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ROBERT KAENNORASING (Career 1990-2000)

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Robert whose real name is Pinit Sompet was born on November 29, 1972 in the village of Ban Daeng Noi, a village which is located about fifteen kilometers from the big city of Khon Kaen in the North-East region.

The Khon Kaen region has produced ring legends such as Pud Pad Noi Worawoot, Krongsak Boranrat, Somsong Noi, Somrak Kamsing, Karuhat Sor Supawan, Cherry Sor Wanich!

Pinit has a sister and a brother. His little brother was also a great boxing champion, his fighter name was “Rolex Kaennorasing”, he won the Radja champion’s belt in 126 lbs in 1995 (180 fights, 120 wins, 55 losses, 5 draws).

The young Pinit started boxing at the age of 12 in the Kaennorasing camp which was in his village a five-minute walk from his house. The Kaennorasing camp belonged to Master Kaendjaï Norrasingh.

Kaendjaï Norrasingh is a former great champion of Muay Thai, a figure in the world of Thai boxing. He formed a lot of young hopefuls in his small camp like his own son Wanwisep who was Radja Champion in 126 lbs in 1994. The Kaennorasing Gym included boxers such as Wanpichit, Wanarong, Suthipong, Kaoklai, Yotchai, Ningmongkon, Rolex, Robert and Wanwisep. Wanwisep then became one of the best trainers in the big camps in Bangkok. It was Wanwisep who took care of continuing the training of young champions in the famous Jocky Gym in Bangkok.

Kaendjaï Norrasingh gave Pinit the fighter name of “Adisak Kaennorasing”. Adisak won for his first fight the sum of 150 baht, later, when he was at the top of his career, he won purses of 250,000 baht!

Adisak made 70 fights for the Kaennorasing Gym, his reputation as an excellent fighter was known throughout the Northeast region. At the age of 15, he joined the Jocky Gym in Bangkok and changed his fighter’s name to adopt that of “Robert” (Pronounced “Lobeut in Thai), he kept the name of his training camp“ Kaennorasing Gym ”.

The Jocky Gym in Bangkok is located in the Bang Pho district, at the end of Soï Sii Namgneun (Now known as the Skarbowsky Gym whose owner is the former great champion Jean-Charles Skarbowsky).

Master Somat Hong Sakoun‘s Jocky Gym (Established in 1974) was a true champion’s factory, a school that produced ring legends such as Jocky Sitkanpaï (Radja Champion), Somrak Kamsing (Boxing Olympic Champion, No. 1 of Lumpinee and Radja), Saenchai Sor Kingstar (Lumpinee Champion, Best Boxer of the Year 1999 and 2008), Lerdsila Chumpairtour (Radja Champion), Wanpichit Kaennorasing (Radja Champion), Kaoklaï Kaennorasing (Radja Champion), Silapathai Jockygym (Radja Champion), Rolex Kaennorasing (Radja Champion), Wanvisep Kaennorasing (Radja Champion), Noree Jockygym (Radja Champion), Chaowarit Jockygym (Radja Champion), Sonkom Jockygym (Radja Champion), Patong Jockygym (Radja Champion) and Robert Kaennorasing (Radja Champion)!

Robert then spent his entire career in the colors of Jocky Gym, he made nearly 200 fights for 170 wins and 3 draws, he fought for the promoters of Radja M. Sei Leethavornchai (RIP) and Mr. Somat Hong Sakoun. In Bangkok, most of his big fights were done in the stadium of Ratchadamnoen (Radja).

Robert Kaennorasing was a real phenomenon in the early 90’s. This wonder boy boxer was one of the few boxers, in his time, to win a belt in the stadium of Radja at only 17 years old!

Also, his famous Archer Ram Muay was popular with aficionados. Robert was nicknamed by Muay Thai fans “Bak Preu” or “Ay Taa Preu” (Sleepy, compared to his half-closed eyes which make him look half asleep). One of his specialties was the techniques of “Tip” (Front Kick), he had destructive Tips, “The destructive front kick”!

Robert was in 1989 Radja champion in 105 lbs against Songkram Por Pao In, in 1991, Radja champion in 126 lbs against Taweechai Wor Preecha, a title he defended four times against Padetsuk Kiatsamran (Victory by KO), Rajasak Sor Vorapin, Jack Kiatniwat and Buakaw Por Pisitchet, in 1993, Radja champion in 130 lbs against Jongrak Lookprabat!

