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Special Report by Serge TREFEU (2008)

Master Nikiema has organised his annual seminar in his favourite camp “The Jocky Gym”. As usual the former champion teaches his knowledge with passion and severity.

The young fighters who have enjoyed the infrastructure of the famous camp of Bangkok have suffered during the training but go back to their own gyms with very good skills.

When you have a champion as Nikiema behind you and Pipa (one of the best trainers of Thailand) who holds the paos, one can only make very good progress…

Nikiema, in the evening after the training, changes role and become a guide for his students who discover with joy the districts of the capital of Thailand.

This guide of luxury permits them to know the Thai culture better and incredible places no touristic. As for as muay Thai is concerned, equipments have not been forgotten such as shorts in the Radja and Lumpinee shops, and also the evening in one of the two big stadium of Bangkok.

The students are going to leave with unforgettable souvenirs that they will count to their partners in their gyms till their next trip in the country of Muay Thai…