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RAJASAK SOR VORAPIN (Career 1980-1990)

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Rajasak was born on February 23, 1967 in the village of Chamni in the province of Buriram (North-East Region). His real name is Phusak Kerdrum, the Kerdum family had five children, two boys and three girls.

Rajasak began his Muay Thai training at his home in a small camp his father had built in their house. His first fighter name was “Sambatinoi Sitpramdaeng” and for his first fight Rajasak won the sum of 150 baht. He later changed his fighter name to “Rajasak”. Until the age of 20 Rajasak carried out numerous fights in all the provinces of the northeast region.

In 1987, in Bangkok, he joined the Sor Vorapin Gym whose owners were Surapon and Vorapin Rungsikulpipat. The couple Surapon and Vorapin Rungsikulpipat had a restaurant near the famous tourist street Khao San Road in Bangkok. After their business in the restaurant, they began to promote boxing by creating the Sor Vorapin camp in 1984.

This camp produced many champions until the end of the 90s, Rajasak was one of the last great champions of the Sor Vorapin Gym. The Sor Vorapin Gym included in his heyday champions like Pornthep, Phonnoi, Runfaa, Maneua, Pornchai, Sakchai, Somchai, Chaïchana, Thepchaï, Rungsak, Ketpetch, Ratanapol, Ratanachaï, Kaïchon, Kosol, Jaiphet, Tanongsak, Kriengkai and Rajasak. The great French champion Fabrice Payen (World champion, European champion) represented the Sor Vorapin Gym for a long time under the name of Fabrice Sor Vorapin nicknamed “Sua Khao” (The white tiger). Fabrice Sor Vorapin was the first Western foreigner to be ranked N ° 3 in the famous stadium of Ratchadamnoen in Bangkok in 1989 (40 fights in the stadium of Radja)!

Rajasak quickly became a formidable fighter in the big stadiums of Bangkok, especially in the stadium of Ratchadamnoen which is familiarly called the “Radja”. Rajasak mastered the knee strikes to perfection. Muay Thai fans nicknamed him “Khun Khao Laweeyan” (The Deadly Knee Strike or the Grim Reaper Knee) and “Khun Khao Kmer” (The Khmer Knee Kick).

Rajasak made nearly 300 fights during his long career on the rings, he was champion of Radja in three different categories, in 115 lbs, against Ekapol Chuwatthana, in 122 lbs against Phadesuek Kiatsamran and in 126 lbs against Chamophet Ha Phalang!

Rajasak often fought for the famous promoter Kleo Thanikul, one of the biggest promoters of the 80s and 90s.

In 1987, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak beat Yodmangson Sitmuangthong by KO, on points, Sorakom Kietisrirang, Boonsom Bualuang-Prakanphay, Noppadet Lookprabat and Saphaynoi Por Chaiwan. He only lost against Chockchai Majestic.

In 1988, Rajasak won six matches, drew and lost once, he beat Sameulek Sor Pariya, Kukai Kaising-Proom, Den Yuthakit, Nampetch Moisayson, Seanrak Lookprabat and drew with Yodkhunthap Sitkrhupat he beat for the rematch. Only Yodkeng Kiatrajasakdee beat him on points.

In 1989, Rajasak won his first Radja belt against Ekapol Chuwatthana, the Radja belt in 115 lbs.

Rajasak beat good champions such as Samernoi Tor Boonlert (Radja Champion in 112 lbs) and rugged Saenphet Chor Waikul.

On September 25, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak faced the super champion Dennuah Denmoree (Champion of Lumpinee and Radja). Rajasak defeated Dennuah Denmoree on points.

On Thursday November 2, in the stadium of Radja, a big show was organized with the star match between the champion of Radja in 115 lbs, Rajasak Sor Vorapin and the champion of Lumpinee in 112 lbs, Langsuan Phanyutthaphum (Lumpinee champion in 108 lbs, in 112 lbs and in 115 lbs). The fight was won by Langsuan. But the match was so close that a rematch was immediately organized between the two champions.

