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Perry Ubeda was born on 12 September 1971 in Nijmegen, Holland.

This charismatic champion was one of the most spectacular boxers in the world.

Thanks to his great look and his incredible flexibility, he was able to adapt to all forms of boxing in feet and fists. He was as comfortable in Thai boxing as in Kick Boxing or in Full Contact style.

His punch was devastating and his speed of execution was overwhelming. He had unpredictable boxing that often destabilized his opponents.

His very aerial leg techniques and his style of boxing were closer to Tae Kwon Do than to Thai boxing. His specialty was the jump kick. A kick technique that he knew so well that he won the Open Japan Taekwondo Championship in 1996!

In Thailand, Perry Ubeda trained at the Sitpholek Gym in Pattaya. The camp of Dutch promoter Franck Sitpholek. A camp that opened in 1994 and which was basically a boxing camp to help poor Thai children become professional boxers. Then, many Dutch champions came to make a stay in this place.

Perry Ubeda started boxing very early. At the age of 9 years, his father, who was a doorman at a nightclub, took him to a Kick Boxing meeting. Immediately, young Perry Ubeda loved this sport, the virus of boxing took hold of him.

Perry Ubeda first trained with Dick Veltuis. Later, he met the famous manager Don Clovis. Don Clovis has followed the long career of the champion.

Perry Ubeda made his first unprotected fight at the age of ten. He won by knockout!

The small wonder boy of the rings has followed victories with practically only victories by knockout. He quickly moved on to class B. In 1986, at the age of 16, he obtained his first title as champion of Holland!

Perry Ubeda made his first overseas fight in France in 1988, he won by knockout against a French fighter.

In 1991, he met the Belgian Thierry whom he beat by KO in the second round by electrocuting him on a knee stroke to the plexus.

The following year, he made a European championship in Paris. The holder of the European title was the French Farid Kenniche. He was a skilled fighter with formidable clinch techniques. Perry Ubeda bowed to the points against Farid Kenniche.

In Paris, in July 1992, he fought for a world championship of Thai boxing. Normally, Perry Ubeda had to fight against a Thai fighter ranked worldwide. But the night of the fight, he learned that he was going to face world champion Kongpury Sudao with the title in play!

This Thai champion had just triumphed over the great Rob Kaman. Perry Ubeda was a bit tense about the issue. He was counted in the first round. Then he got back into the fight and even won the last rounds. He lost honourably to the points.

From 1992, the Dutchman collected the titles. In December, in Paris, he won the title of European Thai boxing champion by winning by KO in the fourth round.

In Germany in 1993, he won the European Full Contact I.K.B.F Championship title by knockout in the fourth round.

In June 1994, Perry Ubeda joined the “Chakuriki Gym”, one of the most famous gyms in Holland. Master Tom Harinck held his gym with an iron hand. He immediately tested the mental power of Perry Ubeda. For two weeks, Perry Ubeda trained hard in sparring with the gym killers. The champions Gilbert Ballentine, Faisel Reding, Peter Aerts made him suffer a real hell in the ring. Perry Ubeda struggled and did not give up during this Spartan training.

Many boxers, even champions, could not follow the very physical training provided by Master Tom Harinck. Tom Harinck had a reputation to maintain, he selected only the best boxers, the strongest mentally.

At the end of the two-week trial, Tom Harinck summoned Perry Ubeda to his office and asked him to officially join the Chakuriki Gym. Perry Ubeda said “my acceptance at Chakuriki Gym was like receiving a major degree at school.”

Tom Harinck led Perry Ubeda to the title. In 1995, in Holland, he became Thai Boxing World Champion. A match he won by knockout in the first round!

1996 was a very successful year for the Dutch champion. He seized the title of Dutch Kick Boxing champion by winning his fight by KO and he won his match by KO in the first round for the title of World Full Contact champion!

In 1999, in the style of Kick Boxing, he won an IKBO world belt by knocking out his opponent, the Turkish Yavuz Özden. The following year, he knocked out, in the first round, the great champion Hassan Ettaki and attached to his waist a world belt W.P.K.L. of Thai boxing in -76 Kg!

Perry Ubeda won another Thai I.M.T.F. World Boxing Championship by beating Thai Champion Nuangtrakan Por Muang Ubon in points in Holland.

Perry Ubeda conquered his last belt in Muay Thai by beating by KO the Turkish champion Yücel Fidan.

In Switzerland, on June 7, 1997, during the “Night of K1 Fight”, Perry Ubeda met the most Thai of the French, the champion Stephane Nikiema for a world championship of Thai boxing. Stephane Nikiema replaced champion Moussa Sissoko at the last minute.

Against the experienced French champion, the Dutchman won points after a very close match.

The revenge between Perry Ubeda and Stephane Nikiema took place in Marseille on February 27, 1999. This fight remained in the annals of anthologies matches. The two protagonists wanted to fight with elbows. But the encounter was signed without the techniques of pokes..

In the first round, Stephane Nikiema stung Perry Ubeda with a beautiful knee. The Dutchman collapsed. He got up painfully. He was counted by the arbitrator. With an incredible mind, Perry Ubeda returned to the fight by kicking out his aerial techniques. Stephane Nikiema put the pressure back on with a knee stroke. Perry Ubeda suffered from a hail of knee strokes.

