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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of PHUJA SOR SUWANNEE by Serge TREFEU (2007)


Serge TREFEU: Hello, what is that you are on form?

PHUJA SOR SUWANNEE: Yes, tired well but a little in this moment because I must lose weight

How old are you?

23 years

Where you come from in Thailand?

From Isaan (North Est Thailand), I was born in Ubon Ratchatani

Are you married, you have children?

Not, I am not married and I don’t have children. I promised in marriage one which life with Ubon

You began the Muay Thai  at which age?

Around 12 years

Did your first fight you have make at which age?

Six months afterwards and I gained by K.O on a blow of knees…

You were in which camp in the area of Isaan?

The camp Sor Suwanee

You often fought for this camp?

Yes, I made 60 fights for 50 wins

You came at which age to Bangkok and in which gym?

In fact, I did not remain a long time in Bangkok but I often came to fight in the capital. I make much go return between Isaan and Bangkok…

Currently you are with the 13 Reanresort Gym?

Yes, I fight for this gym and that made six months that I am installed here. I am with a hotel with my friends boxers…

Does today you fight in which category?

In – 59 kg but I must lose much weight because I weight 64 kg…

You were already champion of the stadiums of Bangkok?

I took the belt of Lumpinee of – 49 kg in 2003. Currently, I am classified N° 3 in – 59 kg in Radja and Lumpinee

The belt of – 49 kg ! You took much weight in 4 years, do you like the small dishes?

(He laughs) Yes, I like to eat especially the dishes of Isaan…

How much do you have fight?

120 fights. 90 wins. 30 Losses

You gained how much fight by K.O.?

Only 5 wins. I am a fimuu (technical boxer)

Your hardest fight was against which fighter?

There were several of it. Accesses against Seanchai Sor Kingstar which is my friend today, I lost at the points. Against Anuwat, I fought three times. I gained once at the points and him my beaten twice. Once at the points and once by K.O. And then against Nongbee, of the hard fight. One it is fought six times ! I gained four times at the points. It my beaten once at the points and one made a draw…

You already fought with foreign?


You would like to go there to fight?

Yes but it is with my promoter to find a fights…

Who is your promoter?

Songchai (N° 1 of Radja)

Do you know fighters foreign?

I know right Stong Skarbowsky and also Dekkers

Does today you gain good prize money?

Yes. In this moment, I fight for 100.000 bahts. I bought a house and a car, that goes…

For you who is currently the best fighter in Thailand?

Seanchai, of course!

You have a technique preferred in Muay Thai?

I like the blows knees

What is your dish preferred?

The laap Khaï (a dish of Isaan containing chopped chicken)

When is your next fight?

On March 8 with stadium of Radja

Against which?

Against Orono Mueangsima (N°2 of Radja in – 59 kg)

It’s for a belt?

Not for a belt, only a fight

Thank you very much and good luck for your fight?

Thank you

Phuja gained his fight against Orono, victory at the points. Phuja is classified among yhe best “ fimuu ” (technical boxing) of its generation. It is a fighter very respected in Thailand…