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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of NIEKY HOLZKEN by Serge TREFEU (2011)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Nieky, thank you for grant me this interview, you have just gained your last two fights in “Muay Thai Premier League”, against Marco Pique and Ky Hollenbeck, your next fights in this competition will take place when and against whom?

NIEKY HOLZKEN: I think in February against Jordan Watson

There are several big champions in the MPL, in particular French Yohan Lidon, you know this fighter and what think of you of him?

I know him he’s a good fighter…

This year in final of Ultimate Glory you lose in points against Russian Artur Kyshenko, whom do you keep of this fight and whom do you think of Kyshenko?

I think Kyshenko is good strong fighter but I know for sure I can win from him I feel it in the fight , I get a hit on my eye in the first round and I did not see any more much but I lost on points, good fore him but next time I win from him…

At the beginning of year 2011 you gain the championship of the World WFCA K1 Rules in front of German Thilos Schneider, it is a beautiful memory this title?

Yeah it was a good win, and he was title holder and now I am

In 2010 you met the robust Brazilian Cosmo Alexandre, it was a hard fight in front of this big Brazilian champion?

Yes a good win to, we trained for his left knee and we won

You faced twice, in Japan, the star of the K1 the Thai Buakaw Por Pramuk, what memories you have of your fights in front of him and what do you think of Buakaw?

I think Buakaw is a very intelligent fighter, first time fight against him it was to big for me the first time in Japan but I did good , second time is shit for me I have private problems and my mind and spirit was I think 40 percents in the ring…

You fought against redoubtable boxers of the circuit K1 as Chahid Oulad El Hadj, Virgil Kalakoda, Joerie Mes, Andy Souwer, Aalviar Lima, what is the one who gave you most difficulty?

I cannot say to you, all good fighters…

In Slamm ” One Night in Bangkok “, in Belgium, in 2007, you beat the terrible Thai Lamsongkram Chuwattana, of which do you think of Lamsongkram and your confrontation in front of him?

He was southpaw and very unpredictable but I give him a right hook and he was down

In 2006 you gained K1 Max North European, what memory you have of this tournament gained in Sweden?

It was very nice 3 wins all Ko’s , it was ticket for Japan!

Your first important title you win him in England, in front of English Daniel Hudson you become Europe Champion, it was in 2005, it is a great moment?

Yeah it was my first big win and I gained popularity!

Who are for you today the best fighters in your category? And what are the ones that you would most like to face?

I think Petrosyan and Andy Souwer I would like to fight again…

You fight many in Holland, in Belgium and in Japan, do you have already fought in Thailand?

No never

Did you trained already in Thailand?

2 times, one time in Pattaya and one time in Kho Samui

You fight often in K1 Rules, you prefer to fight in K1 Rules or in Full Muay Thai?

In Full Muay Thai!

What are the techniques which you most like making in fight?

The left hook

You like fighting with elbows?

Yes I like

You have magnificent combinations in fist with often of beautiful dodges, do you have already fought in Boxing?

Yes 8 boxing matches win all!

Your left hook in the liver often passes in your fights, it is the technique which you make naturally, do you often work him on the training?

Yes I train a lot of my techniques

At present you always train to the Team Golden Glory, with what sparrings you train and who is your trainer?

My trainer is my father in law, and Mikki Bennazous from famous Siam Gym. I always sparring with Gokan Saki, Errol Zimmerman, Chris Ngimbi,  Karim Eljourati,  Mark Vogel and a lot of gays…

What was your first gym with which trainer you began?

I begin in Yamaneko Gym when I was 10 years. I stop when I was 13 years. And begin by Calmaro Gym when I was 17 years, till 22 years and I feel I can’t learn anything more there so I go to my favourite fighter Ramon Dekkers and start training there, Golden Glory wants me in there Team and I sign a contract…

In your city what is that there was many gym of Thai Boxing?

There only was one gym…

How you discovered the boxing and what attracted you in this sport?

I always was a fighter on school and looking a lot of ninja and fight movies

Child you were a brawler or at all?

Little bit

Until today what was your hardest fight?

I think against Kyshenko because I did not see with my eye and was difficult for me and I take a lot

What is your best memory of fight?

My win over Faldir Chabari all people say I would not win on points but I win on points!

And the worst?

My lost against L’houcine Ouzgni by Ko, first round he got me with a lucky punch…

Where from come to you this nickname “The Natural “?

Mike Passenier from Mike Gym he says I’m a natural…

Can you describe us typical week of training?

Most of time, two times a day, I’m train in Kick Boxing, I make of the fitness, I run and I swim

Do you know French fighters and of what do you think of French fighters?

I know some and I Know they are good Thai practice fighters

When you began the boxing what is what there are boxers who you one influenced for the continuation of your career?

Ramon Dekkers!

Until today in your career you have how many wins by KO?

33 KO!

What is your objective for 2012?

Win the Muay Thai Premier League and revenge against L’houcine Ouzgni and Kyshenko

You want to add anything?

Thank you to all my fans

Thank you for this interview and Good Luck for your fights


Nieky Holzken is a powerful combatant with his fists certainly one of the largest punchers of the circuit K1, his strike speed is exceptional. This combatant still promises great battles to us during the next years!


Born: December 16, 1983

Weight: 72.5 till 76
Height: 1.83 m
Number of fight: 83. 72 wins (33 KO). 10 Losses. 1 no contest
WFCA K-1 Rules Super Middleweight World champion (2011), SIMTA 72KG European champion (2007),  K-1 MAX North European Qualification champion (2007), SIMTA Light Middleweight European champion (2005), M.O.N Dutch Open Amateur tournament (-71kg) champion (2004)