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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes


by Serge TREFEU (2007)

Serge TREFEU: Hello, that goes you are good shape?

SEANCHAI SOR KINGSTAR:  Yes, very well in full shape

What old are you?

26 years

Where you come from?

From Isaan, I was born has Maha Sarakam very close to the town of Khon Kaen. I grew there low

Are you married, you have a children?

Yes, I am married and I have a boy who is 5 years old

You have brothers and sisters?

I only have a sister. She is younger than me. I come from a family very few

You began the Muay Thai at which age?

Around 8 years

Your first fight you have him make for which age?

I practically fought continuation after having begun the Muay Thai and I gained my first fight at the points

It was in which camp of Isaan?

The camp Sor Kingstar in Khon Kaen where I remained more than 6 years there low

Do you have much fight for this camp?

Yes, more than 80 fights…

You came at which age to Bangkok and in which gym?

Around 17 years. I was directly in Jocky Gym

You remained a long time in Jocky Gym and have you make other gym?

5 years in Jocky Gym, then 3 years with the camp of Somrak Kamsing (Gold medal in Atlanta in 1996) this is in district of Bangkapi. Today, I have been with the camp 13 Reanresort Gym, here, since 5 months…

You live here in the camp?

Yes. I place here with the hotel “13 CoinsResort” with my wife and my son. I have a large room in the hotel…

Today you fight in which category?

In – 58 kg but there I weight more than 60 kg because I will fight in the category of – 61 kg…

Do you gained the belts of stadiums of Bangkok?

I am currently Lumpinee Champion in my category. I gained down only belts of Lumpinee

In which year and in which category?

In 1997, I gained the belt of – 52 kg, in 1998 the belt of – 54 kg, in 2006 the belt of – 56 kg and that of – 58,500 kg which I always have…

How much do you have fights?

209 fights. 180 wins. 24 Losses and 5 draws

You gained how much fights by K.O?

Not much, only 9 wins by KO. I am not a puncher but a fimuu (technician)

You are not a puncher like Anuwat?

No, no, him it is very strong with fist

Your hardest fight it was against whom?

Against Thongchai Tor Silachai in 1996 with stadium of Lumpinee. I gained at the points but it was one of my hardest fight so as Thongchai was older than me and had more experience. I was only 15 years old at the time…

You already fought abroad?

Yes, twice in Japan and one time in Holland. In 2006 and 2007

Is what you gained?

Yes and three wins by K.O!

You would like to go to fight abroad for example in France?

If my promoter finds me fights with good profit, not of problem, I fights anywhere in the world…

You know French nakmuays?

I know Chong Skarbowsky, Stephan Nikiema and Dany Bill

For you who are the best fighter foreigner?

I think that the French is very strong. They are very good technically. Dutch also is very good

Today you live well thanks to Thai boxing?

Yes. I bought a large house in my native area. I have a beautiful car that goes…

Which is your promoter?

Virat Wichirarattanawong (N°1 of Lumpinee) and before it was Songchaï…

In do Thailand much of fighters say that it is you the best fighter any category currently confused, you think what of it?

Yes, it is me…

You have a technique preferred in Thai Muay?

I am a fimuu, I like all the techniques with the legs…

When is your next fight?

March 15 with stadium of Radja in – 61 kg against Numpon P.K.Sterio (number 1 of Radja of – 61 kg)!

There will be a belt in plays?

Not, not of belt in plays

Thank you very much and chookdee for your fight?

Thank you

Saenchai gained his fight against Numpon by K.O to the 3rd rounds!

Saenchai who cleaned up in his category in –  52 Kg and – 54 Kg is currently considered the best nakmuay any confused category. This peerless technician touches the biggest purses of the circuit and his rating is at its highest in almost three years!

It’s a real star in his country, he was asked everywhere…


Title: Champion of Lumpinee in – 52 kg (Title defended about fifteen time), in – 54 kg (Title defended about fifteen time), in – 56 kg and in – 58,5 kg and Champion of Asia in Boxing in – 57 kg !