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Temps de lecture : 2 minutes


Special report by Serge TREFEU (2010)

This camp exists for 28 years in the district of Klong Toey, it is a camp really “Roots”. He was created by Mr Siawangchai Chapchaiweela. The name given to the camp makes reference to the biggest market of the district, the Peenang market which is in the number 96. The district from Klong Toey to Bangkok is one of the poorest of the capital, there are many factories and complexes of often ruined housing. The place where is situated the camp 96 Peenang is rather dirty and very noisy. Because he is downright under the highway Chalem Maha Nakhon,  just next to the port of Klong Toey. The camp is clamped between a rail and a truck scrap yard, it is really an unusual place to train…

When I penetrate into the camp, two big dogs, Rottweiler’s, welcome me by barking me above, not very reassuring. I ask the trainer “why these two guard dogs? “. He answers me ” it is for the safety, at night, small hooligans were used to coming to steal in the camp, now with dogs, they think before to go into… “

In spite of the effect stifling with the place, the surface of the camp is big, there is a dozen punch bag and a wide boxing ring. Rooms are small and sober but there is it a lot. In quite 13 rooms can welcome two boxers each. Nakmuay is many to train daily life here, more than about twenty. It is a camp “Fimeuu ” (technique) the teaching is especially based on the technique, the clinchs, the knees, the elbows.

But the Boxing is also worked for those who have more ease in fists. Everything days except Sunday, boxers run 16 km in the morning and 6 km after noon. In the morning the session of clinch is of 20 minutes but that of him after noon sometimes lasts about one hour. The rounds in paos are long also, 10 minutes, when in sparrings, the session lasts only 10 minutes but very intense. Nakmuays always ends with physical exercises, pumps, abdominal muscles and stretching. They make these exercises on the floor with by way of carpet of simple braids…

There is three trainers which take care of boxers with as chief trainer, Kraisuwit Soonkeerahnongkee, a former champion native of Buriram who was a Radja champion and Thailand champion. The boxers of this camp fight for two different promoters, Virat Vichirarattanawong (Petchyindee) for Lumpinee and Chujarean Raveearamwong (Chuwattana) for Radja. So, they are assured to fight regularly in both bigger stadium of Bangkok.

One of the boxers the most known for this camp is Chatchai who was in the 90s World champion of Boxing WBA. But the one who represents with talent the camp for several years it is Samranchai 96 Peenang. Samranchai was Champion of Thailand and Champion of the stadium of Omnoi. It became at present one of the boxers the most appreciated abroad, especially in Holland where he fought several times.

In 96 Peenang there were always big champions. Talented Nong O Sit Or (Double Lumpinee Champion, Double Thailand Champion, Best fighter of year 2005) often came to train.

In the camp there are still very good fighters for Phetnung (Pattaya champion), Namphet (TV7 champion), Pichidchai (55 fights), Chaimongkhon (60 fights), Payakday (80 fights), Italit (75 fights) and Sakmongkon (N° 4 in Radja in 112 lbs, 60 fights).

Thanks to the reputation of Samranchai, many foreigners came to train in this camp, from Japanese, from English and from French.

The champions of the famous French Gym Nasser K. Gym (Gym of Pinca, Lidon, Piscitello), Abdallah Mabel, Karim Benoui, Houcine Benoui and Abderrahmane Penda  stayed several weeks in 96 Peenang.

The foreigners are welcome here, you can even sleep in a room with the boxers. But attention, it is a camp in “Thai”, no luxury, no entertainment, only the training, the training and the training…