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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of SOMRAK (pronounced SOMLAK) SOR KHAMSING by Serge TREFEU (2008)

Serge TREFEU: Hello, how are you?
SOMRAK KHAMSING: Well, in good shape
How old are you?
I have 35 years
You just what region of Thailand?
I grew up in Khon Kaen in the Isaan region (north-east)
Is what you are married, do you have children?
Yes, I am married and have two children, a girl and a boy

Is what you had brothers who made boxing?
Yes, my big brother Somrot Kamsing was very strong. His fighter name was Pimalan Leksitalat. In Boxing it also made a great career, in 51 Kg it was among the world’s best in its class. He was champion of Asia and quarter-finalist in the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996…
What is what you were fighter when you were a child?
No I struggled ever. I just fighting into the ring
You started the Muay Thai at what age?
A 7 years
Your first fight you had which age?
From 7 years
How did you discovered the boxing?
My father was very familiar with the Muay Thai, we conveyed his passion for the sport…
You started the Muay Thai in what camp?
I started to train at home with my brother. There was no camp.
You are coming to Bangkok at which age for boxing and what camp?
Towards the age of 11 I went to Bangkok. At the beginning I was in the camp Sit Arane. Then I was at Jocky Gym in the district of Bangseu.
You’re still a long time to Jocky?
I stayed more than six years in Jocky but I made the round trip with the other camp, Sit Arane which is close to the Jocky
Do you have won a belt of the stadiums of Bangkok?
No, I do not have a belt in Muay Thai. I do a lot of fighting in Thai boxing. At the time I was Number 1 in 126 lbs (57 kg 155) in all stadiums. I have beaten all the champions of my category. But the promoters did not want to fight organized with me for a title because they knew I was going to win. I was too strong for their fighters. Even in the category over a 130 lbs (58 kg 971), they fear me. That is why I am oriented in Boxing, the more it reported me more money…

In what year you were Olympic champion?
In 1996 I won the gold medal – 57 Kg the Atlanta Games. I participated four times the Olympic Games with the team from Thailand. In 1992, 1996 (Gold Medal), 2000 (quarter-finalist) and 2004.

How many fights do you have in Muay Thai?
More than 300 fights. I have only a dozen defeats and a draw.
And in Boxing?
More than 200 fights with 150 wins
You have many victories by KO?
I’ve won a lot of fight by KO in Muay Thai, I used all the techniques but it is with elbows that I do most boxing KO. In Boxing, I also very particular KO in my matches in the Olympic Games
You had what style of boxing?
I am fimeu (technician)
Do you recall one of your toughest fighting?
Not really, there are not too many boxer who made me suffer…
What was one of your best memories in your career?
In Muay Thai, it’s my victory against Chamophet (The man in 9 belts), it was by far the best boxer in my time. In Boxing of course this is my Gold Medal Games in Atlanta. In my return of Atlanta, all the people of Thailand made me an incredible host. I was the pride of my country. Our King made me honours…
You’re already fought abroad?
In Muay Thai I have fought only in Japan. In Boxing I have fought all over the world
Do you know French fighters?

I have friends French, Jean Skarbowsky, Stéphane Nikiema and Dany Bill. One training together in Jocky Gym

Who is for you the best foreigner fighter?
I think that is Ramon DEKKERS
Today you stop boxing and installed your own camp, you can speak to us about it?
It’s been 5 years since I opened my own camp called Somrak Kamsing Gym. I have around thirty fighters. Before Seanchai Sor Kingstar was with me, Jocky, tiny when he was 12 years I train already. Now he is gone. I have some good fighters as Ningmonkoon, Chairak and Hero. For the moment there are not too many foreigners who coming train with me but I’d like to become like the Fairtex Gym. Just one Dutch and one Spanish champion (Rafi world champion) are trained here, the Spanish champion, it has remained more than two months…

Now you work for TV, what is your job?
I am a journalist on TV channel 5. I am reporting on the boxers, sometimes we go in the camps with the team TV channel 5. And Friday at 15H05 p.m, I commented on live on TV the fighting that took place, a kind of summary of matches. I like to joke commenting…

You also played in movies?
Yes, I played until now in a dozen movies as “Kohn San Pea” (2003), “Lhorn” (2003), “Born to Fight” (2005) or have a strong role and Soi Cowboy “(2008). But my best memory is to have played in Fearless (the developer weapon output in 2006) with Jet Li, Hong Kong Star…

You also sing?

Yes, I made an album and I even sang the Music Festival Pattaya

Thank you and chookdee for your projects?
Thank you

Somrak Khamsing (sometimes conscript Somluck Khamsing) is a real legend living in Thailand. His fighter’s records is phenomenal as much there Muay Thai as in Boxing. Those techniques of Muay Thai are spectacular sometimes close to Muay Boran. In Boxing he is the first Thai boxer to gain a golden medal in Olympics Games. As the big champion Samart Payakaroon, Somrak it is tried in the cinema and in the song what makes him even more famous in the country. It is known in all Asia and even today Japanese journalists often comes the interviewer to him…


Title: Gold Medal at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996.
Fighter’s records: 500 fights!
Thai Boxing: 300. 289 wins. 10 losses. 1 draw
Boxing: 200. 150 wins. 50 losses