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Interview of Stephan REVEILLON by Serge TREFEU (2008)


Serge TREFEU: Hello, can you introduce at our readers?

STEPHAN REVEILLON: I am 42 years old, 1m88, 98kgs, a son 19 year old. I am a boss of a company of security In boxing, I was 4 times World champion Professional of Kickboxing (WAKO pro, WKA, IKL, IKBF), 6 times Europe Champion (ISKA, WKA, WAKO Pro) and intercontinental champion in Thai boxing. For all which concerns me on the boxing you can visit my site

You evolved in which weighty category when you boxing?

I began at the middle heavy, then heavy and super heavy when I made the biggest part of my career

You grew in which area of France?

To city of Saint Raphaël in the Var

Towards how old are you begun the boxing?

16 years

You had tried the other sports before beginning the boxing?

I made of the athletics in competition up to the age of 19 years, and the tae kwon do

How did you discover the Boxing?

I was always enticed by the boxing, then as many boxers of my generation Rocky is a release mechanism….

I began to city of Saint-Maxime with François Fontarossa and my friend Italo Carnoval. Then at the city of La Garde with Yves Fernandez where I boxing a lot. I obtained my first championship of France Pro, then from champion of Europe Pro ISKA against Jorge Canelas in Geneva there. And I made the biggest part of my career in city of Marseille. There, my trainer was Ali Sadock, a sacred number!

But he made a lot for me worked and I learnt a lot. It was a “truth” warrior’s gym, with the sweat and the blood, in the north districts of Marseille (suburd). We put gloves as madmen, hard and it was…. THE BEST!

I worked with Christian Battesti (World Champion Full Contact), a Sir of the boxing, and in the life. There was both brother Berbachi, Samir and Rani, my mates. And naturally the very big champion who is Hervé Busonéra (World Champion Full Contact). But still terrible Michel Jacquet, typical in how much nice but fighter in how much been incensed.

But also beginners as Meidi Chanon and Cyril Abidi (fighter K1 GP) And so many others…. And then in Thai boxing in Brizon Gym of Cannes with Didier LEBORGNE who is for me the biggest trainer of Thai boxing in exercise. And the collaboration with my manager, then friend Erick Roméas without whom I would have had no all these opportunities of fight

You remember your all first fights?

Frankly, not really. I remember on the other hand our state of mind of the time when the passion was to fight, without caring about whom, of for how much and where from…. In brief all the opposite of the “star academy”! (Laughter)

how much did you make of fights any all disciplines?

In Professional, more than 140…

In what disciplines have you make most fights?

In Full-contact

Have you a lot of victory by K.O?

Three quarters before limit, normal in this weighty category

What was your style of boxing, stylist or puncher?

Rather stylist, puncher as any boys of 100 kg!

You fought in kick boxing, in Full-contact and Thai Boxing in what of these disciplines you felt best?

In Full-contact, my first discipline

What is your fighter’s best memory?

The World championship of Full-contact in HAWAII in front of DENNIS ALEXIO (World Champion Full-contact unconquered during almost ten years)

And the worst?

A fight in more than forty years in Lavandou in front of Christophe Caron (a friend) where I rose on the boxing ring with a sprain of the ankle. The foot anesthetized. All this to hold my commitments face to face organizers… A stupidity!

Your hardest fight it was against which boxer?

Certainly against Jerome ( LE BANNER)

You had techniques or favourite combinations which you liked placing in fight?

A super middle kick back leg, a very good punch of left it against. I think that I was a complete boxer without real strong point but without technical gap

You took several titles in various disciplines kick boxing, can you speak to us about it?

I liked all my fights, my passion is to fight. But the championship of the World WKA was acquired at home to St Raphaël, in front cameras of TV Euro Sport after 4 years of stop stays a sublime memory

What is the title of which you are most proud?

No gained title but a defeat for the championship of the World Professional Thai boxing against Curtis Schuster by Knock Out in the fourth round while I gained 3 others. Explanation: him and me planes a dispute further to the first fight, for months we meant the WAR.

Idem in the press conference. The D-day, on the boxing ring, before the fight, almost we really fight. Then the fight begins and there, it is really heat. Then yes I lead the fight and I shall have had to manage the last 2 rounds but we had promised the other thing to the public. Then, certainly I lost, and beautiful Knock out in addition but people had a TRUE fight, without concession.

Then I am rather proud to have delivered a fight where two men were at the end of them

You often boxing abroad?

I enormously fought abroad. I liked it, the mercenary side. I fought on all the continents, until to New Zealand!

When you made the Thai boxing, what is what you already are to go to fight or to training in Thailand?

I trained in Thailand but never fought seen that I fights in heavy weight and that a big Thai weighs 7Okgs (I make fun!)

In kick boxing, you have a sacred prize winners you had very good sparrings when you prepared your fights?

Naturally Jerome (Le Banner), but also Khattou, Abidi and my friend Rani Berbachi

You have for friend Jerome LE BANNER, what is that you often trained with him?

Very, very often. We made a many rounds together. We prepared big fights together. Me, my world championships against Sergei Gila, Khattou, Campbell. Him his fights against Hoost, Sefo, Gréco. And more still….

Had you the opportunity one day to go to fight for the K1 in Japan?

I effectively boxed in K1 Japan and I often made Jerome’s corner in Japan

You like fighting in several disciplines of the boxing but also in karate and tae kwon do, is what you have already fought in Free Fight?

3 experiences in Mix Fight, not too much my thing!

Can you say us champion’s names that you fought during your career?

Jérôme Le Banner, Dennis Alexio, Aziz Khattou, Abidi, Curtis Schuster, Ray Séfo, Paulo Zorello, etc. …

At the time you arrived to live of your sport?

With regard to many of the others, not to pity me

Today, you have make a beautiful reconversion because you created your own company, company of protection which often employs boxers, can you speak to us about it?

I have a company of security PLATINIUM PRIVATE PROTECTION specialized in the security and the VIP protection on the coast of azure of prestigious clubs (VIP ROOM PALAIS BAOLI CRYSTAL NJOY etc.)

Can you quote us some personalities who have make calls up in the service of your company these last years?

It is confidential but we make many stars during the Festival of Cannes. On our site, there is a gallery of photos (

How you recruit your employees have to pass make out a will of simulation of fight or fight in real situation?

I make the gyms of trainings a lot, and then block him in ear of people which I know in this world boxing

Have you a gym of boxing for the specific training of your employees?

Yes, we train often together in a gym of boxing of the area….

Today, continue you to train?

I always train 3 times a week in boxing, and I run. In brief, I keep the shape and I continue to put gloves …

Go up a gym of boxing and become a trainer, it is something that you would have liked making?

Later, for the moment I concentrate on my company

Do you keep posted about the boxing current events, are there boxers in particular that you like seeing boxing today?

I always read Karate Bushido, and I like going to see the galas. I am a friend with Berbachis thus I am them always. Then I am a friend with Greg Tony then I am his career. In more he is with Didier Leborgne then it interests me even more! And his good results confirm that I think of Didier

Do you want to add some things?

The boxing, whether it is kick or Boxing, as the martial arts are a magnificent school of the life… And especially, the hard training, the stress of the fight, the sacrifices and the sufferings that it is necessary to impose itself to succeed remain a magnificent initiatory journey in the discovery of… ONE. Courage in all 

Thank answered this interview and good luck for the continuation


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Born: 17 march 1966

Weight: 98 Kg

Size: 1m88

Number of fight: More 140…

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