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Nadaka Yoshinari is often compared to his compatriot Naoya Inoue, the undefeated genius of Boxing rings (World Champion WBC, WBA, IBF, WBO), Nadaka excels in the art of Muay Thai.

At only 23 years old, he is considered the best Japanese fighter of Muay Thai, having already won an impressive total of 14 belts.

Born on January 8, 2001 in the city of Yokosuka, in the prefecture of Kanagawa in Japan, Nadaka Yoshinari is truly a phenomenon on the rings, showing admirable skill and determination at such a young age. His succession of victories and his illustrious record testify to his exceptional talent.

At the age of 4 years, under the influence of his older brother, he began practicing karate, thus laying the foundation for his martial arts training. From his third year of primary school, around the age of 9 years, he then started in Kick Boxing, where he accumulated many fights as an amateur.

The discovery of Muay Thai during his first trip to Thailand marked a turning point in the life of Nadaka Yoshinari. At the age of 11 years, he made his ring debut in this emblematic country of Muay Thai.

His first fight in Thailand ended in a points loss against an older opponent who was 5 kg heavier than him. Despite this loss, this experience was revealing for Nadaka, offering his a deep appreciation and passion for the sport.

From then on, Nadaka fully engaged in the practice of Muay Thai, determined to become a star of the rings.

Nadaka’s devotion to Muay Thai led him to make a decisive choice: to devote himself entirely to the practice of this sport. He decided to continue his studies by correspondence and enroll in a high school, located near his training club in Yokohama. Although his Muay Thai workouts are very demanding and take up much of his time, he manages to juggle his studies and workouts.

Nadaka managed to obtain his third year degree from the “Renaissance High School” (equivalent to the Bac in Japan), despite the challenges and sacrifices inherent in the intensive practice of Muay Thai.

Nadaka also had the opportunity to train in a traditional boxing camp in Thailand to discover Muay Thai at its source.

In Japan, he was trained at Eiwa Sports Gym by Professor Natsuo Nakagawa, a renowned Kickboxing and Muay Thai club located in Yokohama, with more than 400 members today.

Nadaka benefited from an exceptional training in Muay Thai thanks to Professor Khundong Por Thawatchai, a former Thai boxer settled in Japan for fifteen years. It was under his tutelage that the young Nadaka was formed and trained until winning the supreme title in a large stadium in Bangkok.

Khundong has also trained other Japanese talents who have become renowned champions, such as Ryuya Eiwa Sports Gym (105 lbs Radja Champion, 105 lbs Thai Champion, 105 lbs IBF Muay Thai World Champion, 105 lbs WPMF World Champion), Shimon Eiwa Sports Gym (130 lbs Thai Champion) and Asahi Eiwa Sports Gym (135 lbs WMC World Champion, 135 lbs IPCC World Champion, 122 lbs WBC World Champion).

The Thai media recognize the Japanese champions of Eiwa Sports Gym as high-level athletes, up to the Thai champions in the field of Muay Thai. The fact that three Japanese champions from the same club have won Thailand Championship titles is unique in the history of Muay Thai

Nadaka is now being prepared by former ring star Pakorn Sakyothin (Lumpinee Champion, Radja Champion, WMC World Champion, WPMF, Best Boxer of the Year 2013 The Sports Authority of Thailand). Thai Pakorn has been coaching at Eiwa Sports Gym for three years.

The Eiwa Sports Gym dream team Shimon, Nadaka, Pakorn and Ryuya

Nadaka, nicknamed by the Thai “Muay Thai Monster” and “Genius Muay Thai Boy”, is an emblematic figure of Muay Thai.

Nadaka is also called “The Samurai” because of the splendid wai kru he performs before his fights, Nadaka integrates movements inspired by Japanese samurai wielding the sword.

Before becoming a professional boxer in Muay Thai at the age of 14 years, Nadaka accumulated many amateur titles. He made 95 amateur fights for 80 wins, 13 losses and 2 draws.

At only 14 years, Nadaka was already crowned with many titles

Nadaka’s professional record is just as impressive as his amateur career. With a total of 63 fights, he has 56 victories, including 37 by knockout, 6 defeats and one draw. In Thailand, he fought 23 professional fights.

One of the characteristics of his professional career is his invincibility since October 2019. On a series of 30 consecutive victories, including 23 by referee stoppage before the limit, Nadaka demonstrates impressive domination in the Muay Thai rings.

Nadaka is an extraordinary technical fighter who can do everything in the ring

The start of Nadaka’s professional career in 2015 was marked by a victory at the famous Lumpinee stadium in Bangkok. For his first professional match, he faced and defeated Thailand’s Pansaeng Sakwarun.

At the age of 16 years, in 2017, Nadaka had a great performance by winning his first world belt. In a fight in Tokyo, he faced Thailand’s Yaksaed Siriluck Muaythai and beat him by knockout to win the WMC world title in 100 lbs (45 kg). The victory made Nadaka the youngest Japanese to win a professional Muay Thai world title.

WMC World Champion

In 2018, Nadaka continued his winning streak by winning two more major world titles. First, in a fight in Tokyo, he won the WBC Muaythai world title in 105 lbs (47 kg) by facing Thailand’s Tuantong Singmanee and winning on points.

Five months later, in Bangkok, at the Radja stadium, Nadaka added another belt to his list by knocking out the Thai Roma Uddonmuang in the first round, allowing him to win the title of IBF Muay Thai world champion in 105 lbs.

