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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Pongsiri Por Ruamruedee whose real name is “Phayboun Ladnongkhi” was born in the town of Thaleang in the province of Nakhon Ratchasima, in the North East of Thailand. Pongsiri has long represented the famous Charoen Muang camp of Professor Arkom Sawamipak, a camp that was originally located on Charoen Muang Road in the Pathumwan district of Bangkok. Later the camp was moved to Soi Ruamruedee Lumpini. The Charoen Muang Gym included several renowned champions such as Saknoi, Veeranit, Wiranoi, Kimhang, Sompong, Supornchai, Manatchai, Chitchai and Sakaw!

Pongsiri was nicknamed “Rambo” because he had a very aggressive boxing style like a mercenary soldier storming the ring. It was a steamroller, a tank that constantly advanced on his opponents. Rambo was a terror of the rings in the 112 lbs and 115 lbs category, many fighters feared him.

He was getting in the ring with a pirate flag to scare his opponents, a black flag with a white skull, a skull that he also wore on his bathrobe boxing and shorts.

He marked the history of Muay Thai with his boxing style, a real Muay Bouk who advanced on his opponents, without backing away, like a rabid buffalo.

Later in the 2000s, champion Bowee Sor Udomson had a similar style of boxing. So much so that Bowee was nicknamed the “New Rambo”, he even took on Pongsiri’s emblem, a white skull he wore on his shorts!

Pongsiri Por Ruamruedee has never won a belt from the big stadiums in Bangkok. He was all the same world champion and he remained for a long time N ° 1 of Lumpinee by facing all the tenors of his category.

One of his toughest opponents he has faced is Pairojnoi Sor Siamchaï. Pairojnoi and Pongsiri have always made anthology fights, these two “Muay Bouk” (Fighter who advances) clashed three times, the first match took place in September 1988, they made a draw, a memorable war. The revenge in the stadium of Lumpinee was done on November 4, 1988, Pongsiri beat Pairojnoi on points after a bloody battle.

Pairojnoi and Rambo had a fight of madness, a match in which the two fighters went to their own ends, both open to faces, bloody, each almost being arrested on injury. But they fought until the last minute of the fifth round, Rambo won the fight on points. They ended up exhausted after their match, the two fighters ended their evening in the emergency department of a large hospital in Bangkok…

This legendary match was voted best fight of the year and designated as the hardest fight of the last twenty years, the match of the century!

On July 25, 1989, in the stadium of Lumpinee, the match between Pongsiri and Pairojnoi reached the record sum of 3 million baht, a first in the history of Muay Thai.

Once again, the two Muay Bouk fought a titanic battle in which Pairojnoi emerged victorious on points!

Pongsiri has beaten a lot of great champions like Hippy Singmanee, Toto Por Pongsawang, Nungubon Sitlerdchai, Chainoy Muangsurin, Pranphet Muangsurin, Morakot Sor Thamarangsee, Seksan Sitjomthong, Tukkatatong Por Pongsawang, Yodarwut Sor Totsapon, Paleuhatlek Sitchunthong, Chandech Sor Prantalay, Langsuan Phanyutthaphum. He also defeated foreign champions such as the formidable Dutchman Michael Lieuwfat, the Japanese champion Toki Toyaki and the great French champions Jaid Seddak and Khaled Hebieb.

Pongsiri stopped his career quite early, at the age of 25 years old, because after virtually every fight he was injured and often ended up in hospital, he underwent major operations including his ears. Pongsiri had too many hard fights which unfortunately marked him physically…

When he ended his career, he switched back to singing, for a while he sang folk songs in the provinces of the country. He also continued to train in Muay Thai and for a time was a coach at the Muaythai Plaza camp in Bangkok.

Today, Pongsiri takes care of the career of his son who is named Boonan Ladnongkhi and who has become a good professional boxer. 19 years old, he fights today under the name of “Rambonoi Ladnongkhi” (The little Rambo), his promoter is Mr. Songchai Ratanasuban, the same promoter as his father in his heyday…