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Mister Chun Kiatpetch is at present the biggest promoter in Thailand. His two only rival are Mister Virat Vichirarattanawong (Petchyndee) and Mister Songchai Ratanasuban who are two other big promoters of the country. With about 150 promotions a year of which about fifty in the stadium TV7, he is today the most appeal promoter. Indeed, everybody wants to fight in the TV7 and it is him the owner of this stadium which is one of the most considered by the country. At the moment this stadium is for the same level as prestigious stadium of Lumpinee!

Mister Chun, much respected promoter, is in spite of his important stature a very kind and accessible person with regard to certain businessmen of the world of the Thai boxing…

Interview of a great man with as luxury translator, Alex Romain, personal friend of Mister Chun Kiatpetch.

Serge TREFEU: Hello, Mister Peerapong, thank you for grant me this interview. How are you?

PEERAPONG THEERADEJPONG: That goes very well thank you. 

You are for a long time a promoter but have you already practiced the Muay Thai being younger?

Not many, I have made that two fights …

How old are you today?

I am 61 years old

Towards which age you became a promoter?

In 27 years

Since how long you are a promoter?

Since 35 years I am a promoter!

What was your first promotion?

It was in 1974 in the current Stadium TV7. As my promotions to go well we asked me then to do a promotion in Lumpinee Stadium the same year …

For your first promotion in the time what was the most known fighter?

It was Saladjit the star of time, the great fighter. So known and so good as Somrack Khamsing in the 90s

What was your most beautiful memory of promotion?

When I organized a fight with two fighters who had each 2 million bahts of prize money. The meeting between Singdam Oroukit and Keansak Sor Ploenchit was the most expensive promotion which I make until today!

Today you make a promotion in what stadium of the country?

I am a promoter in the stadium TV7. I am owner half with the army. I also make a promotion in the stadium of Lumpinee, in the TV3 and as on Wednesdays after noon on Thai TV Global Net Work

How much promotions you make by year?

About 150. Only for the TV7 I organize 52 promotions every year!

You already have make promotions with foreigners?

Yes with Mr Wolgan in Germany, in Australia with Mr Ber, in Malaysia with Mr Emery and also in Korea …

To work with a promoter in France, what is that it would please you?

Yes I would like make a boxing show with a French promoter. I have already had contacts with Mr Kebchi (French promoter) and Mr Saadi (French promoter). I worked with Mr Saadi for the promotion of a boxing show in Turkey in association with Mr Murat Comert (Mister Peerapong brought Somrack Khamsing and Ekapon for the boxing show in Turkey).

You would like to be more exported abroad?

Yes because at present I am N ° 1 in Thailand but I would more like very much working with foreign promoters …

What are your next big promotions?

I am already everything every Sunday in the TV7. Then I organize on March 16th a big promotion in Thailand with foreigners. It will be European fighters who will be in confrontation for world champion WPMF’s belt (Mister Peerapong makes left 4 bosses of the World Professionnal Muaythai Federation created in 2002). A French besides, Christophe Mertens, who training in my camp (Kiatpetch Gym) will fight in this boxing show. It will be live on TV5 from 4 pm till 6 pm. There will be big foreign fighters who will be present as Soren, Romario, Rosalie Berguis (Dutch women fighter) …

You have your own camp Kiatpetch Gym, since how long you opened him?

Since 25 years Kiatpetch Gym exists …

What are the champions who were in your camp?

For the most known there was Somrak Khamsing (Olympic champion of boxing) who having begun in Jocky Gym came home, Singdam Oroukit (Lumpinee Champion) and Samanloung (Lumpinee Champion).

Today as champion I have Thanongdeth (current Lumpinee Champion – 67 kg), Sakeddao (current Radja champion – 57 kg, Lumpinee champion in 2007 and 2008), Noppadeth (current TV7 Champion and Thailand Champion – 63 kg, Lumpinee champion), Tukkatatong (current TV7 champion – 61 kg) and Changpeuk (Radja champion)

Do you accept the foreigners in your camp?

Yes but only the fighters of a good level in Professional which I would make fight in Thailand. The beginners, the semi-professional do not interest me …

What is the style of training in your camp?

We adapt ourselves to the boxer. If he is very strong in fist, we shall work on that, if he is strong in leg we shall work more on his style with legs. We are going to centre on his key points a lot and to make him progress

Do you Know French nakmuays?

I know Stong Skarbowsky and also David Hergault who fought 3 times in my stadium TV7

Can explain to me why you changed your name Kiatpetch in Mr Peerapong Theeradejpong?

I changed my name because a voodoo (specialist black magic) had thrown a fate on my name. I could not travel any more because of this curse. Today OK, I can travel again without problem…

Thank you very much for this interview

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Mr PEERAPONG THEERADEJPONG besides being the owner of the stadium TV7 and the camp Kiatpetch Gym is often at the origin of big promotion in Lumpinee Stadium. The last “Kiatpetch promotion” was March 6th with 3 titles of Lumpinee and 1 title TV7 in games. In 105 lbs (-47 kg) Wirachai Wor Wiwatananon beat Thanusuklek Or Kwanmuang and becomes a champion of the Lumpinee, in 115 lbs (-52 kg) Rungpetch Wor Rungnirant beat Singdam Chokganna and takes the belt of Lumpinee, in 118 lbs (-55 kg) Rungrat Naratrikun beats Farsaeng Petchjaopraya for the belt Channel 7, finally in 126 lbs (-57 kg) Petchboonchu F.A Group keeps his belt in front of redoubtable Jomthong Chuwattana!


Behind the former terminal of the Bus the North (Moochit), in front of Chatuchak Park.


Fight everything every Sunday from 1:45 pm. And the third Wednesday of the month from noon


Mr Peerapong Theeradejpong

462 Soi Ratchadanives 12 Pracharatbumphen Road.

Samsennok, Huaykwang

Bangkok 10320


Tel : (662) 274-3310

Mobile : (66) 86 979 3888

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