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Interview of MUSTAPHA YOUCEF say TOTOF by Serge TREFEU (2012)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Totof how’s that goes, in shape?

TOTOF: Yes very well

You grew to city of Aubervilliers (Suburd Paris)?

Yes I come from Aubervilliers

Child you were rather brawler or at all?

Yes I was very brawler, I organized even illegal fights in districs to Aubervilliers (Laugh)!

Tell us how you discovered the boxing and what attracted you in this sport?

One day we have me to take in big event in “Bercy” in the time it was the fight of Dida against Dekkers, the top, and there I said, that’s right which I want to make, the following month I left for Thailand…

You had brothers who fought?

Yes I have a brother who fought, moreover he is very talented and the worst in all that it is that he trains very few…

You began the sport directly with the Thai boxing?

No, before I played football but there was too much brawl thus it was not good for me…

Speak us of your very first gym, with what trainer you began, how it crossed the trainings?

My gym it was the Derek Boxing in city of Courneuve with René Desjardins and Léon Mendy, it was the top, at the time, at the beginning it was very hard but I liked that, because the level in the time was very high with champions as Dida Diafat, Joël Caesar, Stéphane Nikiéma, Christian Garros, it was real champions!



When you began Muay Thai, what is what there are great champions who influenced you, champions who had a beautiful boxing and by which you were inspired?

The models for me, it was Dekkers, Dida, Jo Prestia, the thai Samart Payakaroon, he was extraordinary!

Towards what age you have make your first fight?

My first one fights in 14 years

You were for a long time in the famous gym Derek Boxing with what sparrings parteners you trained, and which was your trainer?

I was lucky of trained with Dida, Garros, Nikiéma, and even with Danny Bill, my trainer it was René Desjardins, with him that laughed not…

You were also at André’s Zeitoun’s (Siam Boxing Gym), in the time with whom you trained in this gym?

Yes I was many year with André Zeitoun, it too is a very big trainer, I lived great moments with him and his pupils, I trained with Skarbowski, a great boxer, very brave

What was the first major title which you gained?

Champion of France, I gained several times this title

You gained championships of the World and Champion of Europe?

I gained belts but at the bottom of me it was not real, too much champion and belt it became anything, but my most beautiful victories are the ones of the King’s Birthday, for me the titles « full of shit » it does not interest me, once I fought a foreign star, it was the Swedish Patrik Eriksson, a great champion, and which fight, the fight has to last that a round, fortunately for me because he very hurt me, I touched him on a left hook at the end of the first round but which stroke of luck!

How many fights you made?

76 fights with 68 wins



You gained a lot of fight by KO?

30 victories by KO!



What technique you like most in fight?

Low kick and clinch

You were often in Thailand, how many times you were over there?

I have was, 36 time in Thailand

You are the French boxer and even I consider foreign who in him more fought in the King’s Birthday, how many times you fought in this memorable evening?

I fought 9 times in the King’s Birthday, and my most beautiful memories in the boxing are the ones of the King’s Birthday!



How many times you fought in Thailand?

I have make 30 fights

You have already fought in stadium of Bangkok?

No I did not have the opportunity to fight in a stadium in Bangkok



You remember main Thai champions whom you faced?

I do not remember any more too many names, just man of Ekkarat, Phapracob, Pet Ubon, Sintung, Komeflek, Roonsirichok, Kriangkrai…

Against which one you had most difficulty?

Against Phapracob, he broke me the nose with a poke but later I managed to put him KO to fifth rounds with a high kick, another a stroke of luck…

What are the Thai champions whom you prefer, the former and the new generation?

The champions of time as Sakmongkon, Kaleuhat, Robert Keannorasing, Kobal, the top in the time, otherwise Anuwat and Attachai!



What are the French champions whom you met?

Yamani, Yacouben, Saada, Pinca, Zatout…

What was your hardest fight so far?

Against Eriksson in the King’s Birthday, because it was very hard and very powerful!

Your best memory of boxing?

My victory in 1999 in the King’s Birthday against Phapracob!

And the worst?

My fights in Kickboxing, it was very hard because in the time I had Pascal Lafleur in my corner and it was a disaster, except for René, André, Hamiteche and Léon, the rest it was catastrophic but it was of my fault in the time, I have make errors by taking buddies, friends, anyway, in spite of all I takes out me of it well, no KO, nor of grave wound, thanks to God…

You who made a long career of high-level fighter which would say you to a young person who wants to do the Thai boxing?

Already, I would tell him to change following sport, it is a too hard sport for no gratitude, there is no money to be gained in spite of all the sacrifices except when it is an enthusiast as me, to pay very attention to surround itself well, especially coach, it is important, to work hard and especially to have a healthy lifestyle it is very important…

Of what think you of the current level of the Thai boxing in France?

The level, I find him average, on the other hand that of the feminine evolve well and it is very well…

Today, you opened a gym, you give lesson, you can speak to us about it?

Yes I opened a section to Aubervilliers, we have to be around thirty but there is a great atmosphere, women, children, it is a pleasure to pass on!



You also organize events in your city, you can say to us a word on these events?

Yes I organize even February 10th to Aubervilliers, in ours city we have a good public, they like that and our elected representatives for the sport encourages me to organize, there is a good atmosphere and it is always full, thus so much the better, I make fought by the women, the beginners, all those who cannot fight in the big events, like that there is for all the world, it is the top!



What are your projects for 2012?

I want to organize in June one France / Thailand to Aubervilliers in a stadium, outdoors, if it becomes a reality, that is going to be the top!

You want to add anything?

I would like to thank my trainers Krim Hamiteche, Léon Mendy, André Zeitoun, René Desjardins for all that they made for me, I was really very lucky to have them by my side, because I suspect that it is very hard to manage champions, and them it are real enthusiasts, him that made him all with the heart and it is fabulous, and very rare today, now I pass on what they passed on to transmitted me, finally in brief I loves you…

I would also like to thank all the team and still thanks to you Serge and meeting to Aubervilliers on February 10th that is going to hit!

Thank you for this interview and CHOOKDEE for your projects

Thank you

Totof which left from the age of 14 years for Thailand is one of the French fighters whose longevity on the boxing ring is the longest. Here are about 20 years which Totof fight worldwide with always the same spite in the fight. It is a boxer at the same time technical, puncheur and hard in the evil, a real ” Pit Bull ” which releases nothing until the last round. He faced the most tough opponents of his category among which many champions thais that he beat at home. In the King’s Birthday, during the golden age of this annual global event, he is the only fighter to have fought nine times with a record of eight victories there!


Age: 34 years

Weight: 63 Kg
height: 1m70

Number of fight: 76. 68 wins (30 KO). 8 Losses

Title: World Champion. Europe Champion. France Champion

Team : Derek Boxing



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