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The Petch Muay Thai Gym, located in the seaside resort of Hua Hin, about 200 km south of Bangkok, is a gem in the landscape of Muay Thai training camps in the region. Opened in February 2020, this camp, located at soi 88 in the city of Hua Hin, was founded by Sofiane Mohamed and his wife.

Sofiane Mohamed, a boxing enthusiast, initially created this camp with the aim of providing a quality training environment for his five children, including the famous trio of the three Nakmuays Brothers.

In the Hua Hin area, training camps are often tourist oriented and offer high rates. Thus, the parents decided to open this camp to offer Thai children the opportunity to train for free with the three Nakmuays Brothers.

This initiative allows young local boxers to benefit from valuable training and quality sparrings, in a family and authentic atmosphere. The Petch Muay Thai Gym thus represents an ideal place of learning and development for the emerging talents of the Muay Thai of Hua Hin.

Sofiane Mohamed regularly organizes boxing evenings in his camp. These boxing evenings in his camp are symphatic events, both for children in the region and for adults. Turning the camp into a small stadium, this creates an authentic Muay Thai fighting atmosphere, where young boxers can demonstrate their skills and determination in the ring. For local children, it is a unique opportunity to participate in fights and show what they have learned during their training.

The career of Sofiane Mohamed, the father of these young ring prodigies, is admirable. Having practiced French Boxing for six years, he made a decisive discovery during a stay in Thailand in 2003: Muay Thai and all the culture that surrounds it. This encounter with Muay Thai fascinated him deeply, and he passionately engaged in the practice of this sport during the following years.

After years of hard training at Muay Thai, Sofiane Mohamed made the bold decision to move to Thailand with her family in 2019. This transition marked a major turning point in his life and that of his family, allowing them to deepen their immersion in the culture of Muay Thai and pursue their passion for this emblematic sport of Thailand.

Sofiane Mohamed, the owner of Petch Muay Thai Gym, invests in the training and preparation of his own children as well as students of his boxing camp, he is assisted by a very experienced Thai coach
Sofiane Mohamed also gives private lessons
Ms Mohamed makes a valuable contribution by taking charge of the commercial aspects and ensuring the well-being of the members. Her ability to prepare delicious meals for boxers adds a special touch to the experience at Petch Muay Thai Gym

The exploits of the three brothers on the Thai rings are remarkable. Their determination and passion for Muay Thai led them to fight in various stadiums across Thailand, including at temple fairs, where they were able to stand out for their talents.

Thanks to their perseverance, the three brothers began to make themselves known in Thailand, attracting the attention of local developers. It is their father, Sofiane Mohamed, who assumes responsibility for their preparation and the management of their fights. This task is not easy, especially in Thailand, where it is not easy for a foreigner to occupy the role of coach and manager for his own children.

Despite the challenges, the three brothers managed to make a place for themselves in the elite of Muay Thai in Thailand. Their ability in the ring led them to fight regularly in the big stadiums of Bangkok, and they even had the honor to perform in the prestigious stadium TV7, an impressive achievement for foreign boxers.

The rise of the 3 Nakmuay Brothers over the past two years has been truly spectacular. The three elders, Isaac Mohamed alias Petchnung (18 years), Kaïs Mohamed alias Petchsong (16 years) and Nahyan Mohamed alias Petchsam (15 years), reached an excellent level in the world Muay Thai in Thailand. They attracted the attention of one of the most important promoters of Bangkok, Mr. Deer Kiatpetch, son of the legendary promoter Chun Kiatpetch.

Petchnung and Petchsong are regularly present in the ring of the famous Radja stadium in Bangkok, always coached by their father

At just 18 years old, Petchnung can already boast an impressive record. With 43 fights to his credit, he has 30 wins, 10 losses and 3 draws. He won the title of champion of the famous Radja stadium in Bangkok, an impressive achievement that demonstrates his tenacity in the ring.

On July 30, 2023, Isaac Mohamed made history by becoming the first youngest foreigner, at just 17 years, to win a belt from a major stadium in Bangkok. Under the name of Petchnung Petchmuaythai, he conquered the prestigious Radja belt in the 108 lbs category, after a fierce battle against Phetphasak Sor Chalasit, also 17 years old!

The young star of the camp, the champion of Radja in 108 lbs Petchnung Petch Muay Thai Gym
Petchnung (Diamond No. 1) Petch Muay Thai Gym was elected “Best fighter of the month of July 2023” at the Radja stadium. The young Muay Thai prodigy deserved this honorary distinction from the officials of the famous Bangkok stadium after his superb fight against Phetphasak Sor Chalasit for the Radja title

Petchnung had already made an impression by being the first foreigner to fight again (June 2023) live on the TV7 channel in the famous stadium TV7 in Bangkok. The last foreigner to fight live at the TV7 stadium was the great French champion Damien Alamos (Lumpinee Champion) in 2011, when he defeated Apisak K.T Gym.

