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Por Petchkaikaew opened in 2012. This small boxing camp, in the countryside of the Prachuap Khiri Khan region, is located in the village of Hin Lek Faï, about 20 km from the tourist resort of Hua Hin.

Por Petchkaikaew is a roots style camp, completely isolated in the countryside. The big city of Hua Hin is half an hour’s drive away

The Por Petchkaikaew belongs to Mr. Preecha Khaikaew, a local figure of the region. This great Muay Thai lover had already created a camp a few years before, the Sit Itisukato Gym, located right next to the sumptuous Wat Khao Itisukato temple.

Mr. Preecha Khaikaew (in black jacket) with Mr. Ashwin Khamsim, camp manager Por Petchkaikaew. Mr. Preecha Khaikaew received a special prize for his boxing camp

Mr. Preecha Khaikaew was an important monk at Wat Khao Itisukato. For 33 years he lived in the temple before resigning from monastic life to become a layman. Despite this change in status, his determination to do good has not diminished.

This extremely generous man has helped many people, for example, helping young children out of poverty through boxing, supporting the education of monks and students until they graduate. He also built houses for the poor and fire victims in the provinces of Prachuap Khiri Khan and Phichit.

In recognition of his boundless generosity, he has received many honorary awards, such as the “Good Person of Sri Phichit” award by Her Royal Highness Princess Ubolratana Rajakanya, as well as the “Child Grateful” award of the Social Protection Council of Thailand.

In addition, he was honoured with a certificate of recognition “For his dedication and support in donating food and items to flood victims”.

Mr. Preecha Khaikaew with his honorary trophies

In 2023, Mr. Preecha Khaikaew became the leader of the New Dimension Party, a political party whose slogan is “From now on, the poor no longer have to provide for the rich”.

Preecha Khaikaew has two passions: Muay Thai and cockfighting. It has two nationally recognized rooster farms: Big Boom Farm in Kanchanaburi Province and Big Boom Farm in Amak Hua Hin.

One of the fighting rooster farms is located right next to the boxing camp. The cohabitation of these two activities offers a unique atmosphere at the camp. Little chickens roam among the boxers during their training

The Sit Itisukato Gym has produced several great fighters, including Chanchaï Sit Itisukato, winner of the Max Muay Thai tournament and MNA world champion, as well as Maklek Sit Isitukato, Omnoï stadium champion in 126 lbs and winner of the famous Maa Daeng tournament in 117 lbs in 2007.

Chanchaï Sit Itisukato with his Max Muay Thai champion and MNA world champion belts, Chanchaï fought for the Sit Itisukato camp and the Por Petchkaikaew camp
Maklek Sit Isitukato, champion of the Omnoï stadium

Unfortunately, the Sit Itisukato Gym boxing camp had to close its doors due to the Covid pandemic. However, it is comforting to know that the camp boxers have found refuge and opportunities in other camps in the region, including the Por Petchkaikaew Gym. The champion Maklek Sit Isitukato became the main coach of Por Petchkaikaew Gym.

The Por Petchkaikaew Gym has a dozen boxers, among which are distinguished talented fighters such as Fahlan, world champion Onesongchai, as well as Silaphet, Noppachai, Sudsakhon and Phetchaison. These fighters regularly perform in the major stadiums of the capital.

Fahlan Por Petchkaikaew with his S1 World Champion belt
Team Por Petchkaikaew

Very few foreigners came to train at the Por Petchkaikaew Gym, although the camp hosted an Italian fighter for several months to prepare for his fights in Italy. This shows that the camp is open to fighters from different backgrounds, even if there are fewer of them.

Mr. Preecha Khaikaew’s son manages the Por Petchkaikaew camp, while his father, as a committed politician in the Bangkok area, is now too busy to devote himself to boxing.

The son of the owner of the place lives close to the boxing camp
Coach Maklek, with his experience as a former champion, provides valuable advice to the boxers at Por Petchkaikaew Gym
Working with punching bags
Clinch session
In most boxing camps in Thailand, you will find a rope to practice the exercise of climbing the rope. This exercise is an essential part of Muay Thai training. Climbing to the rope strengthens the muscles of the arms, shoulders and back, which is beneficial for the power of blows
The objective of the exercises with the endulatory rope is to move the rope in an explosive way, using the shoulders, arms, backrests
Finishing training with sets of abs, push-ups and strength training is a common practice in many boxing camps in Thailand. These exercises aim to strengthen the muscles of the whole body, develop muscle endurance and improve the overall fitness of boxers