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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes



NICHOLAS READ : Hello PASCAL LAFLEUR, I thank you for having accepted this interview for our readers. Where you born ?

PASCAL LAFLEUR:  In the city of Saint  Denis (93)                                                                                                          

How old are you ?                                                                                              

I’m 33 years                                                                                                    

Speak to us of your sports route and your fighter’s records?  

France Champion Kick Boxing 1991, 1992, 1993. Silver medal in Europe Championship amateur 1994. Europe Champion Kick Boxing 1995, 1996. World Champion Kick Boxing 1997, 1998. France Champion Thai Boxing 1997.

Quote us the names of the most known boxers that you fought?       

Biga, Ange, Farci K., Tarentiev,  Kounapaa,  Moris

How much you have of victory by K.O.?                                                                      

17 by Knock out                                                                                                                  

How you discovered the boxing?                                                                           

Rocky and the gym of nearness   

You began the KICK BOXING towards which age?                                                       

14 years                                                                                                                     

Your first fight, you made him at what age?                                                        

16 years  

Your hardest fight it was against whom?                                                                    

A tournament in Chicago 4 match and 21 rounds in the same evening!    

You can speak to us about your most beautiful victories?

Championship of Europe and the World and the victories in French Team of Kick Boxing and a victory in Thailand in the Stadium of Koh samui           

You have about favourite techniques?

Tei Ka (low kick) 


You preferred to face fighters Thai or fighters kick boxing?

The fighters Thai, for the technical complexity and the time of works (3 minutes) more interesting.      

Are you already going to train in Thailand?

Yes I go in Thailand since the age of 21 years and I stayed during 1 year with my girl friend, to isolate me and study the country and the language  


In what you thought before rising on the boxing ring?                                                    

I wanted to please the spectators, to deliver them a beautiful show  

What is that to bring the practice of the kick-boxing?                                               

A driving skill developed and harmonious           

You managed to live on your sport in the time?                                                               

I know nobody who can live on this sport in France, it does not exist, I am formal, there is no professionalism in this sport, thus no social status, I was unemployed to be able to train me and put a lot at the highest level.                     

That would advise you to a young person who wishes to make a career in the Kick Boxing or the Muay Thaï?                                     

To make him only with the aim of enjoying itself and pleasing it, having a social status which allows him to live and to make its sport for a better balance and one better self-respect.  

You can explain us why to have to choose to make share your passion by creating your own gym?

I began at the age of 19 at the beginning it is not to share a passion but to be able to eat a little. Today I steer the technical responsibility in two sections to pass on values of communication and the gout in the effort.    

How take place a session of training?    

Wai kru (wave)! There is a handling with a presentation of session and the day objective, softening, then warm-up and then the warm-up in report in the body of session. Complete equipment (held identical to the practice in competition) body of session with active recoveries (Stretching, muscular intensification or analytical gesture) the body of session is always in pedagogy of overview. Return in the peace and the balance sheet of session. Wai kru.        

You can explain us the Concept style and Coach of Pascal Lafleur?                                   

It is my company 


It is opened for everybody?                                                                           

It is services which are accessible with professional and with an well-to-do clientele.    

What is for you today, at the general level, the state of the sport of kick boxing?                          

The situation returned to its archaic time. I regret the dissolution of the team FFMDA which made for my biggest glance of the work in rigour and in discipline. (Mr Nebou, Ekambi, Bruandai, Meresse)                    

What do you think of various federations and of the future of the Thai boxing in France?  

I see an increasing ascent if there is a coalition

You look the current events of the kick boxing?                                  


Are there boxers today whom you appreciate?                           

Farid Villaume, Julien Quentin        

With hindsight, if you had things to be changed or regrets on your career, which they would be?

The methods of trainings                               

You want to add anything?

Thank you and I wish you a lot of success

Thank have answered this interview and Good Luck for the continuation