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Interview with RUDOLF DURICA by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello Rudolf, thank you for grant me this interview. You already have a big career in the boxing how old are you today?

RUDOLF DURICA: Hi Serge, now I am 31 years old

You are married, are you children?

No I’m not married and I’m not a children

Towards what age you began the boxing?

I start boxing when I was 16 years old

You were born in Slovakia in what region you grew?

I’m born in city Brezno region Horehronie but I grew up in village’s a small village in 28 km from city Brezno

In your region the Thai Boxing was developed when you began?

When I visited my first school there was no Martial art only of the Karate, so I trained for the Karate, I was 12 years old

How you discovered the boxing?

When I visited my secondary school I start train in Kick Boxing in city Banska Bystrica where I studied. My friends ask me to come so I come and like it…

After one year training in the same place I see Muay Thai training as effective technique I love it. I start train in this gym a get all me titles for this gym who is called the Fire Gym conducted by Martin Belak…

You fought a lot in Slovakia?

I fought about 15 times in Slovakia

Muay Thai is it known well in Slovakia, is that there is a lot of show boxing in the country?

10-15 years ago before the Thai Boxing was a big question…

Now we have amateur league and a show nearly every month so now it is better one situation…

When you began, what is what there were champions who you one influenced by their boxing for the continuation of your career?

My first contact with martial arts was very young 10-12 years old kid…

Bruce Lee, Jean Claude Van Damme, Jacky Chan it was my heroes…

You began to fight in which category and today you fight in which category?

I start fight 61,500 kg after I tried 59 a 57 kg. Now my normal weight is 68 kg but I fought maximum 70 kg

You fought a lot in amateur? How much you have make of amateur fights and which title you gained in amateur?

In amateur fights I have about 20 and my first fight was in 1999 in Slovakia. In 2000 I won Swiss open amateur, in 2001 first place German open, in 2002 second place King’s Cup amateur

What is the first important title that you gained?

I thing my first World title in 2004!

You have already fought in rule K1 who is the most difficult K1 or Muay Thai for you?

K1 rule is more working for a punch and no in clinch. Full Muay Thai rules you have to be stronger a watch after elbow, so it’s more difficult to fight…

You gained several times the championship of the World of Thai Boxing, you can say to me against whom you won and when you gained these titles?

In 2004 I won world title WPMF on Lumpinee stadium defeat Craig O’Flynn
from Ireland in 61.5 kg. I beat Andrei Kulebin Belorussia in King’s birthday in 5 December 2005 for World title WPMF.

You also gained the championship of Europe, against whom it was and when?

I beat Abid Boudhan in Rotterdam for Europe Champion WPKL in 2006 in 61,500 KG

You were Champion of Hong-Kong and champion of Cambodia, it was against whom and which memory you have of these titles?

In Hong-Kong for Hong-Kong title in 2006 I fought with the Thai fighter Jomtrinoi Sitjomtri. He was a very technical fighter and I feel him a go after him a knock him on 4 round…
I was Cambodia champion two times, first fight with Nuon Soria a second time I beat for the title the Cambodia star OT Phuton. This time it was a big victory for me!

How much you made of fight, how much victory and defeats?

I have until now 110 fights with 75 win a about 40 K.O. !

You have already met the big Thai champions as Sayok Pumphanmung, Bovy Sor Udosom, Jomtrinoi Sitjomtri, Singdam Jitty Gym, Santichai, Tongtchailek, RuengSiam Sitkorwit, Kem Sitsongpeenong, let us begin with Sayok Pumphanmung, of whom think you of this opponent?

SAYOK is very strong opponent, southpaw so is more difficulty fight with him, but his trainer is my trainer as well. Sayok is now one of the best fighters to the world

Bovy Sor Udosom of whom do you think of your meeting in front of him?

BOVY SOR UDOSOM my last fight on November 29. Bovy is also very strong with an aggressive style, strong punch. I was not ready for opponent like Bovy, I hope next time…

Jomtrinoi Sitjomtri?

JOMTRINOI SITJOMTRI is a technique fighter, dangerous with a elbow but that time I have a good condition a push him for clinch and I put KO in fourth rounds

Singdam Jitty Gym?

SINGDAM JITTY GYM that time a prepare for S1 tournament so I feel very strong


SANTICHAI last time when I fought with him in 2008 I break me back 2 rounds but I still win on point…


TONGTCHAILEK also southpaw, on his time in Thailand one of the best fighter!

Is joke because I trained in his gym TONGTCHAI TOR SILACHAI and we fought in Slovakia

RuengSiam Sitkorwit?

