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Temps de lecture : 7 minutes

Interview of SEMMY SCHILT by Serge TREFEU (2010)

Serge TREFEU: Hello SEMMY, thank you for gives me this interview. You have just gained for the fourth time the title K1 World GP (in December, 2009). You have joined your compatriot Ernesto Hoost in the story of K1. If you gain fifth time this title you will be definitively THE legend of K1. Now is it your objective?

SEMMY SCHILT: Of course I go for the fifth title, however I am undefeated every tournament I participated I won every title defence for the K-1 heavyweight championship I won, I beat Le Banner , Hoost and Aerts all in one night and won the GP 3 x in a row, something Ernesto Hoost has never done!

During this finale of K1 GP you met in the first one Jérôme Le Banner it was a tactical choice to choose Le Banner in the first tour?

I fought him before and I know his style of fighting, it was funny, my manager Bas ask me which fighters we would like to fight as golden Glory fighters we had 4 fighters at the last 8_ and then everybody got the person they whished to fight in the first round!

You met four times Le Banner (4 wins) of which do you think of this opponent, which are these strong’s points?

Le Banner is a very strong puncher and very powefull, people say that he did not came to fight the last time. I think that’s bullshit, I was in great shape and Le Banner tried to knock me out same as Remy and Badr tried to knock me out, I was simple the better men!

Then you meet Remy Bonjasky whom you beat for the third time, what was difficult in front of Bonjasky, his unpredictable technique?

I was not really hurt from that punch, I was more of balance and a little surprised then really hurt, I proved that by knocking him down just after I got an eight count and then won the fight!

Finale you have him wins against Badr Hari by KO at the first round. It is the fight for which you waited for one year because he had beaten you by KO. You really wanted to take your revenge in front of him, it was important this fight for you?

I think I have beaten myself in the first encounter with Badr Hari, I was moving to a new house and I became father, many new things happened in my life and I just did not have the same focus as normal. That night in the arena was bad everybody had bad luck from our team and it just was not our day. I like to fight in Japan, they people are humble and I like the Japanese fans for their commitment and patience with their favourite fighters. Yeah I wanted that revenge and I got it, the game plan went well and the result was there

You met so four times “the former” of K1 your compatriot Peter Aerts (2 wins, 2 losses) what was difficult against him, his experience. And of what do you think of Peter Aerts who is now the oldest in this tournament?

The first time I received two yellow cards in one round for clinching but it was Peter holding me more, I got screwed in New Zealand. The second point loss he did the same, Peter would attack me and then go for the clinch immediately, they should have given a warning for that, but I could have done more in that fight. Peter was still strong in those days, he is a great fighter. I do not underestimate him regarding his age a last performance, I will be focussed again like last year!

One of your rare defeats you lose in points against the Korean giant Choi Hong Man who is the only fighter to be bigger than you. It is the height which your raised problem for this fight?

No I just came from Las Vegas and Holland and it was the third fight within a month, flying around the world. I won that fight, they said I lost it because of the second round I got hit with a illegal blow at the back of the head after the bell rung. We protested but nothing happened, I also scored more but simply did not have the power to finish it. This was a good lesson for me!

You met so three times Ernesto Hoost (2 wins, 1 draw) legend of the Kick boxing and the K1. Of what do you think of this great fighter?

He is a great technician and also an ambassador for K-1, but that did not stop me from beating him and his records

You beat three of the most redoubtable punchers of the circuit K1 Ray Sefo, Mark Hunt and Mighty Mo. Of that think you of these opponents and against whom it was the most difficult to fight?

Sefo had the biggest heart and was more dangerous then Mighty Mo and Hunt, the time I knocked him out with the left jab after receiving an eight count in round one myself was one of my sweetest victories. Hunt was a quick victory with a spinning back kick to the liver and Mighty Mo is a strong puncher but even in an MMA match on the ground he could not beat me! So Sefo was the toughest!

You beat three times Glaube Faitosa who comes from the karate as you it was very technical fights against him?