In recognition of his great performances, Nadaka was elected “Best Boxer of the Year 2018” by the WBC federation.

WBC World Champion

On September 9, 2018, Nadaka was offered the opportunity to fight for the prestigious Radja stadium title in 105 lbs. An event of capital importance for any Muay Thai fighter.

The long-awaited fight takes place in Yokohama, where Nadaka faces the formidable Thai champion Hercules Phetsimuu (Radja champion, Lumpinee champion), holder of the Radja title. After an intense and hard fight, Nadaka managed to beat the champion Hercules Phetsimuu on points, taking the title of Radja champion in Japan at only 17 years old!

Radja Stadium Champion of Bangkok

April 14, 2019 will remain engraved as a day of glory in the history of Japanese Muay Thai. In Yokohama, Nadaka embarked on a fierce battle for the official title of Bangkok’s Lumpinee Stadium, one of Muay Thai’s most prestigious titles. His opponent was the tough Thai Singdam Kafaefogus.

Nadaka beat Singdam by points and won the coveted Lumpinee title in 105 lbs. This historic victory propelled Nadaka to the top of Japanese Muay Thai, dedicating him as the first Japanese to win the legendary “Lumpinee Stadium” title.

At just 18 years old, Nadaka accomplished the remarkable feat of holding the belts of the two largest stadiums in Bangkok in 105 lbs. He is the second foreigner in the world to become the unified champion of the stadium of Radja and the stadium of Lumpinee (First foreigner, Maroco-Belgian champion Youssef Boughanem).

Champion of the two stadiums of Bangkok, Radja and Lumpinee

The same year, Nadaka continued to write his success story by winning two other important titles in Japan. Against Thailand’s Kengkla Numponthep he won the light flyweight title of the “Muay Thai Naikha Nomtom Association (MNA)”.

Some time later, he met Chinese fighter Chi Yeung Fung for the flyweight title of “The Battle Muaythai (BOM), Nadaka impresses the public by winning a dazzling knockout victory in the first round.

In 2021, in Tokyo, Nadaka added a new title to his record by winning the WBC Muay Thai Nai Khanom Tom Challenge belt in the bantamweight category. His opponent was the Thai Khun Nam Isan Shobukai who he beat on points.

The following year, on July 3, 2022, in Yokohama, Nadaka started a fight for the titles of Thailand champion and WPMF world champion in 112 lbs (50 Kg). A major challenge against Thai Phetnipon Sak Chor Ror Bor. Nadaka showed his superiority in the ring by dominating the fight and atomizing his opponent in the second round. He becomes the first Japanese to win a Thai Muay Thai championship!

Thailand Champion

His gym mates, Ryuya and Shimon, will take the Thai titles in 112 lbs and 130 lbs in 2023.

On July 9, 2023, Nadaka added another Radja stadium belt to his impressive record. In Tokyo, he faced Thailand’s Waewaw Wor Klinpathum. The Japanese won the points and won the Radja title in 112 lbs.

Nadaka then successfully defended his Radja title against another Thai opponent, Rungwittaya Lookchaomaesaitong, at Radja Stadium in Bangkok. In an impressive fight, Nadaka finally won the referee’s save in the fourth round.

Nadaka against Rungwittaya for the Radja belt in 112 lbs

On December 23, in Bangkok, at the Radja stadium, he faced Thai Chusap Sor Salacheep in a battle for the interim title of Radja in 115 lbs (52 Kg). In the second round, he defeated his opponent, ending the fight spectacularly and taking the interim title of the Radja stadium.

Interim Radja Champion in 115 lbs

On February 12, 2024, at Korakuen Hall in Tokyo, the young Japanese ring prodigy challenges the Thai champion Praewprao Petchyindee Academy, a terrible opponent (Radja champion in 108 lbs and 115 lbs, WMC, WBC world champion, Tru4You champion).

In this same place, on March 8, 1978, the legendary Toshio Fujiwara defeated the Thai Montsawan Luke Chiangmai for the lightweight championship in the Radja stadium, and he became the first foreigner in the world to conquer this prestigious title.

In an electric atmosphere steeped in history, Nadaka wrote a new page in the annals of Japanese Muay Thai. The Japanese fighter was able to impose his style and technique against the powerful “Muay Bouk” (Fighter who advances) Praewprao, ending up winning over the reigning champion Radja in 115 lbs.

This epic victory allowed Nadaka to hang his third Radja stadium belt around his waist, thus joining the elite of champions who have won this unique title several times.

Shock match between Nadaka and Praewprao for the Radja title in 115 lbs

Nadaka truly embodies the spirit of the warrior, always eager for new challenges and determined to write his own chapter in the history of Japanese Muay Thai. With already three Radja stadium titles in three different categories and one Lumpinee stadium title to his credit, he has proven his ability to overcome obstacles and reach new heights.

Nadaka still has a bright future ahead of him in the world of Muay Thai. His ambition is to become a ring legend, like the icon Toshio Fujiwara.

Nadaka wants to win the Radja stadium belt in as many categories as possible. A colossal challenge, but Nadaka is ready to take on this challenge with boldness and determination.

His immense pugilistic talent and his passion for Muay Thai are the engines that drive him to continue his quest for greatness. With each victory, he brings a little closer his dream of becoming a living legend of Muay Thai. And with each fight, it continues to inspire and amaze Muay Thai fans!