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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


special report by Serge TREFEU (2012)

(Thanks to Olivier Gauthier from Sit O Inter Gym to Phuket)


The boxers thai during their career shapes fighter’s style, they become “Fimeuu” (Technician who masters all the techniques), “Muay Mat” (Strong in fist), “Muay Khao” (Strong in knee), “Muay Sok” (Strong in poke), “Muay Bouk” (Who moves forward ceaselessly on his opponent) or “Muay Plam” (Strong in clinch). But he also exists besides the technical style, ” The Stone Mans ” who are nicknamed “Kradouk Keng” (Hard Bone). Generally it is after 25 years when they become men hard as pebbles.

One recognize them by the particular physical appearance, the muscle structure is different, by means of very hard training, of healthy and serious life, they hardened mentally and physically. It is of real phenomena which never have pain hanging and after their fight, they can receive powerful knocks on the body, legs and practically have no bruise, do not never limp. The day after their fight they are freshly physically, are going to run and train as if they had never disputed. Often they fight wice a month and sometimes against boxers heavier than they, they have an exceptional physical condition!

The Thai boxers experimented from their beginning of fight touch their opponent, they smell at once in the muscular quality if the opponent is strong or not. Because the face of the fight in front of a strong boxer as Kradouk Keng will not know similar that against a more frail muscular opponent. Often, the punters also come to touch the boxers in changing rooms before a fight, they test the robustness of the boxer on whom they are going to bet…

Attention you should not confuse ” The stone mans ” (Kradouk Keng) with “durable boxers” (Muay Thone or Muay Hut, boxer who resists) who are them of the fighters who can receive knocks powerful in the chin, in the temple or in the liver and who does not fall KO. As for example the tremendous durable boxers in their big time, Orono Por Muang Ubon and Bovy Sor Udomson…

In Thailand with the significant number of professional fighter, “Kradouk Keng” is many. Here are some current cataloged champions ” Stone Man “, Singmanee Sor Srisompong, Thepnakorn Sor Srisompong and Naruenart Siangsimewgym. As former great fighters “Kradouk Keng” we can quote the great champions Coban Lookchaomaesaitong and Samransak Muangsurin who were also Muay Thone (Durable boxer)!

But “Kradouk Keng”, there is many others in Thailand, the country where the phenomena of Muay Thai are legion…

Abroad we can find also this fighter’s style but not as much as in Thailand, it is rarer. For a typical example of a boxer which gets closer most to “Kradouk Keng” we can quote the French champion Albert Chey (World champion, Europe Champion). Albert Chey is a big ” fimeuu ” (technician) but his impeccable lifestyle, his trainings everyday life and his numerous fights, hardened its body and mental sound. He made of big fight in front of great champions as Jomthong Chuwattana, Thong Puideenaidee, Karim Benoui, Rit Keawsamrit, Mounir Bouti, and injures himself practically never, has no bruise, he has such a condition as he can make again a fight two days later!

It is rather rare in Europe but we find some of these fighters phenomenal…