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SOR CHOKMEECHAI GYM «Best Boxing Camp of the Year 2022»

Temps de lecture : 4 minutes


by Serge TREFEU (2023)

The Sor Chokmeechai camp opened in 2019 in Bangkok in the Bangkapi district of Soi Ladprao 138. But the camp became too cramped for the boxers who were more and more training. A larger, more airy camp in a quiet neighborhood was built in Nong Chok, a remote suburb of Bangkok. This new Sor Chokmeechai camp was inaugurated in August 2022.

The structure of the Sor Chookmeechai Gym camp is huge, the camp is in a beautiful location, in the countryside, away from the pollution and infernal noises of Bangkok City
Sor Chookmeechai Gym’s spacious bungalows can accommodate foreign boxers

The Sor Chokmeechai Gym belongs to Mr. Apinan Chaowalit, a prominent politician from the Nakhon Si Thammarat area who is the mayor of the town of Tha Sala. Mr. Apinan Chaowalit also owns Camp Nayokaithasala, a camp that has been in existence for about 15 years. Most of the Sor Chokmeechai fighters in Bangkok were trained in Nayokaithasala camp. This camp is located in Tha Sala in the Nakhon Si Thammarat region of southern Thailand.

Mr. Apinan Chaowalit

Mr. Apinan Chaowalit created the Sor Chokmeechai Gym, so that his boxers could train and fight more easily in the big stadiums of Bangkok. He partnered with Mr. Siachay Chokmeechai, a camp sponsor. Previously, for their fight in Bangkok, the boxers of Nayokaithasala had to stay several days in a hotel, the travel expenses were important. Indeed, the city of Tha Sala is 760 km from Bangkok, it was a 10-hour drive to Team Nayokaithasala to reach the capital.

It was the manager of the Nayokaithasala camp, Mr. Surakit Mingmuang, nicknamed Siatou in the world of boxing, who took the boxers for their fight in Bangkok. Siatou has been working with Mr. Apinan Chaowalit since 2007.

Today, Siatou is the manager of the Sor Chokmeechai Gym in Bangkok.

Mr. Surakit Mingmuang aka Siatou with his young Chalamdam ring prodigy

Sor Chokmeechai also works with boxers from Camp Por Pikanet, a camp in the south in the seaside resort of Ao Nang in the Krabi region.

The Sor Chokmeechai Gym has five trainers and twenty fighters including several very high levels.

Sor Chookmeechai Gym coaches in action with their student
Works with punching bags

All Sor Chokmeechai fighters are fighting for Bangkok’s biggest promoter, Chun Kiatpetch who is nicknamed the “Godfather of the Boxing Industry” (Promoter at the Lumpinee and TV7 stadiums) and his son Deer Kiatpetch (Promoter at the Radja stadium).

Chalamdam (The Black Shark) Nayokaithasala is the star of the Sor Chokmeechai Gym. He is 19 years old and comes from Nakhon Si Thammarat in the south. Chalamdam, since his childhood, was trained in the Nayokaithasala camp.

This young ring prodigy, nicknamed «Mot Kan Fay» (The Fire Red Ant), is currently, in all categories, one of the best fighters in Thailand.

In June 2022, at the TV7 stadium, Chalamdam won the famous Tiger Cement tournament. Chalamdam won four consecutive victories in this tournament before reaching the final where he met Wutikhorn Swanamthankiri (3 wins and 1 loss in the tournament). He beat Wutikhorn points and won the 21st Tiger Cement tournament in the 116 lbs category!

On September 18, 2022, at the TV7 stadium, Chalamdam won the TV7 belt in 118 lbs against Patakphet V.K. Khao Yai.

On May 28, 2023, at the Radja stadium in Bangkok, Chalamdam knocked out Singdam Kafafocus in the 4th round and won the Radja stadium belt in 122 lbs.

Chalamdam Nayokaithasala was voted “Best Boxer of the Year 2022” by the prestigious institution “The Sport Writers Association Of Thailand”. The same year, Chalamdam was also voted «Best Boxer of the Year 2022» by the TV7 stadium officials. He also received the very rare trophy «Blazer TV7» thanks to his 7 consecutive victories at the stadium TV7!