Yes I like to fight fighters with that kind of style, at least Glaube comes to fight, which makes the fight interesting

Alexey Ignashov (1 win, 1 lose) of which do you think of your fights in front of him?

The arena was a little similar situation as my fight with Badr, I was not 100% focussed. I was happy I got a rematch at the Golden Glory 10 year anniversary and could set thing straight, two rematches in one year and both I won first Ignashov then Badr. That proved for me that I am on the right track again!

Your first one fight in K1 was against the local champion Musashi whom you beat again then, this first victory in K1 it is a good memory for you and of whom think you of Musashi?

It was in Hiroshima and yes it was a good victory. Five rounds and I fought with 16oz gloves because the smaller ones did not fit my hands! Musashi has a big heart and is the only Japanese fighter who got two 2nd places at the K-1Gp finals!

So far in the circuit K1 what was your hardest fight ?

All my fights are though, but I think the K-1 finals with Peter Aerts when I fought Le Banner and Hoost before was a very intense one

Your best memory of K1?

Becoming the champion!

And the worst?

Not getting a reserve place in 2008 as three time K-1 champion…

You have a particular anecdote to be told us who arrived at you during your fights to K1, something funny or of unusual?

Not really, my son is saying now, papa is number one and watches me on TV, I am enjoying this very much. I live with my wife and son far away from the big cities and I enjoy this very much. I am not really entertaining before a fight, I like to focus and do this my way and sop far it works!

What are the new fighters who arrive on the circuit K1 and who you think that they will be good opponents?

I just fought my team mate Errol (Zimmerman), he was strong of course Alistair (Overeem) other Golden Glory fighters became third last year and I am sure he also wants to have a shot at me. Saki is doing great, so we pretty much ruling the K-1 circuit now with Golden Glory. We do not really mind to fight each other it’s our job and we do the same in the dojo sometimes when we all train together…

You began at first with the karate where you gained many titles, why you came to the boxing, by challenge?

My management Golden Glory brought me to the UFC and Pride and later to K-1, I do not have any regrets of that, it was the best thing that happened to me in my life…

You fights enormously also in MMA (41 fights) what you prefer to fight in rule MMA or in rule K1?

I like K-1 but also MMA, I just like to fight and as much as possible, fighting is my life!

What was your hardest fight in MMA?

I lost to Nogeira and Barnett, they were not stronger then me, but just caught me on the right time. My fight with Fedor was three rounds and I lost the decision, his face was really damaged and I think with a better ground preparation I could have beaten him. I gave good fights against the best MMA fighters in the world, with my stand up experience I have now, I know I can beat them all in MMA as well. My management is also in negotiations to realize a fight in boxing against Vitali Klitschko (World Champion WBC) or Wladimir Klitschko (World Champion WBO and IBF) on boxing rules. I like fighting and I like the challenge, so I just wait and see who will be the next opponent they put in front of me

Your best memory in MMA?


You made more than 60 fights in Japan. Do you like the Japanese culture, you love the spirit “Samurai” of the fighters of this country?

Yes I love the Japanese spirit and culture, they call me the supersized samurai in Japan!

Are you trained already in a dojo in Japan?

No, mostly in a gym or just near an elevator on the floor we are staying. I do not come weeks before, mostly two days and don’t train to much anymore in Japan

What difference there is for you to fight in Japan and fight in Holland?

Like I said before in Holland the audience is just difference, more loudly a little less organized then Japan

You are more known in Holland or in Japan?

In both countries now and many others as well, K-1 is broadcasted in 151 countries!

In boxing K1 you have techniques of redoubtable legs is what that is thanks to your past of karate when you control these techniques of legs as well? 

Yes I did, but I just polished some of these techniques, you never old enough to learn something or try something new! My trainer Dave Jonkers is with me from the beginning and I train sometimes with the whole Golden Glory group with trainer Cor Hemmers. Lately I prepare in Golden Glory Romania and sometimes they come over to Holland some of the Romanian heavyweights to help me prepare for a fight. Lately Bas Boon one of Golden Glory managers started a Golden Glory in Pattaya Thailand and I am sure we will prepare there as well in the future

Your strong point also it is your knees, a technique that you use marvellously with your big tall. You have to work this technique on the training a lot, what is that you have him control already when you fought in karate?

