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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of STEPHAN NIKIEMA by Serge TREFEU (2007)


Serge TREFEU: Hello Stephan, how are you and have you good forms it?

Stephan NIKIEMA:  That always goes forms some in spite of my age.

You began boxing Thai at which age?

At 17 years and a few months.

You boxed in which gym?

I started in Belloni Gym then in Derek Boxing.

You boxed in which category?

Of 66 kg to 72 kg.

Did your first championship Europe you carry out at which age?

At 20 years against Orlando Wiet with my 10th fights, defeat at the points.

You think has your time that was harder than now to have an important title in boxing Thai?


Do the fights with the protection of elbow, you think that denatures the muay Thai?

The health of the boxers above all…

You became a figure in the world of Thai boxing, can you describe us your fighter’s records?

I  have 98 fights. 77 wins. 17 losses, 2 draws and 40 K.O. !

Is what you remained contacts some with former champions of the muay Thai? Yes of course.

You are one of the rare boxers to have also a long career, can you explain us your secrecy?

Difficult to answer but I would say training, training and the rage to overcome…

Is you boxed through the world, which your best memory of fighter?

Much, but I would say Kiattisak to Samlong into 89 (victory at the points) and Paul Briggs in Australia in a hateful environment in 96 (last French nuclear test), victory by technical K.O. with the 2nd round. This champion is now N°2 WBC as a cruiser weight.

In which year you did come the first time in Thailand and you were how old? In 1987, I had 22 years old.

Is what you were immediately in the Jocky Gym?

Yes with Gilles Belloni and always it low for 19 years, I have known all the champions of Jocky.

You slept and lived in the gym or with external?

I slept and lived in the gym with the boxers. With at the time there was no asphalt road in self (the lane). I lived in the first building which was built in self.

At the time which had there it as boxers considered in Jocky Gym?

Robert Kaennorasing, champion at 17 years in 89, Patong Jockygym, Noree, Sinnoi, Pornsak and his brothers, and well others…

Is today wich it for you the best fighter in Thailand?

Saenchai, of course, the star.

How many fights do you have in Thailand?

About thirty approximately, much in Issan (North-eastern area).

Do your harder fight in Thailand, you remember it?

Against Lekmongkong Kietprasongchai in Ubon Ratchatani (victory at the points).

And in France?

My first, I never said myself never again while returning to the cloakroom, I believed that my heart was going to release I stay so much tired.

Is what you often boxed with stadium of Lumpinee or that of Radja?

Not, 3 times at Lumpinee and 1 time at Radja but I have made all stadiums of the surroundings.

You are one of the rare foreign boxers to have had honour to dispute a belt in one of both large stadium of Bangkok, Lumpinee (two foreigners in history only in Lumpinee stadium and two in Radja stadium), is what a great pride is for you?

Yes, that is the dream of all the Thai boxers, therefore mine, also the large disappointment of my life of boxer, I passed after Morad Sari (Lumpinee Champion) and only one belt could leave the country… But content for Morad and happy arrived at objective that I’m fixed.

Preferred you to fight Thai or European champions?

No importance, a boxer is a boxer.

When you boxed in Thailand or in France, could you live of your sport?

Yes, but just of what to pay me my tickets planes, to eat and of living my passion…

One sees you making various things in the medium of the Thai boxing, trainer of Jerome LEBANNER, coach of SKARBOWSKY, organizer of training course in Jocky Gym, and even actor in the movies “ Furie ”, what is likes you more?

Trainer that is a passion since long years but any boxers do not improvise trainers one has that in blood or one does not have, with a good amount of severity to advance and progress.

You have to like much Thailand; you often goes there, would like you to live it definitively there low?

Definitively, perhaps not but there to live long years, of course…

Thank you very much and Chook Dee for your projects?

Thank you


TITLES: World Champion Thai boxing. Europe Champion Thai boxing. French and foreign only (with Morad Sari and Dekkers) to have to dispute a belt of Lumpinee!


CHAMPIONS THAT NIKIEMA FOUGHT: Thai champions: Somsong (2 times), Krongsak (2 times), Kiattisak (4 times), Dejpitak, Krienkraï, Orono, Changpuek, Nokwed Devy, Neungtrakan

French Champions: Sissoko, Duarte, Rezzag, Sari

Dutch Champion: Wiet, Ubeda