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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of MODIBO DIARRA by NICHOLAS READ (2009)


NICHOLAS READ: You to realize a very beautiful career in kick boxing , can you present?

MODIBO DIARRA: I have begun to 12 years French boxing and I have begun to fight and to do of results the good. That has gone well for my so then 4 years after I am gone to the CREPS (Centres of Popular sporting education) of Toulouse or I have begun to move on titles!

You grew in what area of France?

In city of Châtellerault in The Vienne  department 86

Speak us of way in kick boxing and of your fighter’s records since your beginnings?

In French Boxing, France Champion juniors, France Champion senior, France Champion elite, World Champion and Europe Champion. In Full Contact Europe Champion!

How many win and lose?

60 wins and 2 losses all confused competitions

Have you many victories by K.O.?

No not a lot,  10 to see a little more.

How have you discovered the boxing?

This is friends who my proposed of in to be with him because me I was much in the football and a day I am there gone then I give all released for that!

In which gym you begun the boxing?

To the gym Châtellerault in French Boxing  or I am him still!

What looks do you have on your career?

A look very positive because it has had him many effort and of sacrifice, I pride myself to be there or I am him! When we want we can!

What is the title of which you are the most pride and why?

My title of France Champion junior because I was coming just to ascend in junior and I was having never had a such desire to win, I believe that anybody was thinking that I was going to win and then I can do, this is an good memory!

The current level of the kick boxing does he seem you quality comparatively to former years?

It is always in increase because one is not ever sure to keep his place of

N° 1, the level ascends every time and this is well.

What do you think today of the level general French boxing?

The level in general is enough hard because one knows well between boxers, in the year one little to meet 2 or 3 times chock one knows and the fight becomes difficult because the adversary knows your weak points and your strong points

Like specialist of French boxing how do you do to perfect you?

I go to turn in other disciplines to improve my defaults

Are there fighters who you one inspired when you have begun the boxing?

Yes, Fred Bellonie (4 time World Champion of French Boxing), Mike Tyson, Marvin Hagler and others…

What do you think when you ascend walks of the ring?

To amuse me

What are reasons that have you going in the discipline of Full-Contact?

I was wanting to change and to know if I was canning fit me to others disciplines

Boxing you also in Kick Boxing?


Would you love to fight in rules of Thai boxing?

Yes, I boxing already in rules of the K1 after one will see.

Can you say us what are your strength as fighter?

The will of to succeed and never to give up!

Your fight the most hard this was against who?

All fights are hard!

Which champions would you fighting especially?

Yes, Samir « small Prince » and there is full of other, I wait proposals…

You arrive to live of your sport?

No, this is very hard for my that remains a pleasure

What is your job?

I prepare a formation for to become educative sporting

To be professional boxing would ask many sacrifices?

Yes, many training and a small time for self!

What is your living hygiene as fighter?

I remain as I am and for the present that walks well, step too need to change my customs of sleeping  Ha Ha! No but I am rest a lot.

If you were having things to change or regrets on your career what would they be ?

No it has not nothing to change this is thanks to all that that I am arrived there

Can you speak us a few of the trademark KNOCK DOWN?

This is a fashion sport what my brother’s and me have created. This is a fashion sport which going well. And there one throws a new collection for very soon then interested do you to express

Are there peoples that you would want to thank?

My family, my friends Boris, Mohamed, my town Châtellerault, my sponsors and all that who support me!

Thank you to answer to this interview and Good Luck for your fights

« Special dedicates to the site for his beautiful pictures of Modibo Diarra! »


Weight : 65 Kg

Size : 1m71

Number of fight: 62. 60 wins. 2 Losses

Title (French Boxing) : World Champion 2007. Europe Champion 2008. France Champion Elite 2007 and 2008. France Champion Senior 2006. World Champion Junior 2005. France Champion Junior 2004 and 2005.

Title (Full-Contact): Europe Champion WKN 2006