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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes


Serge TREFEU: Hello how are you, in shape?

PEN-AKE SIT NOOMNOI: Yes very well thank you

How old are you?

I am 22 years old

Where you come from of the Thailand?

I’m of Phatthalung in the South of the Thailand, it is near the big city Songkhla

Have you brothers and sisters?

Yes I’m come from a big family we are nine children!

You have brothers which make of the boxing also?

Not I’m the only boxer in the family…

You were a brawler when you were a child?

Yes a little, especially at the school (laughter)…

You began the boxing at which age?

In 10 years

Your first fight you made him for which age?

In 10 years a few months having begun the boxing…

How did you discover the boxing?

Just next to my home there was a small camp, I often visited the boxers to trained, by means to seeing the training, it gave me the envy also make of the boxing…

You began Muay Thai in which camp?

At first in my home then in a small camp which is called Paivaling

You have made how much fight for this camp?

Approximately 40 fights

Today you are in the camp Singpatong in Phuket, towards what age you came here?

I arrived at about 14 years at Singpatong…

You have your room in the camp, you are well here?

I have a room which I share with the other boxers, I feel very well here, the atmosphere and the training is great!

In what category you fight?

In 127 lbs (57 kg 500)

What are the titles which you gained?

I took two years ago the belt of the stadium of Omnoi in 126 lbs, it was against Phet Ek Kyatyongyut

How much have you make of fights during your career?

100 fights, 79 wins, 1 draw and 20 Losses

You gained many fights by KO?

Not many…

You have which style of boxing?

I am Muay Khao (specialist of knees)

What was your hardest fight?

Against Bendjenwan in the stadium of Lumpinee, 5 years ago. He opened me the nose and the eyelid with the elbows, it is a fight very, very hard, after the fight I had to go to the hospital. But finally I gained at points my fight in front of him…

Your best memory of boxing?

My victory for the belt of Omnoi!

What are the known Thai boxers whom you faced?

Phet Ek Kiatyongyut (victory), Sam-A Thor Ratthanakiat (victory), Wanchaloem Sitshonong (victory), Rungrat Naratreekoon (2 victories), Yodsuper Puenrattana (2 defeats), Pinsiam Sor. Amnuaysirichock (1 victory, 1 draw), Ananchai Lookbanyai (1 victory, 1 defeat), Seanghiran Lookbanyai (2 victories), Sittisak Siangsimewgym (victory)…

You have already fought abroad?

Never but I would like very much going to fight in France or in England…

You know French boxers?

I don’t know too much the foreign fighters, I know just Frenchman Damien Alamos who train with me in Singpatong…

For you who is the best nakmuay foreigner today and has the time?

Today I could not say to you, I don’t know too much the foreign champions but a few years ago I often saw boxing on the television French Skarbowsky, and I found him very strong!

The nakmuay thai best today, for you it is who?

It is Seanchai Sor Kingstar!

What technique you most like making in fight?

Knees it is my speciality!

Who is your promoter?

Chun Kietpetch

What is your purse today?

80 000 Baths

You make a good living with the boxing?

I was able to buy a house for my family, I think at first of them, then I hope to buy a house, at the moment I have a motorcycle and soon I hope for a beautiful car (laughter)!

When are your next dates of fights?

March 20th in the TV7 against Seanghiran Lookbanyai whom I already beat twice…

After the boxing which would like you to make?

I would like to open a small business to Phatthalung, in my home, with my family…

Thank you for the interview and Chookdee for your fight?

Thank you

Pen-Ake made left at present the top 10 of the best fighters any category confused thanks to his victories on great champions as Phet Ek, Sam-A, Wanchaloem, Rungrat, Pinsiam, Seanghiran and Sittisak!

On March 20th he beat again rough Seanghiran then in April he put KO with a terrible poke the champion Denkiri Sor Sommai. Then he made draw against Seankeng Jor. Nopparat that he met again and beat in points. He also beat the rock, Pokaew Fonjarnchonburi. Finally on September 6th he beat in points Mongkonchai Petsuphapan in the Lumpine stadium, this evening there, the vacant belt of Lumpinee in 126 lbs was put in games, Pen-Ake thus becomes the new champion of the Lumpinee in 126 lbs. Finally on October 9th in the stadium TV7, he finds Sitisake Phetpayathai the champion TV7 in 130 lbs, the belt of the stadium is in games, Pen-Ake wins at points against this redoubtable fighter, and he win the belt TV7 in 130 lbs. Pen-Ake is henceforth a holder of three belts, he is at present a Omnoi champion, Lumpinee champion and TV7 champion!


Weight: 57 Kg 500

Height: 1m75

Number of fight: 107 fights, 85 Wins, 2 Draws, 20 Losses

Title: Lumpinee Champion in 126 lbs. Omnoi Champion d’Omnoi in 126 lbs. TV7 Champion in 130 lbs