Four months after winning the Radja title, Petchnung defended his belt against Domthong Lukjaophorongtom, in a very close fight which ended in a draw.

Two months after this meeting, the two fighters faced each other again, with Radja’s title at stake. This second clash was a true fight of titans, during which Petchnung inflicted serious injuries on his Thai opponent, including a broken nose, a split lip, a large bump on his forehead and a large opening requiring ten stitches. Despite this, the official judges declared Petchnung the loser…

Petchsong (16 years) already has a good career with 44 fights to his credit, including 24 wins and 20 losses. Among his fights, he played six at the Radja stadium, three at the Rangsit stadium and once at the TV7 stadium.

His first appearance at the famous TV7 stadium took place on Sunday, April 14, 2024, where he performed well. Petchsong won by knockout in the third round, delivering a magnificent straight who knocked out his Thai opponent, Chatri Rongream Saynoi (20 years) of Roi Et!

Petchsong Petch Muay Thai Gym

Petchsam (15 years) already has a big record with 35 fights to his credit, including 25 wins, 7 losses and 3 draws. Among his fights, he had the opportunity to fight three times at the Radja stadium, and four times at the TV7 stadium. His last fight at the stadium TV7, Sunday, April 14, 2024, ended with a nice victory, he defeated by KO in the 1st round Phetmeuangsuea Por Mongkhon with a terrible series of low kick!

Petchsam is one of the few foreign children, only 14 years old, to have had the privilege of fighting at the famous TV7 stadium in Bangkok!

The 3 Brothers Nakmuays team also includes two other promising young talents, Petchsii (aka Chadi Mohamed, 12 years) and Petchhaa (aka Danial Mohamed, 12 years). Petchsii participated in 13 fights, winning 7 wins, suffering 5 losses and getting 1 draw. As for Petchhaa, he has already played 14 fights, winning 11 wins for only 3 losses.

The Petch Muay Thai Team now also has three young Thai fighters, a girl and two boys, Petchhok (11 years), Petchjed (11 years) and Wanchana Lek (12 years).

Petchsam with his two little brothers Petchsii and Petchhaa
Team Petch Muay Thai Gym with coach Sofiane Mohamed and his boxing children Petchnung (Diamond 1), Petchsong (Diamond 2), Petchsam (Diamond 3), Petchsii (Diamond 4) and Petchhaa (Diamond 5)
The Petch Muay Thai Gym has a beautiful infrastructure of 400 m2
Prices for sessions at Petch Muay Thai Gym

Petch Muay Thai Gym welcomes fighters of all levels, whether beginners or experienced, offering everyone a practice adapted to their needs.

Many French boxers, especially from Reunion Island, have already chosen this camp to train, attracted by its atmosphere and professionalism. Foreign boxers also come to train, the most important are Russian boxers.

The famous French coach, pioneer of Thai boxing in France, Kouider Abdelmoumeni took a group of a dozen students from Gym ESN Nanterre for a rewarding experience. French gyms from Strasbourg and Amiens have also opted for the Petch Muay Thai Gym for their training sessions.

The camp offers a complete package including training, accommodation and meals, offering boxers a quiet stay focused on the practice of Muay Thai.

The accommodation is in a small hotel owned by the owner of Petch Muay Thai Gym, located near a beautiful beach. In addition, near the hotel, a swimming pool is available to allow boxers to relax and recover after their intensive training.

Sofiane Mohamed has firmly established himself in the world of Muay Thai in Thailand, this allows him to offer fight opportunities to the most determined foreign boxers, whether in the south of the country or in Bangkok.

Petch Muay Thai Gym stands out for its family atmosphere and its management by a passionate family. Despite the rigor of the training, the welcome is warm and friendly, offering the fighters an environment conducive to their development both on the sporting and personal level.

The Petch Muay Thai Gym team in February 2024
This is a great opportunity for students of Petch Muay Thai Gym to learn from the champion of Radja Petchnung Petch Muay Thai Gym
Tire jumps are a classic exercise in Thai boxing camps to strengthen the calves and improve the explosiveness of the legs
The young Kais Piduch from the ESN Nanterre Gym trained at the Petch Muay Thai Gym, he had a fight in Thailand with a victory by KO
Maurice Briere (Coach of the Nakitail Fighting Gym in Toulouse) and his student had a great experience training at the Petch Muay Thai Gym for around ten days
Mr. Mohamed Abbou, teacher of the Amiens Muay Thai Boxing club, took several of his students for a stay at the Petch Muay Thai Gym
The series of abs and push-ups at the end of training are an effective way to strengthen the general physical condition of fighters