Chalamdam Nayokaithasala
Chalamdam wins the 21st Tiger Cement tournament
TV7 Champion
Radja Champion
Chalamdam wears the prestigious «Blazer TV7», very few boxers have had the chance to receive this great honour
Chalamdam with his “Best Boxer of the Year 2022” award from “The Sport Writers Association Of Thailand”

The other wonder boy of the camp was Chalamseua (Tiger shark) Nayokaithasala which is also from the southern region, he comes from the town of Tha Sala. Chalamseua has a record 66 fights for 54 wins, 1 draw and 11 losses.

On February 14, 2021, at the TV7 stadium, Chalamseua beat Prabphiphob Erawan in the final of the Tiger Cement tournament. He became the 20th Tiger Cement Tournament champion in 122 lbs!

Unfortunately, this young champion died as a result of a motorcycle accident. At the age of 21, he died on November 14, 2022 after being in a coma for several days…

Chalamseua wins the 20th Tiger Cement Tournament

The other camp champion is Yodsaenchai Nayokaithasala, he is 20 years old and also comes from the town of Tha Sala. On February 5, 2020, in Bangkok, Huamark, Yodsaenchai beat Saensam Phumphanmuang for the Thai champion belt in 147 lbs!

Yodsaenchai, champion of Thailand

The Sor Chokmeechai Gym also has several very strong boxers such as Kaenlek, Yimsiam, Phetmeechai, Sing and Rotbod.

Kaenlek Sor Chokmeechai (20 years old) is from Thung Song of Nakhon Si Thammarat province, he is a boxer who fights very often at the stadium TV7 in the category of 118 lbs.

Yimsiam Sor Chokmeechai (21 years old) is from Chauat of the province of Nakhon Si Thammarat, Yimsiam is engaged in the great tournament Tiger Cement 2023 in 118 lbs, he has already made three fights at the stadium TV7 as part of the 22 th tournament which takes place all the year (Tiger Cement tournament with 16 participants).

Phetmeechai Sor Chokmeechai (18 years), nicknamed Samson, is a strong boxer in 130 lbs.

Sing Sor Chokmeechai (20 years) is from Phra Saeng in Surat Thani province, he is undefeated in 2023 in 130 lbs with 4 matches won.

Rotbod Nayokaithasala (20 years) is from Don Sak in the province of Surat Thani, he is qualified in the eighth of the final of the tournament «Amarin Super Fight» in 105 lbs (2 victories including 1 by KO). A tournament organized by the great promoter Chun Kietpetch and held at the World Siam Stadium Boxing in Bangkok, the tournament began in July 2023. The winner will win 100,000 baht!

Training is very tough at the Sor Chokmeechai Gym, boxers must always be ready for the many competitions in the Bangkok area. Siatou, the master of the place, has an infallible way to motivate his fighters during important matches. The manager offers 10,000 baht to each fighter who manages to hurt his opponent hard, the boxer of Sor Chookmeechai will receive this bonus whether he wins or loses…

The excellent results of the boxers of the Sor Chookmeechai Gym allowed this champions camp to receive two renowned trophies. On Sunday, January 29, 2023, Sor Chookmeechai Gym was honored to receive the trophy of «Best Boxing Camp of the Year 2022» by the TV7 stadium officials and in April 2023, Sor Chookmeechai Gym was elected «Best Boxing Camp of the Year 2022» by the prestigious institution «The Sport Writers Association Of Thailand»!

Team Sor Chookmeechai Gym surrounds the great promoter Chun Kietpetch with their trophy of «Best boxing camp of the year 2022» of the stadium TV7
The team of Sor Chookmeechai Gym with their trophy of «Best boxing camp of 2022» awarded by «The Sport Writers Association Of Thailand»

Very few foreigners have trained at Sor Chookmeechai Gym, the 19-year-old Italian fighter, Lenny Blasi (ISKA European Middleweight Champion in May 2023) recently trained at Sor Chokmeechai and he has fought several times for the camp.

With its brand new bungalows, the Sor Chookmeechai Gym can now properly receive foreign fighters.