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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes

Interview of ROLEX KAENNORASING by SergeTREFEU (2008)


SergeTREFEU: Rolex thanks receiving me at home, how are you?

ROLEK KEANNORASING : Very well, thanks

What old are you ?

I am 33 years old

You grew of what region of the Thailand?

I am born here to Ban Daeng Noï…

Are you are married and have you children’s?

No I am not married and I have not a child.

Have you brothers and sisters?

We are three children in the family

You have a brother who was a big champion as you?

Yes, of course my big brother, «Robert Kaennorasing» (3 times Lumpinee Champion) that were a very big champion. Watches his pictures with all the titles that he carried (he shows me the agree pictures of his brother with his trophy that are gotten caught in front of the entry of the house)…

You began the Muay Thai to what age?

To 10 years

How have you discover the Thai boxing?

Thanks to my brother, Robert…

Your first fight you did it to what age?

To 10 years…

You began the Muay Thai in what camp?

to the camp of Keandjaï Kaennorasing that were to some minutes’ on foot of at home…

You have do much fight for this camp?

A thirty approximately. I have fought enormously in Isaan. I fought much more to Bangkok. I departed to boxing to the capital then I returned here to Ban Daeng Noi.

You occurred at what age to Bangkok and in which gym?

Towards 17 years, I went installs me to the Jocky gym

Did you remain long to the Jocky gym?

I fought for the Jocky up until 26 years…

You had a room in the Jocky?

Yes, I shared a room with other boxers. At the time, there were many fighters to the Jocky gym…

In what category you fighting?

When I was child in the category of 112 lbs (50 kg). After in the category of 126 lbs ( 57 kg).

Are  you earned of the belts of the stadiums of Bangkok?

Yes I have won two times the belt of Radja Champion!

It was in which year?

In 1995…

How have do you make fights?

I have do 180 fights. 120 wins.55 losses and 5 draws.

You earned of the fights by K.O ?

A twenty, I was fimeuu (technician). I have do K.O. my adversaries more with my technique of feet that with my fists…

Your fight hardest were against what adversary?

Against Kwana Taboureut. It was to the Radja stadium. A very hard fight…

Your best memory of fighter?

My victory against Changnoï Singmonkon to Lumpinee stadium, great memory!

You have already fight with abroad?

I fought two times in England and three times to Kong Hong

Do you know some French fighters?

Yes I know well Skabowsky, Dany Bill and Stéphane Nikiema, that is some friends…

For you who is the best fighter foreigner?

For me it is Stong Skarbowsky, very strong!

Today you had finish the boxing, what are you doing, trainer?

Yes, I have some small fighters that I trained here. Besides, they go boxing in three days to Kon Kean…

You had a favourite technique in Muay Thai?

I was strong with the blows knees that were my speciality…

Here in your village, there are several champions who come by what are the names?

There is my brother Robert, Wanvisep the son of Keandjaï Kaennorasing and Ningmonkon that is now in the Somrak Gym to Bangkok. We were all fighters of the camp of Keandjai before it closes definitively…

Thank you very much



Weight : 57 kg

Fighter’s records : 180. 120 wins. 55 losses. 5 draws

Style : Fimeuu

Title : Twice Radja Champion