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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of MEHDI ZATOUT by Serge TREFEU (2009)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Mehdi, how are you, what old are you?

MEHDI ZATOUT: I have 25 years old

You grew in which city of France?

To Drancy in 93 (Paris suburb)

Since how long you are in the boxing?

Since the age of 10 years!

How did you discover Muay Thai?

By pals of the district …

Can you speak to us about your first gyms?

He was always the same the A.S.Drancy Gym until the death of my trainer. But now I am in the KC Boxing Gym in the city of Villeneuve La Garenne in 92 (Paris suburb) and to Noisy Le Sec’s Gym in 93 (Paris suburb) 

What are the titles that you gained until today?

France Champion

At the beginning of your career what is what there are boxers who you one inspired?

Yes a lot it is normal to motivate it, Kamel JEMEL, Danny Bill…

How much have you of fights, of wins and losses?

I have 59 fights among which 5 losses (in Thailand)

Do you fight in the other disciplines that Muay Thai?

Yes I have make French championships in Kick boxing and fought some time but I feel better in the rules of Muay Thai…

What is your style of boxing?

Rather fimeu (technician)

Have you a lot of victory by Knock Out?

24 wins by K.O. and generally in the liver!

Have you favorite techniques?

Not I try to work everything and to be the most complete possible

In what category you fight?

Between 62 and 65 kg

You already go several times in Thailand the first time it was when?

Yes more than about fifty times and the first time I was 12 years old it are one of my the biggest memory!

You participated in 2006 in the amateur world championship in Bangkok, can you tell us this experience?

I am not going to hide from you that I am still disappointed. With a Russian directly in finale thanks to the edition and me in quarter against a Byelorussian and in half against the Thai in his country or I am flown widely and who loses him against Russian! You see the boxing it is necessary to be sometimes lucky …

In what camp you already were to train in Thailand?

In the camp Sit Or since the age of 12 years and for 3 years in the camp Sing Patong to Phuket

Had you the opportunity to fight in a big stadium of Bangkok?

Not but soon I hope!

In March of this year you had the opportunity to fight in Bangkok for world champion WBC’s belt but finally it not it is not made, that what is what it is crossed?

I was in the camp Sing Patong of Phuket since already 2 weeks for my preparation for my fight for the boxing show of Levallois (Paris suburb). The leader of the camp came to see me to know if I wanted to fight in 62 kg against Japanese (titleholder) for the belt WBC Muay Thai. I laughed at once to see if he was serious. And yes there made the Thai promoter of Japanese wanted rather we are going to tell that like that to protect his boxer to put him against a foreigner in the place to meet a Thai boxer. I thus accepted the fight and I am train with 8 days in front of me. As soon as we gave my name and first name who were on all the newspapers of boxing in Thailand, 2 days before fights the promoter to call up to announce that there was no belt in games and that the fight it would make in 61kg and he hung up as if it was normal!! Frankly it my disgusted by the boxing …

Do you have already fought on the King’s Birthday in Bangkok?

Yes I have already participated in 2006, it was magnificent I had to return to it last December and finally because of the events (blocking airport) my flight was cancelled!

Are you interested in the Thai culture?

Not too much but I find the Thai people very quiet

For you to fight in Thailand and in France it is the similar or there is a big difference?

Oh yes, my defeats in Thailand my learnt that to fight in France and to fight in Thailand are two boxing different!

You prefer fight against Thai or European?

I prefer to fight Thai because the boxing to them is very good about is their styles and in more it is they them better in practically all the categories …

What are the fighters Thai whom you have already fought?

Super boy, Tony gym, Tawannek, Rit Kaewsamrit

Can you say me the known French nakmuays that you beat?

Fayçal Akhlafa, Raouf Belliouz

What fighter gave you most opposition so far?

My hardest fight was in front of Andrei Kulebin (7 times world champion) in half final in a world tournament in Hong-Kong (Tournament WMC I-1 2008), to fight 3 rounds for a rest of 40 minutes it been very hard …

Today in your category at the level world what is for you the strongest champion?

Seanchai Sor King Star!

Would you like to fight him?

Yes because he has an exceptional boxing!

What do you think of the current French level in Muay Thai?

He rises, I see many motivated and serious young people in the gym’s

And of the world level?

The problem is that most of the French are limited to the contact of Belgians, English, Italian and still. While in the other countries they manage to fight in 4 corners of the world and with the level which we have in France it is not right …

Your best memory of boxing?

My finale of the French championship in 2006 against Fayçal Akhlafa, I win by K.O. in 3rd resumed while saw everybody the opposite!

And the worst?

My defeat in front of Andrei Kulebin and to see the belt passing under my nose. Similar for March last ones (for the belt WBC) but there I had not fought…

Are there fighters in particularly whom you would like to fight or to fight again?

Andrei Kulebin, Seanchai Sor King Star and after the fact that we propose me

Today you train in which gym?

To Noisy in 93, to the KC Boxing to Villeneuve La Garenne in 92 and I go so often in Le Mée-sur-Seine to 77

Speak to us about your coach?

Abdel Bedour he is with me for a very long time even when I had my first one to trainer…

What are your sparrings partners?

Kamel Jemel, Farid Villaume, Djamel Yacouben, Sofiane Allouache, Sofiane Derdega

Have you a method of specific training?

The morning, running and muscular intensification and the evening training in paos, sparrings and lesson in combination

Do you to live thank on your sport?

Not very hard…

What are your next fights and against whom?

Normally May 16th in Strasbourg against a Thai, Olan Sor Taveesit, classified 9th in the stadium of Omnoi

Your objectives for 2009?

To fight big names to have a big experience on the boxing ring, I make generally 4 for 5 fights in the year what is not enough …

You want to add anything?

Not that will go, very good interview

Thank you have answered this interview and chookdee for your fights futures

Thanks to you, especially for your efforts to advance Muay Thai in France and thanks to all the Internet users!


Weight : 62 à 65 Kg

Size : 1m72

Fighter’s record : 59. 54 wins. 5 losses. 24 K.O.

Title : Twice France Champion

Gym : Noisy Le Sec and KC Boxing Villeneuve