On November 27, for the return match between Rajasak and Langsuan, the battle between the two dangerous Muay Khao, Khun Khao Laweeyan, Rajasak and Khun Khao Ray Namdjai (The Heartless Knee Kick), Langsuan, the match to bring the crowd to the stadium of Radja which was completely full. For this second match, Rajasak beat at points Langsuan!

In 1990, Rajasak won the Radja belt in 122 lbs.

On January 4, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak beat Mahaheng Tor Bunlert.

On February 22, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak defeated Phadesuek Kiatsamran by points for the defense of his belt from Radja in 115 lbs. Rajasak and Phadesuek have faced each other three times with three victories for Rajasak including two victories for the belt of Radja in 115 lbs and in 122 lbs.

On Wednesday April 25, in the stadium of Ratchadamnoen, Rajasak fought for the belt of the stadium of Radja in 122 lbs. Rajasak faced technician Chanalert Muanghatyai nicknamed “Thepabut Deunthai” (The Angel of the South) who beat him on points and won the title.

The revenge between these two great champions was made on May 10, in the stadium of Radja, and Chanalert again beat Rajasak by points.

On June 14, in the stadium of Radja, for their third confrontation Rajasak beat Chanalert by points!

On Monday July 9, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak faced Phadesuek Kiatsamran for the title of champion of Radja in 122 lbs. Rajasak had a superb match and won his second Radja title by winning the Radja belt in 122 lbs!

On Wednesday August 15, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak faced the star of the moment Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong (Lumpinee Champion in 115 lbs, in 126 lbs and in 135 lbs). Rajasak who was Radja champion beat Lumpinee Jaroenthong champion on points.

The return match is done on Tuesday, September 25, in the stadium of Lumpinee, and Rajasak lost by points against Jaroenthong.

On November 5, in the stadium of Radja, Ratchasak faced the formidable Thaweechai Wor Preecha nicknamed Khun Khao Chalam Pheuk (White Shark Knee) who was Radja champion in 126 lbs. Rajasak was the Radja champion in 122 lbs. In this shock of Radja champion it is Rajasak who won the battle!

On Thursday, December 20, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak fought a terrible battle against the reigning champion of Lumpinee Therdkiat Sitepitak (Lumpinee Champion in 122 lbs and 126 lbs) nicknamed “Rachanheang Lumpinee” (the King of Lumpinee). The first three rounds were dominated by the champion of Lumpinee, in the fourth round Rajasak turned the tide of the fight with his formidable knee techniques and opened wickedly with his elbows on Therdkiat’s forehead, Therdkiat finished the match with his head bloodied, the champion of Radja defeated the champion of Lumpinee!

In 1991, January 30, in the stadium of Lumpinee, Rajasak found Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong who had beaten him in the stadium of Lumpinee. Khun Khao Laweeyan lost again in points against Jaroenthong.

On Friday February 15, in the city of Ayuthaya, Rajasak made the return match against the great champion Therdkiat Sitepitak. The Lumpinee champion took his revenge by beating Rajasak on points.

On Sunday April 7, in Samut Songkhram province, Rajasak defeated Phadesuek Kiatsamran again.

In May, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak lost to Padphon Dejritta and he won, in Japan, by the referee’s stoppage on injury against Jack Kiatniwat (Radja Champion).

On Wednesday, June 19, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak won a great victory over the superb champion Robert Kaennorasing (Radja Champion in 105 lbs, Radja Champion in 126 lbs, Radja Champion in 130 lbs).

On Saturday July 20, in a big show organized in the famous crocodile farm of Samut Prakan, Rajasak challenged the lord of the rings Chamophet Ha Phalang, the man with the 9 belts (5 from the stadium of Radja and 4 from the stadium of Lumpinee). For this battle between the experienced Chamophet (29 years old) and the young Rajasak (24 years old), the title of champion of Radja in 126 lbs, held by Chamophet, was put into play. Rajasak made a sumptuous match and won the Radja belt in 126 lbs!

