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Interview of SONGCHAI RATANASUBAN by Serge TREFEU (2009)

SONGCHAI RATANASUBAN is one of the biggest promoters of Thailand

and remains N ° 1 of the Thai promoters today to organize abroad!

Interview of a big Sir of Muay Thai before his press conference on the TV Thai in the Ministry of Industry in Bangkok. During the press conference for the promotion of its official reception of the important personalities of the government were so present those foreign promoters. Mister Songchai Ratanasuban presented 6 Mars 2009 in the province of Mahasarakarm a boxing show with big fights in Muay Thai and also in boxing. Fight in Muay Thai, Bovy Sorudomsorn vs Nopparat Kiatkamtorn, Singthongnoi Por. Telagoon vs Pettawee Sor. Kittichai, Puja Sor. Petchsa-nguan Sithniwat Suwannee vs. In boxing a World championship WBO between Tor. Silachai and Thongthai Rajanond. Official receptions broadcast live on Channel 7!

Serge TREFEU: Hello, I thank you for having granted me this interview and how are you?

SONGCHAI RATANASUBAN: Very well thank you. I thank your French magazine for having come in Thailand. I like very much France and especially Paris which is a very pretty city. When I went in France my wife and me, we liked. And I want to tell that France is for me, after the Thailand, the nation the strongest in Muay Thai

Stronger than Holland?

So strong, even stronger. There is also England, Germany and Spain but they come after…

You are for a long time in the world of Muay Thai, did you practise this sport in your youth?

Yes but I was not a very good boxer …

Since how long you are a promoter?

For 33 years now!

Your first organization it was in which year and that it is crossed where?

It was in 1976 in the stadium of Lumpinee. My first organization in Muay Thai, I also organized later in boxing.

In your time when you began to organize fights, what is that there were many promoters in Thailand?

In my time there were only 6 promoters. The most known were Kun Tao and Trabouri Pramut (today about thirty promoters)!

When you began, who were the best boxers in Thailand?

There were many of the big boxers about 80 champions! Champions as Namphon, Namkhabuan, Langsuan, Samart (Payakaroon) who all boxed for me…

And today who are the best boxers in Thailand?

I would say that it is Buakaw because it is known all over the world and it is N ° 1 for the promotion of Muay Thai abroad. For the Thailand it is Seanchai but him abroad fight only in Hong-Kong …

How you became a promoter?

I come from a poor family, I began by boxing to help my family, then I had a gym to me and later I became a promoter

You organize a lot of boxing show in Thailand but what is what you also organized abroad?

Yes, I work with promoters foreign as today with Mr Toli (Swiss promoter) and Mr Beny (promoter of Las Vegas). I organize with many foreign promoters, we can work together if you want …

Thank you very much, but sorry I am not a promoter

If you want, we shall can …

Would like to get organized a big boxing show in France?

Yes with pleasure because the France is the country in Europe the strongest in Thai boxing, even better than our neighbours Cambodia and Laos who are very strong in Muay Thai …

Do you know French boxers?

Yes I know Stéphane Nikiema, Dany Bill, Dida, Skarbowsky, Farid Villaume who are very good boxers!

Do you think that one day the Thai boxing will become an Olympic Sport?

I think that yes in 50 %…

You are the creator of the Tournament S1, in what year began this tournament?

In 2003, at the beginning it was OneSongchai after that changed name and in English it became S1. S1 exist for 3 years now

The Tournament S1 can also take place abroad?

Yes, he also take place in several foreign countries for the final qualification in Thailand. There is also world champion’s belt S1 (in several category’s, WMC S1 World Championship) who is officially recognized in the world!

What is the category of this tournament?

The weighty limit for the tournament is 160 lbs (72 kg) but the boxers below this weight can also participate in it. There is also a tournament now in the category Heavier…

The winner in this tournament gains how much money?

A million bahts!

What are the best boxers who fought in this tournament?

I could not say because there are many Thai and foreign champions who fought in particular in the King’s birthday and in the Queen’s birthday…

(Main winners of the tournament S1 in Thailand, Suriya Sor Ploenchit in 2003, John Wayne Parr in 2004 in Radja, Kunsuk Petchsupapan in 2004, Lamsongkram Chuwattana in 2005, Wanlop Sithpolek in 2006, Ramazan Ramazanov in 2006 in heavy, Madsua Pidsanu Kunchat in 2007, Steve Wakeling in 2007 in heavy, Khem Fairtex in 2008)

At the beginning you were a promoter for the stadium of Lumpinee, then for the stadium of Radjadameon and now you went up your own stadium (Bangkok Boxing Stadium), why, is what that is better for you to have your own stadium?

Yes because I have the TV in live every Saturday and it is good for my promotion in Thailand …

On what TV channel are broadcast your fights?

It is on TV Channel 11

You have two children whom make them as what works today, is what they take charge of your Team?

Yes my daughter (Pariyakorn Ratanasuban) who is professor takes charge of the promotion in the TV and my son (Siraphop Ratanasuban) who is doctor takes charge of the promotion on Internet

What are your future projects for Muay Thai?

I want to develop Muay Thai, as much as possible, worldwide!

Thank you very much for this interview

Songchai Ratanasuban was born March 5th, 1946 and grew with his elder brother and his sister in the Province of Chachoengsao in Thailand. In 1973 he married Miss Saowanee Tungkongphanit, together they will have three children, a boy and two girls.

After having been professional boxer, he contributes to the evolution of Muay Thai in his country by organizing of prestigious boxing show. Mr. Songchai Ratanasuban becomes then the biggest promoter of Thailand and will be nicknamed “the golden hand” or ” the promoter in the brain of diamond “. This success results from its hard work and from its commitment in this sport, also taking charge of interests of the fighters and supplying to the spectators of the meetings at the highest level in moderate prices. It is one of the rare promoters to respect enormously his boxers.

Known today in the whole world, he is the instigator of the S1 tournament in King’s Birthday of Bangkok which now became an international tournament. He is also a Co-organizer of large official receptions with famous promoters like Kazuyoki Ishii in Japan and Sami Kebchi in France. He will be a long time promoter N° 1 of the stadium Lumpinee then stadium Radjadamern to end up assembling his own stadium to Bangkok, Bangkok Boxing Stadium. Today he is shouldered by his son Mister Siraphop Ratanasuban says Songchai Junior and his daughter Miss Pariyakorn Ratanasuban called Little Songchai.

Songchai has never forgotten that came a poor family and always tries to make a contribution to the society by charitable donations. He gave millions of bahts to associations such as the war veterans and the boxers in pension.

His main charitable activities also include the cooperation with the Home Office for works of charity (program of His Majesty King for the Hospital Chulalongkorn and program of free lunch for the poor students). He is also Co-founder of a Foundation for the boxers Thai.

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