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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of MONGKONCHAI SKINDEWGYM by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello, how are you, well?


How old are you?

I am 17 years old

You come of what region of the Thailand?

I am from the region Isaan (Northeast) of the city Roi Et

You have brothers and sisters?

I have a small brother

Your brother also makes of the boxing?

Yes he train to Roi Et, he does not still fight in Bangkok

You began the boxing at which age?

In 6 years

6 years it is very young, why so early?

My family is poor, we needed money, the boxing can help us…

How you discovered the boxing?

It is my father who my fact to discover the boxing, he has me very young training…

Your first fight you made him for which age?

In 6 years…

You began Muay Thai in which camp?

I’m trained at first at the house with my father then I went to the camp Sor Pongsli which is to Roi Et where I stayed approximately seven years

How much you have make of fights for this camp?

About 55 fights

Towards what age you came to Bangkok?

In 16 years I came to the camp Kiatpetch of Mr Chun. It has been one year since I am here…

You have a room in the camp?

It is a room in some…

In what category you fight?

In 108 lbs

What are the titles which you gained?

I am a TV7 champion, I gained the belt last year, I was 16 years old

Against whom you gained the belt?

Kusakonnoi Sitpetchubon

How much have you make of fights, how much have you of victory and defeat?

I have 75 fights. 65 wins. 8 losses and 2 draws

You gained many fights by KO?

Yes very approximately about forty!

You have which style of boxing?

I am fimeuu (technician) but I work with knees a lot, I gained some KO thanks to this technique…

What was so far your hardest fight?

Against Weerachai in Lumpinee. I gained but him my opened with the elbows twice!

Your best memory of boxing until today?

My victory against Weerachai because it is a great champion, he gained the match and finally I put him KO!

What are the known Thai fighters that you faced?

Weerachai Wor Wiwatananont, Kusakonnoi Sitpetchubon, Monchailak Sor. Added, Kaenphichit Sitkhunsuek, Gongkrai Chor. Warachai…

You have already fought abroad?

Not never

You would like to go to fight abroad for example in France?

Yes but also in England…

Do you know French boxers?

I do not know too much the foreign boxers

The best Thai boxer at present it is who for you?

It is Sakeddao, he is very strong!

Who is your promoter?

Chun Kiatpetch

What technique you love most in fight?

The knocks of knees and I also like very much the pokes, the circular and Tatmala (move back up)

You make a good living with the boxing?

I begin to have good purses…

What is your purse today?

40 000 bahts

Your next fight it is for when?

On February 26th in Lumpinee I meet Wanchalong Sitzornong who is the champion of the Lumpinee…

What would you like to make after the boxing?

Have my camp in Bangkok or to Roi Et…

Thank you and chookdee for your fight!

Thank you very much

Mongkonchai lost his fight by KO after a hard confrontation in front of Wanchalong. But since this defeat he took his revenge on Wanchalong by beating the titleholder in points and so abducting him his invaluable belt of Lumpinee. Mongkonchai is henceforth a champion of the TV7 and the champion of the Lumpinee in 108 lbs!

In only 17 years this small prodigy is a terrible warrior who is endowed with an impressive power for its weight. A lot of opponent fell KO following its knocks. If young and already holder of two prestigious titles, he really has the future in front of him…


Weight: 49 Kg

Height : 1m67

Number of fight: 79 fights. 68 wins (40 KO !). 9 Losses. 2 Draws

Title: Lumpinee Champion. TV7 Champion