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by Serge TREFEU (2024)

The Nokyin Latkrabang Gym, owned by Mr. Teelawut Hohoum, nicknamed “Nok”, is named after his nickname, “Nok”, as well as “Yin”, which means “Jean Pants”, and “Latkrabang”, the name of the neighborhood where he lives and where his boxing camp is located.

Mr. Teelawut Hohoum also owns a clothing store, specializing in jeans and polo shirts, located within the vast Bobae Market in Bangkok. Its small establishment is located at the foot of the Bobae Tower, home to the famous Prince Palace Hotel.

Mr. Teelawut Hohoum

Compared to the big boxing camps in the capital, Mr. Teelawut Hohoum does not have the same financial resources. However, as a passionate boxing fan, he founded his own small camp in 2017, close to his home, in the Latkrabang neighborhood, located right next to the Suvarnabhumi International Airport.

Nokyin Latkrabang Gym camp infrastructure is simple

The Nokyin Latkrabang Gym team of fighters consists of seven boxers, three of whom are outstanding champions. The main coach, Banchoen, is a renowned former fighter who has played 200 fights, including defeating Thai Fight star Por Tor Tor Petchrungruang.

In addition, Master Kong Samut Sor Ranikul also teaches Muay Thai classes at Nokyin Latkrabang Gym.

The fighters of the Nokyin Latkrabang Gym fight for one of the most important promoters of Bangkok, Mr. Sommai Sakulmetta (Promotion Sor Sommai).

Unlike some boxing camps, it does not have rooms. For foreign boxers wishing to train, accommodation solutions are available nearby in the form of bungalows, located near the camp, along the pond that borders the establishment.

The young Singyay Nokyin Latkrabang represents the promising next generation of the Team, having already won the Central Region championship in the 27 kg category. Alongside Singyay, the team also includes the experienced boxers Singhahonda (26 years) and Phetchphanlan (26 years).

Moreover, the three established champions of the Nokyin Latkrabang Gym are Singdomthong, Singtanawat and Koko.

Singdomthong Nokyin Latkrabang, from the Pattani region in the south of the country, is a 26-year-old boxer with over 100 fights to his credit. He won three major belts during his career.

On January 21, 2023, at the stadium of Omnoï, Singdomthong won the belt of the stadium of Omnoï in the category of 126 lbs by beating by points Khaophatak Sinbee Gym. Subsequently, he won by KO a fight against Samanchai Sor Sommai, but suffered a defeat by KO in the rematch against Khaophatak, resulting in the vacancy of his Omnoi title.

In July and August 2023, Singdomthong shone with two consecutive victories in the eminent One Lumpinee organization, successively beating Rambong Sor Therapat and Surachai Sor Sommai.

On September 23, 2023, at the stadium of Omnoï, Singdomthong faced the formidable Israeli champion Juan Gordon P.K. Saenchai, holder of the belt of the stadium of Omnoï in the category of 126 lbs. For this fight, the stakes were high, with the title of Omnoi by Juan Gordon and the title of WMC World Champion in play. Singdomthong won by decision to the points, thus winning both belts.

Singdomthong took part in two more fights at One Lumpinee, with a victory over Scotland’s Stephen Irvine on October 27, 2023, followed by a defeat against Theptaksin Sor Sornsing on February 16, 2024.

Singdomthong with his belts of Omnoi champion and WMC world champion

Singtanawat Nokyin Latkrabang, 26 years, is from the Northeast region of Ubon Ratchathani. Having trained at the famous Dabransarakham camp in Maha Sarakham in the Northeast, he joined the Nokyin Latkrabang Gym as soon as it opened. Singtanawat has accumulated a lot of fighting experience in the famous stadiums of Bangkok such as TV7 stadium, Lumpinee stadium and Omnoi stadium.

On October 8, 2016, at the age of 19, Singtanawat performed well at the stadium of Omnoi by winning the final of the famous tournament Maa Bine (Tournament sponsored by a large chemical fertilizer company, Maa Bine = Flying Horse). In the 120 lbs category, he defeated by KO Kotchasanlek Kor Kampanat, thus winning the impressive sum of 500,000 baht!

Singtanawat at Omnoi stadium with his belt Maa Bine
Singtanawat and his enormous 500,000 baht stamp
The famous belt of the Maa Bine tournament, a tournament that was created in 2012 and takes place every year at the stadium of Omnoï

Koko Paeminburi, 28 years, is from Surin, in the Northeast region of Thailand. This very experienced boxer has long represented the famous champions camp, the Petsiri Gym, also known as Paeminburi Gym, named after the camp manager.

Koko ignited the TV7 stadium ring for several years with his Dantesque matches.

On December 6, 2015, at 19 years old, Koko beat by KO in the first round Khaosanit Sor Detchapan and won the belt of the stadium TV7 in the category of 105 lbs. The two champions faced each other six times with two victories including one by KO for Koko, three points wins for Khaosanit and they drew. Their match at the TV7 stadium in 2015 was voted «Most violent match of the year at the TV7 stadium»!

On February 9, 2016, at the stadium of Lumpinee, Koko won the title of champion of Thailand in 108 lbs against Phetphanrit Por Lakboon, an opponent he beat three times in points.

Pao session with champion Koko Paeminburi
Champion Koko quenches his thirst after a rough sparring exchange
Koko Paeminburi at Petsiri Gym with his former manager Mr. Paeminburi
The two stars of the camp Singtanawat Nokyin Latkrabang and Singdomthong Nokyin Latkrabang
Lack of space, the boxers of Nokyin Latkrabang Gym warm up by jumping rope in the street
Sparring in Boxing
Boxing technique in clinch with a foot stuck in a tire
Before starting their training, the young boxers of the camp perform hops on a tire for about ten minutes
Boxers perform sprints by pulling a tire, an excellent exercise to strengthen the thighs and calves
Working with punching bags