I did well with this in karate but developed the knees more in a combination and timing over the years

At present you train in which gym which is your coach and with what sparring partner you train?

Golden Glory Zuid Laren my trainer there is Dave Jonkers, sometimes I do my sparring with Romkanians from Golden Glory Romania but also I travel sometimes to Breda to Golden Glory Breda with trainer Cor Hemmers and then there is sparring with Alistair, Errol, Saki, Beni, Kahritonov, plenty of heavyweights to chose from

It is true that you like very much you train in the nature?

I like the forest and to be outside so that would be a good statement

Have you a small secret technique of training to reveal us, which is your secret to have a physical condition so successful?

Just train hard, don’t smoke or use alcohol or drugs, eat sleep, train enjoy life and family, nothing to much secretly there!

In 2005 you gained K1 from Paris to France, it remains a good memory these fights in France?

Yes, I was a little lost in the first fight because of some personal problems at home but my trainer and manager got me on the good track. It was a memorable night!

What think you of French fighters, except Jérôme Lebanner what is what you know the others?

I know they have some great fighters, I remember the times Ramon fought there, with Dida, Prestia, great weight class at that time. Kaman and Hoost would also fight a lot in France its just a little before my time!

Are you practise the other sports that the combat sports, I saw that you had try on the surfing in Brazil, you like making the other sports?

Not really, I stay with fighting sports, sure I like to try surfing or other things but not really fanatic, ok a little fanatic then (Laugh)!

After your career of fighting would you like to become to trainer?

I am already teaching little children and run the Golden Glory Zuid Laren dojo, I like this, so yes

Your compatriot Remy Bonjasky came in France to organize seminars, is what you too sometimes organize seminar and would like you to make him in France for example?

Please email my management at, I will be there no problem!

You have already participated in action movie, is what that is an experience which you would like to renew?

Yeah the first shoot of transporter three was in Marseille France, it was a great experience with Jashon Statham. I got another great offer to play a huge roll next to Antonio Bandeiras last year playing some Russian hit men. However the shoot was during the K-1 GP finals 16 in Korea, so I had to cancel. One of my managers is Bas Boon from Golden Glory makes movies himself in Hollywood and has tons of connections. I am sure I will have another roll soon!

You like very much snakes, can you speak to us about this passion for these reptiles, and it’s your hobbies to take charge of your snakes?

Yes it’s my Hobby, nothing really much to say about my snakes

In what place of the Holland you grow?

Rotterdam and then I moved to Zuid Laren

You are married today, have you children?

I am married and have one son

Would like you that your son made a combat sport?

That will be his decision

Had you idols when you began the combat sports?

Not really

Among the many Dutch champions who fought for all these years, is that there is that you liked a lot seeing fighting?

I think Ramon Dekkers

What are your projects for year 2010?

Winning the K-1 GP finals again!

You want to add something?

Stay healthy and good luck to everybody, peace!

Thank you for this interview and good luck for your future projects!

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Semmy Schilt is a real phenomenon of the circuit K1 with its 2m12, and for a heavyweight he possesses a technique of leg of a redoubtable efficiency. For year 2010, he will still be the great favourite for the supreme title of K1 GP. “King of the Rings” seems unbeatable!


Weight: 130 Kg

Height: 2m12

Number of fight:

KICK BOXING : 40. 34 Wins (17 KO). 5 Losses. 1 Draw

MMA: 41. 26 Wins (14 KO). 14 Losses

Title : K1 World GP Champion (2009, 2007, 2006, 2005).

K1 Champion (2008, 2007).

K1 GP Paris Champion (2005).

King Of Pancrase (1999, 2000).

Europe Champion Karate (1995, 1996).

Holland Champion Karate (1993, 1994, 1995)