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Temps de lecture : 3 minutes

Interview of SUDSAKORN SOR KLINMEE by Serge TREFEU (Thanks to Bilos and Alex for contacts him) (2009)


Serge TREFEU: Hello that goes you are in shape?


What old are you ?

I am 22 years

Where you come from of region of the Thailand, and where you grew?

In the region of Chongburi to Pattaya

Do you come from boxer’s family?

Yes, my uncle, my cousin, my father, everybody makes of the boxing in the family…

You began Muay Thai at which age?

At the age of 6 years

How did you discover the boxing thai?

Thanks to my father Yak Klinmee and his cousin Ramba M16

Your first fight you made him for which age?

In 6 years

You began Muay Thai in which camp?


From what age you fought in big stadium of Bangkok?

From the age of 10 the years … 

How it are crossed your first fights?

Wins on points …

Today you fight in which category?

Between 65 and 70 kg

Did you gain titles?

Yes a lot! (Champion Toyota 4X4, World champion WMC S1, Champion WPMF, Champion of the stadium Fairtex)

How much you have make of fights. How many victory, draws and losses?

264 Fights. 221 Wins. 4 Draws. 39 Losses. 

How many wins by K.O.?

More 50, the last again Farid Khider in Paris

In what stadium did you the most fought?

In the Stadium of Lumpinee, 19 fights (In the program)

What are the most known champions that you fight in Thailand so far?

Kongfa Uddonmuang , Kaosanit Sopanpai, Chang Puak TV 7, Noumichai, Charlanong…

Your hardest fight it was against which fighter?

Kongfa Bergmun who changed name and now who is called Kongfa Uddonmuang (Current Champion of Lumpinee)

Your fighter’s best memory?

Rob Storey the titleholder of England in 2005. I was 18 years old and it was the first time when I left in foreigner….

And the worst?

The night of the champions on November 29th in Marseille (France), against Fabio Pinca…

You have which style of boxing?

Technician, I like when there is bet them of money in Thailand, I count points….

How many times did you fought abroad?

10 times, in Hong-Kong, in Ireland, in England, in France, in Australia, in Malaysia and in Macao!

You fought several time in France, again champion like Fabio Pinca, Farid Khider, Moussa Konaté, Cédric Muller, can you us what do you think  of your fights in France?

Concerning the counting of points in France it is very strange, I do not know what to think of it…

Who is your manager for the fight in France ?

I have not manager. It’s only by relation, I have a friend Nicolas Subileau (TEAM BILOS)

What do you think of the France, do you like this country?

France remains the country which I appreciate most…

Do you Know new and former French champions?

Yes I know many, all I believe because I have full of French friend, they tell me everything…

For you who was the nakmuay best foreigner?

Dany Bill!

And today?

Joe Spain very known in Thailand at present …

Today live you well thanks to Thai boxing?

Yes, but I also make the other small jobs next to …

What do you think of “farangs” (foreigner) which come in Thailand, now the majority, to pay to training and make of Muay Thai as a leisure?

I do not understand because I am Thai, that makes me laugh …

At present where you training and with whom?

I’m train in the RMB PATTAYA because my father work over there and also my friends…

Your promoter in Thailand it is who?

My Uncle, the father of Ramba M16, but there is nobody, I want to be free….

The best nakmuay in Thailand it is who for you?

Somlack Khamsing or Samat Payakaroon, the one both….

You have a technique preferred in Muay Thai?

The techniques with elbows

When is your next fight and against whom?

It will be in the TV 7 against an opponent to choose …

Is there a fighter in particular that you would like to fight?

Yes against Fabio Pinca (the revenge) in Thailand if possible…. 

You can speak to us about Sak Yant (tattoo) which you have in your back, which meaning they have for you and which Ajahn (master) has you them make?

They are the monks, but I do not want to speak about it…

Your name of fighter “Sudsakorn” comes from a Thai legend very known in the country, which gave you this nickname and why?

SUDSAKORN is a strange child raised according to the former mystic traditions of the Thailand (my father gave me this nickname)

After the Thai boxing you think of making what as profession?

Open a camp of Thai boxing and small rooms to be rented…

Thank you very much and chook dee for your fights

Thank you


Weight : 65-71 Kg

Number of fights : 264 fights. 221 Wins. 4 Draws. 39 Losses.

Style : Fiimeuu (Technician)

Title : 2004-2005 : Champion : Toyota 4X4 Radjadamnoen. 2005-2006 : Champion Belt WMC S1 World Championship – WMC S1 SONGCHAI. 2006-2007 : Champion Belt WPMF in  Thailand. 2007-2008 : Champion Belt Fairtex