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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of RACHID KABOURRI by Serge TREFEU (2009)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Rachid, how are you, where you from region of France?

RACHID KABOURRI: De Valenton in the 94 (suburb Paris)

Towards which age you did begin boxing?

At 16 years

What is what attracted you in the Thai boxing?

Power of the blows

Did you remember your first fights, how did it go?

3 Losses one after the other  in class C with protection…

You had practised other sports before boxing?

Yes football

Which was the first important title that you gained?

My championship of France Professional in 2000

Until today how many fights?

62 fights

How much do you have victory, of draw and defeat?

57 wins. 1 draw and 4 losses

Is what you already fought in other disciplines that the Thai boxing?

Yes in Kick Boxing but it is not my thing and also in Kick Boxing Japanese (K1 rule)

Which was the opponent harder which you are met until now?

Olivier Elisabeth

Which is your more beautiful memory of boxing?

My victory by K.O with the first round against Salim Ait Nacer at the time of the Championship of France professional  in 2000 whereas I was not favourite…

You enter in the Championships of the World Amateur in 2000, can you tell us this adventure?

It is a great adventure, it is the second time that I enter in it (bronze medal 1999) with Karim Saada, Pascal Benmati, Omar Oubaali, it is superb! Very a good memory my Silver medal!

In which year you did go for the first time to Thailand?

It was in 1999 at the time for my first Championship of the World Amateur or I took the Bronze medal

You training in which camps in Thailand?

In Jocky Gym with Skarbowsky and in Pattaya with the camp of Sakmongkol

Did you already fight in a stadium of Bangkok?

Not but I would like much

Did you already fought in the birthday of the King and would like you to fight there?

Not I never fought in it but I like much of there boxing and especially with the S1 Tournament!

For you is what there is a difference between fighting a champion Thai and a European champion?

Yes there is a difference of level and style…

You fight in the same category as the champion of K1 max, Buakaw, Masato, Kraus and Souwer, would like you to fight them in Japan for example?

Yes when they want, I am Open

You love this kind of formula, the fight in tournament as in K1 max or S1 for example?

Yes I like much

Who is for you the fighter N° 1 currently in your category on a world?

It is Yodseanklai Fairtex!

Is there a fighter in particular whom you would like to meet?

Ah yes I would like my revenge against Yohan Fauveau with all the respect which I have for him…

Among these champions Thai of at the time who are close to your category quotes to us that with which you would have absolutely liked to fight and why, Orono Por Muang, Samarth Payakaroon, Kobal, Saimai, Sakmongkhol, Chamophet, Numsaknoï?

Kobal because it is my style of boxing

Today you training in which gym and with which sparrings do you training?

I am training with the gym Le Mée Sports MUAYTHAI in Le Mée sur Seine with the TEAMBILOS, I am training with Farid Villaume!

Which are your strong points and your weak points?

Strong point the mental one and weak point…

Which technique love you the most in fight?


In 2008 you do a great to win against the Kosovan Tahir Menxhiqi and takes down the belt European Wako Professional, would love you now to take the belt of World champion?

Yes hollowing out as soon as the opportunity arises

What is your job in parallel of your sport?

I am educator sport at the town of Valenton

When your career is finished would wish you own a gym and to teach the Thai boxing?

I would be always in the Thai boxing but I do not have fibre to teach…

Your next fight is when?

I fight on January 17 in Strasbourg against a Thai, and the 31 I boxing in a great tournament with city of Tours (Tournament T8 World)

Do you have a precise objective for 2009, a challenge to be realized?

A World belt!

You want to add something?

I want to say thank to have interviewed me and to give a little importance to the boxers this site valorize us it is our pleasure. And I want say happy year with all the Net surfers and faithful of SIAMFIGHTMAG!

Thank you to have answered this interview and Chook Dee

Special dedication in Fanny of Strasbourg for its beautiful pictures”



Weight: 72Kg

Size: 1m80

Number of fight: 62. 57 wins. 1 draw. 4 losses.

Title: Europe Champion WAKO PRO 2008. Europe Champion IFMA 2003. France Champion Professional 2000,2001,2002,2004. France Champion France classifies B 1999 and 2000. Silver medal Championship of the World amateur 2000. Bronze medal Championship of the World amateur 1999.