In the second round, it was the Dutchman who made French suffer. In the third round, Stephane Nikiema hit Perry Ubeda again with his formidable knee shots. The Dutch was counted a second time. He suffered a series of terrible knee shots from his opponent.

But Perry Ubeda showed an extraordinary resistance. Stephane Nikiema exhausted himself and finished the round completely empty. On the fourth round, Perry Ubeda was fresher. He hit Stephane Nikiema in the head with a superb knee kick.

The Frenchman was at the limit of the knockout and the referee had to stop the fight. It was a big victory for Perry Ubeda after having two accounts!

On October 24, 1999, in Holland, at the big show “It’s Show Time”, he faced the “Gladiator” of the Orlando Wiet rings.

In the first round, Perry Ubeda was injured on the nasal ridge in the first minutes of the match. Perry Ubeda then hit Orlando Wiet with a gorgeous upside-down High Kick. The “Gladiator” dominated the fourth round, Perry Ubeda was a bit short of energy. In the last round, Perry Ubeda caught his breath, he pushed Orlando Wiet. At the end of this great fight, the two champions separated on a draw!

On December 5, 1999, in Bangkok, during the famous show “King’s Birtdhay”, Perry Ubeda challenged a Muay Thai legend, Sakmongkol Sitchuchok (135 lbs Lumpinee Champion, 160 lbs WMTC and WPKL World Champion). It was yet another epic clash for the Dutch warrior.

The match started fast lane. These two outstanding technicians offered a sumptuous show in the first round. Jumping knees for Sakmongol and spectacular flipped kicks for Perry Ubeda.

In the second round, the Thai rider dislocated his left shoulder. The brave Sakmongkol continued to fight. Perry Ubeda then hit Sakmongkol hard with a magnificent jump return kick.

In the fourth round, Sakmongkhol sent a series of powerful middle kicks. His front leg hammered Perry Ubeda’s forearms. In the last round, after a few seconds of fighting, Perry Ubeda had to stop the match. A terrible middle kick from the Thai broke his arm. After this hallucinating match, the two boxers finished in the hospital. Perry Ubeda had his arm broken and Sakmongkhol his shoulder dismounted!

On March 17, 2000, in Las Vegas, during the big party organized by the French promoter Sami Khebchi, the two titans of the rings Perry Ubeda and Sakmongkhol met for a revenge.

In a match of unprecedented violence, the two combatants struck for blows. Sakmongkhol was pressured by the Dutchman, the superb leg techniques of Perry Ubeda hurt the Thai. But the middle kicks of Sakmongkhol’s lumberjack still hit hard the forearms of Perry Ubeda.

In the second round, Perry Ubeda was open to the right arch. The Dutchman made a beautiful upside-down kick that stung the Thai at the plexus. Folded in half, Sakmongkhol was counted by the referee.

The third round was tough for the Thai, Sakmongkhol dislocated his left shoulder again as in their match in 1999. With enormous courage, he resisted until the end of the round. During the rest minute, his corner men put his shoulder back in place.

In the next round, Perry Ubeda pounced on his opponent by beating him with a jump elbow. Several elbows touched the left shoulder of the Thai who suffered martyrdom. To the general surprise of the audience, the referee stopped the fight. With the consent of the Nevada commission, he disqualified Perry Ubeda for a dangerous poke. It was a really unfair defeat for the dutch who won the fight…

The two champions made a third match in France in Marseille in 2002. The match was to be played in 7 round. But he finally ended up stopping the fight in the fifth round. Perry Ubeda was officially declared a loser by dropping out…

During the superb evening of April 21, 2001, entitled «Millennium Gladiators» in Paris in the huge Bercy hall, Perry Ubeda faced the French puncher Franck Mezaache (French boxing world champion, French Boxing champion). The match was played in the Full Contact style. Perry Ubeda won a resounding victory.

At the K1 World GP 2003, on April 6, in Amsterdam, in Thai boxing, Perry Ubeda beat in points the great champion Rayen Simson. Two years later, he beat batter Rayen Simson a second time and won the WFCA World Belt in Full Contact!

In Marseille, during the show “Night of Championss”, he fought again in Full Contact against the batter Christophe Tendil. After a titanic match, Perry Ubeda lost on points.

At the “It’s Showtime” event in Amsterdam on August 6, 2003, he lost in points in Thai boxing to Joeri Mes aka “the Shark” in a big match where the boxers were taken each has their turn. Perry Ubeda took his revenge on the Portuguese champion by beating him on points in 2008.

Perry Ubeda met the greatest boxers of his generation with always memorable matches. This great champion has fought 101 fights for 78 victories including 38 won by ko, he has won four Thai Boxing World Champion titles, three Full Contact World Champion titles and three Kick Boxing World Champion titles!

Perry Ubeda created his own gym, the «UBEDA GYM» in Nijmegen, Holland, where he teaches his fervent students. Students who are all honored to receive the lesson through this legend of the rings!