In 1991 Robert also won the famous Isuzu tournament in 115 lbs and in 2000 a world champion belt.

In 1988, Robert made great matches in the stadium of Samrong, he beat Wichanoi Sor Rachan, Manasak Or Pleukdaeng (2 times) and made a draw against the great champions Rittidet Sor Ploenchit and Rungrit Sor Rachan. He lost on points to Manachai Sor Ploenchit.

The year 1989 was a good year for the Jocky Gym champion because he won the Radja belt in 105 lbs and beat great champions like Lakhin Wassanthasit (2 times) and Khamron Sor Vorapin.

On January 15, 1989 at Samut Prakarn (30 km from Bangkok), Robert defeated the formidable puncher Lakhin Wassanthasit (Radja Champion in 115 lbs and Winner of the Isuzu Tournament in 1993, Omnoi Champion in 140 lbs, WMC world champion in 140 lbs, undefeated in Boxing) who was nicknamed “Mat Phayayom” (The puncher from hell)!

On Wednesday February 22, in the stadium of Radja, Robert beat Choochai Kiatchansing nicknamed “Rambons”.

For the rematch, on March 30 in the stadium of Radja, Robert lost against Choochai.

On Thursday April 27, in the stadium of Radja, Robert beat Dangsanan Sitdeanchai.

On July 9th, Robert defeated Hell Puncher Lakhin Wassanthasit again!

On September 27, in the stadium of Radja, Robert faced Songkram Por Pao In who held the Radja champion’s belt in 105 lbs. Robert beat Songkram and won his first Ratchadamnoen stadium title at only 17 years old!

On November 13, in the stadium of Radja, Robert beat Fimeuu Khamron Sor Vorapin.

In 1990, Robert moved up the category to face Supernoi puncher Sor Talingchan. On February 1, in the stadium of Radja, Robert suffered a hard knockout in the first round against Supernoi…

Robert then participated in the famous Isuzu tournament in 115 lbs, on September 23, 1990, in the stadium of Samrong for the Isuzu tournament, Robert beat Prakardseuk Keatmuengtrang.

On January 12, 1991, in the stadium of Samrong for the Isuzu tournament, Robert beat Chatchainoi Chawraiaoy.

On March 9, in the final of the Isuzu Tournament, in the stadium Samrong, Robert faced the dangerous “Muay Sok” (Strong poke) Yodkunpol Sittripoom (Radja and Lumpinee Champion in 118 lbs) nicknamed “Kransok 100 Kem” (The poke with 100 needles). Robert defeated Yodkunpol, the two champions fought a terrible battle in the ring. After being Radja champion at 17, phenomenal champion Robert Kaennorasing, at 19, won Thailand’s most famous tournament, the Isuzu Cup Tournament. This prestigious tournament was created in 1990, the first winner was Ratananoy Tanesaringka. Then it was Robert Kaennorasing who won the Isuzu Cup N ° 2 tournament!

On Thursday April 19, in the stadium of Radja, Robert won a victory over Prabpram Sitsantad.

On May 22, in the stadium of Radja, Robert defeated Chanalert Muanghadyai (Champion of Radja), a formidable champion of southern Thailand.

On Wednesday June 19, in the stadium of Radja, Robert lost by points against the terrible Muay Khao Rajasak Sor Vorapin nicknamed “Khun Khao Laweeyan” (The deadly knee strike). Rajasak was then Radja champion in 115 lbs and in 122 lbs.

On July 24, in the stadium of Radja, Robert met Padetsuk Kiatsamran (Radja Champion in 122 lbs) nicknamed “Apidech 2” (In reference to the legendary Apidech Sithirun). Robert beat Padetsuk on points.

In September, in the stadium of Radja, Robert found the dangerous Muay Khao Rajasak and this time, Robert won the fight by points!

On November 25, in the stadium of Radja, Robert met Taweechai Wor Preecha for the belt of Radja in 126 lbs. Taweechai was the defending champion in 126 lbs. The two fighters made a very technical match and Robert beat Taweechai on points. Robert Kaennorasing won his second Radja title, the Radja belt in 126 lbs!

In 1992, Robert successfully defended his title of Radja champion four times in 126 lbs.

On January 29, Robert defended his Radja belt in 126 lbs against Padetsuk Kiatsamran whom he had beaten the year before. Robert with his infernal “Tip” (Front kick) destroyed Padetsuk who was stopped by the referee in the second round. Robert kept his Radja belt in 126 lbs!

In February, Robert lost on points to Radja Kompetch champion Lookprabat.

