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Temps de lecture : 4 minutes

Interview of Remy BONJASKY by Serge TREFEU (2008)

SERGE TREFEU : Hello Remy, what you are well and have you forms it ?

Rémy BONJASKY : Yes, very well, I am well accommodatrice in Toulouse…

How old are you ?

I am 32 years old

You are be a native of which region ?

I am originating in Surinam a country located in South America. I was born in Paramaribo. I came to Holland at the age 5 years

In which city and which district you did up grow in Holland ?

I grew in Amsterdam, I changed much district, I lived in several districts of the city

Do you have children are you to marry ?

Yes I am married and I have son a 4 year old

Before boxing did you practice other sports ?

Yes I adore the sport, I practiced football, it a long time was my preferred sport but I have to stop it (broken leg). I have do a also little basket ball and the volley ball. The Thai muay was my first sport of combat

How did you discover boxing and about which old ?

Around 17 years in Amsterdam, I was in a gym very known the “Mejiro” (club of Kaman, Royers, Brilleman, Manaart) and I saw that I was make for the practice of the kick boxing…

Why to have chosen boxing like sport, which is what attracted you in this sport ?

In my school one spoke on the kick boxing and one in particular looked at films on the kick boxing “bloodsport” of JC Van Damme, with guy one is to go tested the kick boxing in a club of gym and I am the only one here who remained in Mejiro,…

You remember your first fight ?

Yes a good memory, I gained in kick boxing against Valentine Overeem (combatant MMA) with the second round…

In which category you did start boxed , what weight ?

Into heavy light with 89 kilos.

Today you fight in what weight ?

I fight in supers heavy

How was called your first gym and how long you remained in this gym ?

My first club was Méjiro Gym and I remained 12 years there, until the 29 years age…

What the name of coach training you today ?

My trainer of today is Ivan Hyppolite, a very great champion of muay…

How much do you have total fights, and wins, and lose, and draws ?

76 fights. 62 wins. 14 losses. 38 fights in K-1. 29 wins and 9 losses. I do not have draws.

Do you have much wins by K.O. ?

Yes, I think 34 K.O

Which was your first important title?

My first title of K-1 World GP in 2003

You prefer fight in Thai boxing or kick boxing?

I prefer boxer in muay thai

Which is your promoter today ?

I have some several but I fight just for K-1 currently

Which is for you your more beautiful memory of fight ?

When I gained my title in K-1 World in Japan (2003), the first time. Then when I preserved it the year according to (2004). To keep its title it is even harder thus for me it is even more beautiful…

And your worse memory fight ?

My defeat in K-1 World GP of 2005      

The hardest fight that you are make until today it is against which the name ?

I do not remember any more the name of my adversary but it was in my first fights in Amsterdam, I was young and I lost this very hard combat…

Live you well today thanks to boxing and which was your work before being a boxer professional ?

Yes I live well of boxing and before I was a network operator, I worked in a bank.

In muay thaï, you are a very good technician, have you preferred techniques that you do in fight ?

I love the kicks, High kick, middle kick, low kick…

You are one of rare the heavy fighter to make blows of knees jumped, which teach you this technique ?

I looked at many Thai videos of combatant. I saw boxers who made this technique of blow of knees jumped. After I reproduced it with the training

Did you already fight in Thailand ?

Not never. I just training with the Sityotong camp in Pataya

And in France?

Yes I fought in Marseille and in Paris Bercy

In which year you did fight for the first time in Japan?

It was in 2002

How much do you have make of fight in Japan?

I think 25 fights

You already win twice the title K1 in Japan, would like you win again ?

Of course that I would like to still gain it

Is this formula of tournament to several fights the same day, its very good for you, do you like it ?

To make several fights the same day it is very, very hard. But the public one likes these tournaments, especially public Japanese. Thus for me that suits me, it is a good formula, not problem

Did you already fight in Free Fight ?

Not never. I like to look at the engagements but for me it is not my style of combat

From which does this nickname come that one gives you “The Flying Gentleman”?

They are Japanese who one given me this nickname. Because I made blows of jumped knees or middles jumped in the fights. And I do not have a head of damaged boxer, you see I do not have nose of through. And I have a good condition of mind…

Can you says us the name French fighters whom you already fighting with you ?

Jerome Lebanner, Cyril Abidi and others which I do not remember any more the name…

Is there a French fighters which you would like to meet in particular ?

Not really. Can be Freddy Kemayo, it boxes in Holland, it would be a beautiful combat against him…

Are there French nakmuays that you know ?

Not much. I know name Dany Bill, a great champion

After would your stop career like you to have your own gym and to become trainer ?

Yes to assemble my gym and to involve myself, I would do it can be…

You created a line of sport clothes, can you speak to us about it ?

Since makes two years already and people like. Thus they is cool. For the moment one sells only on Internet. But as it one good business tries to extend…

Do you have some thing to add for our readers of SIAMFIGHTMAG ?

Even if it is difficult to read for French, I invite French to read my book which has just left. It is a biography on my life for the moment it is not translated yet in other language which Dutch but I hope for soon (Rémy Bonjasky, God in Japan). I say to all French thank you and soon.

Thank you very much and good luck



Born it: January 10, 1976

Weight: 105 kg

Height: 1m92

Total fights : 76. 62 wins. 14 losses. 34 K.O.

Titles :

Champion of World Super Heavy W.P.K.A.

Winner of K1 Great Price in Japan 2004

Winner of K1 Great Price in Japan 2003

Winner of K1 in Las Vegas 2003

Champion of the heavy Super World of muay Thai W.P.K.A. 1999

Champion of Europe of muay Thai IPMTF 1998