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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

This tiny camp is in the suburb of Bangkok to Thonburi. Near the Phetkasem Road, just a step from the station of Thonburi. The camp to equip with an infrastructure more than basic contains only a boxing ring and two punch bags. He is between a rail and a goat farm in full air. It is a typical camp in the means derisory as they exist tens in the capital and its suburds. Here we are good far from the big camps in infrastructures latest fashion…

The camp is stick on the railroad and every half an hour when a train passes by making a dreadful noise, a metallic structure and a roof in sheet steel of the camp quake of everywhere!

On the other side of the camp, there is frail sheds in sheet steel with a big empty ground strewed with garbage and with some ruins. We have the impression that a mini tornado is crossed there to leave that the foundations of houses. At the end of the ground is a goat farm which sometimes to skip about until the camp…

Seven boxers of the camp who are used to these precarious conditions trains nevertheless in the cheerfulness. Five of them sleep in the quite small room which is near the boxing ring, fortunately for them after 9 pm trains do not pass any more. But from 5:30 am, at dawn, they are woken by the first passage of the day of the infernal train…

The training begins at about 7 am in the morning when all the boxers runs for one hour in alleys neighboring to the camp. Then the warm-up by jumping in the rope is made on the only tiled floor which stays on the destroyed ground. Indeed, the owner of the camp Mr. Sakchai Keamapirak had his semi-detached house to his camp with a more spacious room for his boxers. But because of financial problem its house was destroyed and there are not there more than the foundations. His camp which exists from now on 15 years also to almost do disappear but fortunately he was able to keep him with his boxer’s handful…

The warm-up continues by the traditional jumps on the tires of truck. This exercise also strengthens the calfs which are muscles indispensable to develop for any good nakmuay. The serious things begin with the lesson of pao which is very physical. In period of fight, each their tour, during seven rounds of five minutes the boxers burst out on paos.

At every end of round they make middles twenty. Before the beginning of the lesson and at the end of the lesson in paos, they make thirty push-ups, fifty for the most experimented. They end with rounds in bags and clinch which lasts generally thirty minutes. After noon the training begins at the 4 pm to end at about 8 pm…

The most known for the boxers of this camp is Chatsamai Sor Kanitsorn who with about 200 fights in beaten some great fighters in his category. So in the 2000s Isarapab Sor Kanitsorn was a good fighter with his fists. He moreover made some fights in English.

Today it is Rungaroon Sor Kanitsorn who in 25 years is the oldest of the camp.

With more than 100 fights in the meter among which a big part in Lumpinee, he’s very fear in the category 115 lbs because it is a hard boxer which advances ceaselessly. He has already beaten the champions as Lougbun, Chaleumsap, Sakeddao and Nazeelek.

Other fighters are Phetmai, 14 years with 30 fights, Sirichai, 16 years old with 40 fights, Samlangsok, 16 years old with 84 fights, and finally the small prodigy Phompet, 9 years old which has already 60 fights and was champion of the Centre region in only 5 years!

In this camp the boxers are all under contract with the promoter N°1 of the Lumpinee, Petchyndee, but they can fight in everything stadium of Bangkok.

The only one trainer which train with squarely of these small warriors, it is Suwat Jorhpromma who gained individual S1 on 2004 in Czech Republic against the champion Czech Michal Vancura. The fight record of Suwat is 160 fights for 120 wins. In 2009 he had to come in France for a world championship against Moussa Konaté but because of problem of visa he was not able to come to face the French champion.

Only three foreigners came to train here, French Thierry Virapol who has now his own camp in Bangkok and two Americans of passages in the capital.

“Farangs” (foreign) is welcome in this camp. But for the boxers who want to try the experience in this small camp “roots” it is preferable that they are ready for the very rough conditions, here it is not for the regular customers of the luxurious camps 4 stars…