RUENG SIAM is a strong fighter. That time we fought for intercontinental title WMC so I was ready and I beat him on point in King’s Birthday 2006

Kem Sitsongpeenong?

I fought with him in Surinam, very strong fighter…

You fought a lot in Thailand, how much you have make of fight in Thailand?

I fought about 70 times in Thailand!

In what year you went the first time in Thailand?

In 2001 I came to Thailand first time

In what camp you were to train?

The first time I was directly to city Ubon Rachatani where I’m trained in the famous camp in Thailand Por Muang Ubon, there trained also Orono, Nngubon, Nuengtrakan. Champions Lumpinee and Rachadamern trained every day, twice was for me very hard…

You fought in what stadium?

I fought at Lumpinee stadium and Ratchadamern stadium. Many in small stadium of the northeast and the South of Thailand

What was your hardest fight in Thailand?

My hardest fight in Thailand was my first fight. First 5×3 is so hard for me because I had not experience for that much time of fighting but I won on point…

For what promoter you boxed in Thailand?

For great promoters I fought for Songchai One and Petchyindee!

Do you prefer to fight in Thailand or in Europe?

I prefer that they pay me more but in Thailand with regard to Europe the score is different

Do you like the Thai culture?

Yes I like Thai culture, food, music and fighting…

Who are for you the best Thai fighters at present?

From Thailand there are many of the great fighters. I like Saenchai Sor Kings star, Orono Por Muang Ubon and many more…

You fought several times on the King’s Birthday, it is good memories these participation in this big event?

Yes sure, fight in King’s Birthday it is for me a very magic day!

In 2005 it was against Andrei Kulebin you met three times, I believe. That do you think of him as fighter?

Andrei is as fighter powerful with a good conditions until this time have lots of experience from the ring a going to have all attributes what real fighter need

After this great fight against Kulebin in December, 2005, six days only later you go to Hong-Kong to fight in the tournament WMC S1 and you gain this tournament. It is a big moment and can be a difficult week physically for you, what memory you have of this victory in Hong-Kong?

That time was me first big win in a great tournament, that time I feel unstoppable, have good memories for S1 WMC Hong Kong tournament, nice people there a lots of funny time…

You have already fought against the French boxers?

I fought in French about 10 year ago in small amateur tournament I won by K.O in second rounds

You know current French champions and former champion. Of what do you think of French fighters?

French fighting with lots of fighters from Europe a last couple years with best fighters from Thailand. I know Jean Charles Skarbowski, Farid Villaume in Hong Kong I meet Kamel Jemel, Mehdi Zatout in Bangkok I meet Yoann Govaida and Aniss Kaabouri, so I thing all this fighters and many more is very strong French generation…

Would you like to come to fight in France?

Yes, why not…

What are the champions of Muay Thai of your category who are for you the best at present in the world?

My weight category is 67 now,  in Thailand I don’t know how much fighters this time but Andrej Kulebin in best in shape, Sayok full scale fighter, Bovy unstopped…

There is an opponent in particular that you would like to meet today?

Current fighters from Europe or Thailand

What is your best memory of boxing so far?

Win is always best memory, very good feel I had from me all titles that I had got

And the worst?

Where I got accident eye a two big cut on me head

Your hardest fight of your career it was against whom?

My first fight in Thailand, I could not walk any more during two days!

Who is for you today after the Thailand the country the strongest in Thai boxing?

In Europe. France, Holland, England, Slovakia, Russia, Belorussia, Ukraine and in Cambodia

At present where you train and with which sparring partners?

Now I’m train in my gym Fight Club Slovakia I manage and train my new fighters so now is more difficult to prepare for fight…

What are the techniques which you most like making on the boxing ring?

I prefer clinch is my fever still before but now I train for more full scale

Today you make a good living thanks to boxing?

Yes sure, thank you for freedom…

When are your next fights?

I going to fight tournament 67 kg in Malaysia on December, maybe some fight before this tournament, will see…

What are your projects for 2010?

Well, this year I am opening Summer Muay Thai camp Slovakia 1.7. to 31.8. 2010 where train young talent but also professional fighters

You want to add anything?


Thank you very much for this interview and CHOOKDEE

Thank you too a CHOOK DEE


Height : 1m70

Weight: 67 Kg

Number of fight: 110. 75 Wins. 40 KO

Title: World Champion WPMF (2004 and 2005). Europe Champion WPKL (2006). Cambodia Champion (2005 and 2006). Hong Kong Champion (2006). Intercontinental Champion WMC (2006)

Gym: Fight Club Slovakia