On March 25, in the stadium of Radja, Robert had a great match against the formidable Muay Khao Rajasak Sor Vorapin. Robert was the reigning Radja champion in 126 lbs. Rajasak had meanwhile won three Radja belts and lost his Radja belt in 126 lbs a few months earlier. This duel of Radja champion was hotly contested, Robert suffered, he was opened in the face from the first round, but he finally retained his Radja belt against Rajasak!

In April, in the stadium of Radja, Robert took his revenge on Kompetch Lookprabat which he beat on points.

In the stadium of Radja, Robert then beat the champions Jack Kiatniwat and Buakaw Por Pisitchet against whom he retained his Radja title in 126 lbs, he lost in points against Pepsi Piyaphan.

On December 23, in the stadium of Radja, Robert met the legendary Namkabuan Nong Kee Pahuyut who was then defending champion of the stadium of Lumpinee in 130 lbs. Robert (20 years old) and Namkabuan (19 years old) had a great match and it was the Radja champion who defeated the Lumpinee champion!

The match between Robert and Namkabuan was voted “Best match of the year 1992”!

On February 26, 1993, in the stadium of Lumpinee, Robert had a dantesque match against Therdkiet Sitepitak (Lumpinee Champion in 122 lbs and 126 lbs), nicknamed “Rachanhaeng Lumpinee” (The King of Lumpinee). Therdkiet beat Robert on points…

On June 9, in the stadium of Radja, Robert again faced Kompetch Lookprabat and again beat him on points.

On July 21, in the stadium of Radja, Robert met Jongrak Lookprabat. Jongrak was the reigning Radja champion in 130 lbs, he also won the Radja title in 126 lbs, then later the Radja title in 135 lbs. Robert beat Jongrak and won his third Radja belt, the Radja belt in 130 lbs!

On October 6, in the stadium of Radja, Robert defended his Radja belt in 130 lbs against Jongrak Lookprabat he had beaten for the title three months before. Robert retained his Radja title after a great fight which ended in a draw!

On November 9, Robert lost in points in the stadium of Radja for the revenge against the champion of Lumpinee Therdkiet Sitepitak…

In 1994, the revenge between the champion of Lumpinee Namkabuan and Robert was made on May 3 in the stadium of Lumpinee. In his stronghold, Namkabuan defeated Robert.

Robert still had some great fights, he beat Tapaya Sit Or (Radja Champion, TV7 champion, WMC world champion), as well as Theparit Por Thawatchai, on May 11, 1995, in the stadium of Radja, and on June 14, in stadium of Radja, Robert beat the champion of Radja Panmongkol Carryboy. In 1997, in the stadium of Omnoi, he lost against the rising champion Suwitlek Sor Sakowarat (Winner of the Isuzu tournament, WMC world champion).

Robert then fought less in the big stadiums of Bangkok, he did matches in Hong Kong, Japan and Las Vegas.

On June 8, 2000, in a big show organized by the French promoter Sami Kebchi in Las Vegas, Robert was challenged by the French puncher Jean-Charles Skarbowsky nicknamed by the Thai “Namhon Morana” (The deadly perfume). Robert was given favorite against the French champion because he had much more experience in the ring. The Thai underestimated his opponent and got knocked out hard in the first round!

On December 5, 2000, in Bangkok, on the King’s Birthday, Robert took his revenge by beating “Chong” Skarbowsky on points and won the WPMF world champion’s belt in 140 lbs!

Robert beat many great champions of his generation like Namkabuan Nong Kee Pahuyut (1 win, 1 loss), Phadetsuk Kiatsamran (1 win by KO, 1 win on points), Jongrak Lookprabat (2 wins, 1 draw), Rajasak Sor Vorapin (2 wins, 1 loss), Buakaw Por Pisitchet (2 wins), Kompetch Lookprabat (2 wins, 1 loss), Panmongkol Carryboy, Taweechai Wor Preecha, Saenklai Sitkruod, Lakhin Wassanthasit (2 victories), Chooochai Kiatchansing, Songkram Por Pao In, Penoi Chuwattana, Chatchainoi Chawraiaoy, Yodkunpol Sittripoom, Nuengsiam Keatwichean, Chanalert Muanghadyai, Jack Kiatniwat, Tapaya Sit Or (2 wins)!

Today, Robert is a trainer at the Skabowsky Gym camp in Bangkok, the camp of his former opponent Jean-Charles “Chong” Skabowsky who has become his great friend.