In August, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak lost against Thaweechai Wor Preecha.

The following month, in the stadium of Radja, he lost in points the revenge against Robert Kaennorasing.

In October, he again beat Jack Kiatniwat in the stadium of Radja.

On November 29, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak lost against the solid Muay Mat, Neungsiam Kiatwichian (Radja Champion in 126 lbs).

But on December 18, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak beat Neungsiam Kiatwichian for the return match!

In 1992, Rajasak lost his matches at the beginning of the year, on January 22, he lost against Komphet Lookprabaht (Radja Champion in 130 lbs and in 135 lbs) and against Noppadej Sor Rewadee (Radja Champion in 126 lbs ), February 19.

On March 25, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak made a great match against the technical Robert Kaennorasing. Robert was the reigning Radja champion in 126 lbs, he also won the Radja title in 105 lbs. Rajasak had won three Radja belts and lost his Radja belt in 126 lbs a few months before. This duel of Radja champion was hotly contested, Robert suffered, he was opened in the face from the first round, but he finally kept his Radja belt against Rajasak…

On Monday October 5th, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak beat Padphon Dejritta (Thailand Champion in 122 lbs).

Rajasak fought less the following years, he notably beat Banluedej Lookprabaht (Radja Champion in 122 lbs), on October 6, 1993, and again Neungsiam Kiatwichian, on November 10, 1993.

In 1994, in January, he won against Pannarai Sor Suwanpakdee, a very tough match for Rajasak because he was injured by a motorcycle just before making his fight. In March, he defeated powerful Radja champion Samingnoi Sor Thanikul. On October 12, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak won a magnificent victory over the champion of Radja, Jongrak Lookprabat (Champion of Radja in 126 lbs, in 130 lbs and in 135 lbs), he also beat again the champion of Radja Thaweechai Wor Preecha.

On Wednesday February 1, 1995, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak lost in points against the ferocious Muay Bouk Nuatharonee Wor Taweekiat.

On May 22, in the stadium of Radja, the champion of Radja Panmongkol Carryboy beat Rajasak by points. And on Wednesday July 5, in the stadium of Radja, Rajasak lost against Prabpramlek Sitnarong (Radja Champion in 130 lbs)…

Rajasak still made some fights in the stadiums of Bangkok until 2000 with more or less success. In 1999, he stayed in France for six months, he fought in particular against the European champions Karim Saada (Defeat by points) and Ahmed Lain (Victory by KO).

When Rajasak finished his career, he coached at Sor Vorapin camp for several years, then in several other camps in Thailand such as the Emerald Gym camp of French champion Wilfrield Montagne in Krabi in the south, also in the Kitty Gym in Bangkok and at the Petchprasit Muay Thai Gym, a camp which is located in the Chatuchak district of Bangkok, at Suan Lum Night Barzar 5 Ratchadaphisek Road.

Today, Rajasak is a trainer in the Phetsithong camp which is located in Phathumthani, a city 40 km from Bangkok.

Rajasak marked the 90’s with his magnificent victories over the best champions of this period, champions such as Jaroenthong Kiatbanchong, Pannarin Sor Suwanphakdi, Padedseuk Kietphayathai, Banluedej Lookprabaht, Jongrak Lookprabaht, Saenpetch Chor Waikon, Samernoi Tor Boonlert, Padphon Dejritta, Langsuan Phanyutthaphum, Thedkiet Sitthepikat, Ekapol Chuwatthana, Jack Kiatniwat, Robert Kaennorasing, Chamophet Ha Phalang, Neungsiam Kiatvichan, Wanghin Por Chaiwat, Dennuah Denmoree, Nuatharonee Wor Taweekiat, Samingnoi Sor Thanikul, Noppadet Lookprabat, Thaweechai Wor Preecha, Chanalert Muanghatyai!