Johan Vos. And about Rob Kaman his specialization was low kick. Ernesto Hoost had a good body shot.

In what disciplinary style you fought most?
My own style All Style Muay Thai.
You fought in which category?
In category -63 kilos.
What are the titles that you won during your career, any confused discipline?
I was Dutch champion in kick boxing, kyokushinkai karate and full contact karate. European champion kyokushinkai karate, savate and kick boxing. World champion in kick boxing.

How much you made of fight, how much victory and defeats?
There was one defeat, and don’t know how many fights.
What are the Dutch champions whom you beat?
Ron Kuyt.
And the foreign champions?
I don’t know their names.
In the time you beat a great French champion Richard Sylla (World Champion Kick boxing, Europe Champion Savate), you remember this fight, can you speak to us about it because you were the only one to beat him, and nobody beat Sylla except you?
Its was a friendly fight like sparring.
You remember French fighters?
There was a big influences off Muay Thai because of the French history I think.
Do you know current French champions?
One heavy weight fighter Tony Gregory.
Holland in the 70s and 80 was already the nation the strongest in boxing feet and fist in Europe, why according to you Holland likes the combat sports since so for a long time?
The Dutch were always warriors, they almost conquered the whole world, so I think is in the genes.
Johan Vos is also a pioneer of the Kick Boxing and especially the Thai Boxing in Holland and one of the first ones Westerner to go to training and to fight in Thailand. In the time what is what you too were in Thailand?
I was In Thailand for vacation and just watching, no fighting no training.
What is your best memory of boxing during all your fighter’s career?
Was against a Thai fighter called Wanpaded, I had knee problems before the fight and just after the fight in the dressing room my knee jump on lock, so I was so happy that it didn’t happened during the fight.
Your hardest fight you made him against which opponent?
Against a Thai fighter who knock out Orlando Wiet the fight before and of course there was a weight difference.

What were your favourite techniques when you fought?

To kick fast
Who is for you today after the Thailand the country the strongest in Thai Boxing?
Hard to say, because they changing the rules because of K-1, so it’s only boxing that counts
What are the champions any categories confused in Thai Boxing and Kick Boxing which are for you the best at present in the world?
Heavy weight its Badr and Saki and of course and that Italian K-1 max fighter, I forgot his name (Giorgio Petrosyan). He is my number one at this time.
Today you became a trainer considered in Holland what is the name of your gym and it is where?
Fighting Factory Carbin and its in Amsterdam (

What was the first champion whom you formed?
That was Edmond Amelo he was a sixteen years of age 90 kilos and heavy weight champion of Holland
You teach the Thai Boxing but also teach you the other disciplines as the Kick Boxing, the Savate or the MMA?
No, only Thai Boxing but DO fight the other discipline

What are your teaching methods, you are a trainer rather hard or rather cool with your pupils?
Very hard and we focus on the right and proper techniques.
On what you make most work your pupils, on the physical work or more the techniques?
In techniques and then psychical.

You were for a long time the trainer of the great champion Ilonka Elmont, can you speak to us about her?
She was addicted to training and wanted to train the whole day, so at some days. And that drove me really crazy some days.
Today you had managed a new great champion, Tyrone Spong, you can tell us your meeting?

He has started when he was 14 and now he is not any more in the gym. He wants to be a heavy weight by any means and I don’t agree with method.
What are for you the qualities of Tyrone and his defects?
He was listening very well and know he doesn’t listing at all, discipline is far away. Its very hard to work with a person like take, so we separated our ways.
What are the fighters of your Team at present, can you present them to us?
70 kilos and Dutch champion: Atik Taliban. 61 kilos: Sergio Wielzen dutch champion and one young guy 70 kilos Aziz Kallah.
What are your projects for 2010 ?
We just opening a new gym and we want to be the best gym and want our gym the be a role model of all gyms.
You want to add anything?
Thank you for not forgetting me.
Thank you very much for this interview and good luck for your projects
Thank you.


Lucien Carbin is a legend in Holland, it is considered as one of the best trainers of the country.    

Champion’s list that he formed is impressive,      

judge rather Rob Kaman, Robert Westmaas, Imro Main, Tyron Spong, Ilonka Elmont, Rodney Doorje, Edmond Amelo, Jerry Morris, Marco London, Vincent Vyent, Gilbert Yvel, Gilbert Ballantine, Vincent Dap, Andy Oosterling, Tarik El Idrissi, Noel Soares, Allistair Overeem, Otmar Diange, Jennifer Trustfull, Merel Dorgulo, Frank Lobman, Aziz Kallah, James McSweeney, Rinaldo Morris, Sonny Zichterman, Rodney Faverus, Faysal Redding!


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